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Rost Dreadnorramus

The Solar Separatist Remnant or S.S.R., was formed after the end of the Clone wars by a group of separatists fleeing the Galactic empire formed by chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious ). They went to the unknown regions to one of the moons of the 6th planet from the sun near their leader's home planet which the locals on the 3rd planet called Saturn. Their leader known as Rost Dreadnorramus was 6 foot 6 inches tall, had brown hair, and brown eyes. Rost was clad in kortosis armour that could withstand a lightsaber strike, Rost also wore a red cape made of inflammable materials, with a jet pack over top of the cape. Rost was armed with a blaster pistol, and a Yellow bladed lightsaber he bought off of the dark web. Rost was a brilliant leader equal to Thrawn as a taction and with abilities similar to Sherlock Holmes. Rost joined the Separatist movement at the age of 20 and 5 years before the begining of the Clone wars. Rost also believed in the separatist cause unlike some of the other leaders who were only in it for themselves or money. Rost was also critical in the development of the Providence class destroyers and dreadnoughts, as well as helping in the development of the Subjugator class heavy cruisers, unfortunately not all of Rost's ideas made it into the designs, though many of the ideas- the ion cannon on the subjugator, the heavy fire power of the providence,- did. Rost would use both designs very effectively in the war to come. Rost had plagued the Republic during the Clone wars leading Task Force 17 in crushing defeat after crushing defeat against Republic forces in every form from small pirating ventures to all out raids on such important systems as Kuat, Kamino, and Naboo. Task force 17 was formed at the beginning of the Clone wars after Rost was promoted to Comodore and given command of a custom fleet created by Rost himself consisting of 2 Lucrehulk class battleships, 4 Providence class Dreadnoughts, 4 Bulwark class cruisers, 7 Recusant class heavy destroyers, 6 Munificent class ultra frigates, 10 S class stealth ships, 1 Stealth ship tender, 1 assault craft tender, and 2 supply ships. During the second year of the war the task force was joined by Rost's pride and joy a heavily modified subjugator class battleship called the Final Furry, it was 5,000 meters long and with a number of improvements over the older subjugator it was as Rost put it "a nail in the coffin for the republic".The fleet was also joined by the new Sinister class carrier/battleships, and Parralizer class Interdictor ships, (post about them and the Finale Furry in another fact book). When the separatists invaded Corusant task force 17 was ordered to enter the system first and destroy the corusant defense fleet that was near the point where the invaision fleet would drop out of light speed and clear the way for the rest of the invasion force. When T.F. 17 jumped out of hyperspace the republic was completely caught off guard and annihilated. After T.F. 17 destroyed the defense force the Finale furry's ion cannon was used to knock out the planetary sheild so that the invaison fleet could land ground units when it arrived, then the rest of the invasion force jumped in and started landing ground units on corusant through the breech, after the fleet jumped out of hyper space Task force 17 went to the outter part of the invaison fleet so the Parralizers could pull ships out of hyperspace, then the Finale furry could use it's ion cannon on any ships wripped out. The Finale Furry racked up a high kill count during the battle. After General Grievous kidnapped Palpatine, more and more republic ships started jumping out of space, in fact there were so many ships the Parralizers had to turn off their gravity wells, and even the Finale furry could'nt fire it's ion cannon fast enough, and republic ships started slipping through to attack the main invaison fleet and what started as a stream turrned into a flood of ships making it past the blockade, eventualy the republic started braking apart the Separatist formations and even managing to destroy General Greivous' flag ship causeing them to become disorganized Rost realized that it would be idiotic to continue fighting while being divided and unorganized so decided to return to separatist space so as to preserve as much of the fleet as possible. After the battle Rost had learned that Count Dooku had been killed by jedi knights Obiwan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and that chancellor Palpatine had been rescued. After the battle Task force 17 launched a campain to take control of a hyper space lane some smugglers had telled Rost about and conect two majar separatist territories and allow for the fleets from those territories to join up and launch a huge offensive into the hart of the Republic. Task force 17 launched their first attack in the campain on the Republic base at Billnori and after a week made it surrender, after the battle Task force 17 was prepairing to go on to the next target when a message was sent ordering all droids to be shut down immediately. Rost took the message as a republic trick and ignored it. After discovering that the Separatist consul had been moved to Mustafar, and that the message had come from there, Rost believed that the republic had attacked the consul, and so jumped to light speed setting coarse for Mustafar hoping that he could reinforce their defense and attempt to rescue the consul. Rost sent a signal to other separatist forces that the consul had been attacked and to join up at Mustafar to help out, but there was no answer Rost wondered why but did not focus on it, then the fleet jumped out of light speed at Mustafar Rost was surprised that there were no republic ships anywere. or any ships for that mater. Rost sent a group of droids to try to find the consul. Rost was shocked to learn that the consul was dead and that it was a lightsaber that killed them. Right when the droids returned Rost tapped into the republic internet and found out that Palpatine had declared himself Emperor of the reformed republic, that almost all the jedi had been slain, and that the droid army and navy and been deactivated and that General Grievous had been killed by Kenobi on Utapau, after learning these things Rost realized that the clone wars was just a smoke screen to give Palpatine power and destroy the republic. After this Rost decided to collect all the the remaining separatist forces and declare war on the new Galactic Empire. After about 4 years Rost realized that the empire had grown to strong and that the forces he had were to small and so he went through collecting all the separatist hold outs he could find, then went to his home system in the unknown regions. Because he felt that the people on the planet known as Earth were not ready to make contact with them Rost decided to set up bases on the moons of the outer planets with the capital on Saturn's moon Titan were the remnant has remained as both a refuge for the remaining Separatists and a defense force against the Empire if it tries to attack the Earth.