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Regional Security Protocol

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Endorse Our WA delegate: Baumpatal


Regional Security Protocol

Defence policy


Regional Defence Policy

This dispatch is very important, so we ask that you please read through at least the first box.

A lot of hard work has gone into making South Pacific Gyre the region that it is today, and keeping our region and community safe is a matter of great importance. So in order to ensure our security, it is important that you be aware of the following issues and actions so you know what to do and who to contact if the South Pacific Gyre finds itself under siege:

Please ignore any telegrams asking you to un-endorse the WA delegate (who you will find listed in the header of all regional dispatches). Nations seeking to undermine our security will often telegram you ordering to do so. If you receive a message like this, or any suspicious telegram that you believe holds a threat to our community (typically relating to endorsements), you should report it quickly to the Secretary General, WA delegate, or any Defence Council member that has recently logged into their nation. It is also important to be on the look out for nations that these suspicious telegrams may ask you to endorse. The only nation that is supposed to send telegrams regarding endorsements is Baumpatal. Any other nation sending telegrams about endorsements should be viewed with suspicion.
If the designated WA delegate is changed, Baumpatal will notify you by telegram.
If you havenít already, it is highly encouraged Ė cannot stress this enough Ė that you join the World Assembly and endorse our WA delegate. Every time an individual does this, it helps improve our security at home as well as increase our communityís say within the World Assembly during voting.

Applying is quick and easy and anyone with an email can do it! Just click Here, and make sure you have provided an email on your nationís settings page. After clicking the apply button at the top, you will receive an email seconds later with a link. Just follow that link, and you will be a member of the World Assembly. Once you are a member, make your way to the bottom of a nationís page that is also a member of the World Assembly and you will find the endorse button. Simply click it and you are all done. Remember: you are only allowed to have one WA nation.

Thank you to everyone that has helped maintain peace, strength, and prosperity within the Gyre throughout the years. If you would like to help the South Pacific Gyre and her community continue to uphold regional security, think about joining the Regional Defence Forces. Anyone that is interested, please contact Baumpatal, or register on the regional message board.

Gyre Regional Defence Forces

The Gyre Regional Defence Forces (GRDF) exist to protect our region from invaders, such as the Black Hawks or the Roman Empire. To join, you simply need a WA member nation, and you need to be prepared to invade hostile regions in retaliation to any attacks.

Retaliatory Invasion:
If you ever have the misfortune of having to defend our territory, then you'll either be banned from our region by the enemy who had already conquered us, or you'll be in the middle of the battle. You must have a puppet account ready in the event of a battle, so that you can transfer WA membership onto them and endorse whoever is chosen to lead the invasion. All strategic decisions will be delivered via telegram. Remember, they cannot ban the founder, so Baumpatal can strip the enemy of their power and kick them out. The point of this military is to counter strike our opponent in order to humiliate and embarrass them.

Liberation - PLAN Z - worst case scenario backup plan:
If our nation is occupied by invaders, and for some reason Baumpatal can't liberate the region on their own (which should be impossible) your job is simple. Liberating the region works the same as invading. If your nation is banned from the Gyre, you will receive a telegram from Baumpatal about what region to move to. It will probably be an ally or a defender region, but it might not be. There, Rakauara or The eastern garbage patch will set up a government in exile, and figure out how to liberate the South Pacific Gyre. You must transfer WA membership onto your puppet and endorse whoever is chosen to lead the liberation (probably Baumpatal). All strategic decisions will be delivered via telegram from Rakauara or Baumpatal.

Remember, all of this is a worst case scenario. There should be no need for anyone but Baumpatal to do anything in order to liberate the region.

Foreign Intervention:
Make sure to read the dispatches of our allied regions to see if they are nuetral or not. Sending a telegram for help to a nuetral nation or region will not help anybody. It is more helpful if you contact defender regions in the event of an invasion.

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