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The Palumban Weekly Edition X Monday, 25 June

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The Palumban Weekly Edition X Monday, 25 June

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World News

A summary of all the main world events from the past 7 days.

Toba Ferry

MV Sinar Bangun sank on 18 June 2018 in Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia, during its trip from Simanindo Harbour in Samosir Island to Tiga Ras Harbour in Simalungun Regency.

Officials stated that many of the passengers who boarded the ferry were tourists, who had travelled with families to Indonesia's largest supervolcano lake, Lake Toba. It was holiday season in Indonesia so the ferry was packed with passengers.

The ferry swayed at least three times until it finally capsized to starboard. The sinking happened just 22 minutes after it had left the harbour. Survivors recalled that passengers were screaming and were fighting to get out of the ferry as quickly as possible, with multiple people crushed or trampled during the disaster. The passengers did not use any life jackets or any other life-saving equipment.

After the sinking, authorities immediately deployed search and rescue personnel to the area. As of 22 June 2018, 18 survivors were rescued, 3 bodies were found and 193 people were listed as missing.

Saudi Women Drivers

Dozens of women were arrested for driving in Riyadh in 1990 and some Saudi women began posting videos of themselves at the wheel in 2008, and between 2011 and 2014.

Thousands of women could soon take to the roads.

Saudi women are officially allowed to get behind the wheel, after a decades-old driving ban was lifted. The change was announced last September and Saudi Arabia issued the first licences to women earlier this month.

It was the only country left in the world where women could not drive and families had to hire private chauffeurs for female relatives. However, the move comes amid an intensified crackdown on activists who campaigned for the right to drive.

Canada Canabis

In mid-October 2018, Canada will become the second nation in the world after Uruguay to formally legalise cannabis.

Cannabis was first banned in Canada in 1923, with regulated medical cannabis becoming legal in 2001. In response to popular opinion, Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, committed to legalizing cannabis for personal use while campaigning during the Canadian federal election, 2015. The Liberals won the election with 184 seats, allowing the party to form a majority government with Trudeau as Prime Minister. The plan was to remove cannabis possession for personal consumption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; however, new laws would be enacted for greater punishment of those convicted of supplying cannabis to minors and impairment while driving a motor vehicle.

The legislation to legalize cannabis for recreational use (Cannabis Act, Bill C-45) was passed by the House of Commons of Canada in late November 2017; it passed a second reading in the Senate of Canada on March 22, 2018. On June 7, the Senate passed the bill with numerous amendments, and sent it to the House of Commons for voting. On June 18, 2018, the House passed the bill with most, but not all, of the Senate's amendments, and sent it back to the Senate for confirmation.The Senate accepted this version of the Act the following day. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the following day that recreational use of cannabis would no longer be against the Criminal Code as of October 17, 2018.

Iran Protests

A series of public protests have been ocurring in various cities throughout Iran beginning on 28 December 2017. They have focused on the economic policies of the country's government.

On 25 June, Tehran's Grand Bazaar started a large strike after Iranian rial plunged to a record low against the US dollar on the market. Mohammad Javad Fathi, a member of the parliament, resigned and says that he has no hope for change under the current system.

EU Copyright Proposal

The European Commission and the Council want to destroy the Internet as we know it and allow big companies to control what we see and do online. Should Article 13 of the Copyright Directive proposal be adopted, it will impose widespread censorship of all the content you share online. The European Parliament is the only one that can step in and Save your Internet !

You can help by accessing this Linksite and save the Internet today, if you live in the EU !

Spread this message by up-voting and pinging it in your region, if you can !

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The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, or file 2016/0280(COD), is a proposed European Union directive with the stated goal to harmonize aspects of copyright in the Digital Single Market of the European Union.

Article 3 proposes a copyright exception Text and data mining for the purposes of scientific research and Article 11 proposes an ancillary copyright for press publishers. However the most controversial is Article 13. The article proposes that online content sharing service providers must obtain authorization from copyright holders in order to make their content available on such a platform. Article 13 has therefore faced criticism over the possibility that it could create a chilling effect on online expression.

The proposal was initially released on September 14, 2016 by the European Commission, which holds the legislative initiative in EU, after the European Parliament asked for such a proposal. On 20 June 2018, the European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs passed the draft, together with a mandate to negotiate with the Council, both of which need to be confirmed by the European Parliament plenary in July 2018. A final vote could then happen in either December 2018 or January 2019.

Wuppertal Explosion

An explosion has injured 25, four seriously, and destroyed a building in the German city of Wuppertal. Neighbours ran out into the street in a panic after the house was rocked by the blast shortly before midnight on Saturday.

Fire broke out as the house collapsed, leaving a gaping hole in the row of apartments and debris piled in the street and on top of a nearby car.

Four severely injured people were rescued and another 21 people were treated for injuries by emergency staff at the scene in the Langerfeld district.

Police said they were investigating the cause of the explosion and would not comment when asked if the explosion could possibly be terror-related.

Palumban Nations News

News from the region and the wider NationStates community.

New Foreign Officer

On Saturday night, Erithaca's homework was done, before he suddenly realised: Elections! The elections for Foreign Officer were hastily prepared with Eglaecia as the only candidate. Eglaecia won the election and has become our newest Foreign Officer, after the former Gluto. Eglaecia should be welcomed into their role.

New West Indies

On Sunday, Matt bender sent a telegram to Erithaca and Capacitor Hills proposing a merger of this region and New West Indies.

On behalf of the New West Indies,

I would like to ask you if your region has any interest in merging with ours and forming a bigger more active region.


The region has rejected this proposal, with input coming from Dus Osts and Tyarbuha, but hopes for warm future relations:

The Palumban Allies Games is an event held region-wide Mid July to August. Send Dus osts a telegram if you would like to join and include your nation's specialty.

Participating Nations

Dus osts (GT3 Racing)


Tyarbuha (Gymnastics)

Capacitor hills

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