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Benefits of participating in SWAN



The benefits of participating in SWAN

Participating in the Southern World Assembly Initiative will give your own nation and the region as a whole many important benefits that you can't otherwise get. Joining this initiative is one of the first and easiest ways to contribute to this region and have fun in this game! Below are some of the upsides of joining this initiative.

Have the right to vote on World Assembly resolutions

The World Assembly (WA) is a intergovernmental body which creates laws that govern the world (like the United Nations). By joining the World Assembly, you will be able to wield your democratic voice on the international and interregional stage by being able to vote on World Assembly resolutions and propose them (This requires one more thing actually, read below).

Aside from directly vote on resolutions, you can also participate in the Office of WA Legislation (OWL) and vote on how the Delegate themselves will vote on the resolution and how OWL will recommend the South Pacifican citizens to vote.

More power and popularity for your nation

Joining the World Assembly allows you to do a thing called endorse. Endorsements are something that you can give to or receive from other nations to show that you like their flag or motto, it is kinda like the "like" button on Facebook or Twitter but it has far more important roles than that.

  • If you endorse other nations, they will (likely) endorse you back. Endorsing everyone is a good way to socialize with others in the region as the more endorsements you give to other nations, the more people will know you and make friends with you.

  • You will receive promotion in our annual award program. Each month, we give out awards to nations that have been excellent at endorsing. Being promoted will make more people know about you, endorse you, and help boost your popularity and friend number. (Read more about awards here)

  • If you have more than two (2) endorsements, not only can you vote on WA resolutions but can propose them too!

  • The more nations you endorse, the more endorsements you will receive back from them. Having a high endorsement count will not only make you have a shiny gold badge on your nation page that indicates you are in the top 1% of NationStates for nations with most endorsements but make your nation more influential too.

What is influence and why does it matter?

Influence is a number that indicates how much soft power your nation has. You can look at it by clicking the Trend button on your nation page then choosing Influence in the drop-down box above.

In a nutshell, influence determines how hard it is for the delegate and regional officers to perform a border control action, such as ejecting or banning your nation from the region. Having a high influence is extremely important since it acts as a line of defenses that prevents nations from being ejected or banned if the delegate or regional officers go rogue and attempt to coup. Having a large group of nations with high influence will create a major obstacle to the enemy and provide a strong foothold for factions that try to liberate our region.

Influence naturally and steadily increases no matter what you do as long as your nation has been logged in in the last six (6) days but the rate of increasing can be greatly boosted by having a high endorsement count. The more endorsements you have, the higher the rate of increasing and therefore, the higher your influence will be in the long-run which is very beneficial to the security of our region.

Read more about coups, security threats, and influence here.

More security, activity, and soft power for our region

  • Endorsing the delegate and the South Pacific Coral Guard (SPCG) will make our region safer. A delegate and a team of Coral Guard nations with high endorsement count will make it harder for enemies to coup, overthrow, or invade our democratic government, disrupt the stability of our region, and the enjoyment of playing this game.

  • A delegate with high endorsement count means our region will have more power on the interregional arena. Unlike other nations, the delegate nation can cast a weighted vote on World Assembly resolutions, which is a vote that has more power than a normal vote. A vote of the delegate is equivalent to 1 + the number of endorsements they have. A delegate that has 1000 endorsements will be able to cast a vote which is worth 1001 regular votes. This means the more endorsements the delegate has, the more powerful their vote and their influence on the world stage are. Since the delegate votes according to how OWL voters (yourself if you are a WA member!) vote, more voting power for the delegate means more voting power for your own nation!

  • A region with a lot of nations actively exchanging endorsements is a dynamic and fun region. Exchanging endorsements is one of the many ways people get to know each other in this game and make friends. It makes the community more active and makes the region more appeal to new nations and causes them to migrate to our awesome land of lampshades and iced tea!

You can know more about concepts such as invasion and coup in our FAQ.

If you want to know more about the SWAN initiative, check out our dispatch index.