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The Union Truth -- Issue VI, WA Issue

The Union Truth
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A quick note

Okay, I know I am supposed to talk about the Debates on our new constitution but, some interesting
things have happened in the WA plus talking about debates is boring. So here is your new issue about things that happened in the WA.

General Assembly Resolution 30 Repealed

On June 21, 2018 the General Assembly repealed Freedom of Expression. This was a shock to the Democratic Community as they considered Freedom of Expression to be essential part of freedom. So when GA 433 came up for vote many thought it would never pass, but unfortunately they were wrong. As I am (as of June, 2018) the current WA delegate of my region which let me remind you is called the Democratic union of free states, I naturally voted against it. But this was the time I wished that my region would have more WA nations as my endorsement count is 1 and there are only 2 WA nations (counting me). The Resolution to the surprise of many passed with 13,250 votes in favor and 3,681 against (that is 78.3% to 21.7% for you math people). Well I don't know what other regions did but I'll let you know what mine did, when it looked like this resolution was going to pass my region was creating a new constitution, they went back to the beginning which they already completed and added freedom of expression to the constitution. here let me show you:

"The Government of the Union fourth Republic shall in all its powers give the
citizens the right to:

Justice; social, economic, and political.

Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship.

Equality of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all.

Assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Region." -- Constitution of democratic union of free states, Article 1, section 3

So I've been on the negative side let me tell you why some people supported this resolution. As stated in the resolution the main point to repeal it was because the resolution allowed a bit 'too much freedom' the main point was to stop corporations from lying and it sometimes is necessary to stop communication to stop danger. Here is what the first part of the resolution reads:

"Resolving that it is profoundly immoral to permit corporations and legal persons to lie to consumers,

Believing that society as a whole can have justifiable reasons to restrict expression for public safety and to prevent the consumption or publication of materials that would damage public health, social order, or needless antagonisation," -- GA Resolution 433

As we scan see the resolution mostly strikes corporations and most of it paints corporations as bad. It is believed that Corporations are bad and while Corporations are not human, they are made up of humans and that since humans make mistakes there is no way you can believe that corporations are bad. And it is not that we should look at what corporations have done because they are nothing but a economic entity, corporations aren't bad, it is the humans who run those corporations who do bad things that make them look bad. Their are laws in place for human bad behavior but repealing a resolution that affects the lives of people, the way of government and freedoms was not the way to go if the goal was to just punish corporations.

Also I decided ask how many people liked or hated this resolution in a poll (sponsored by the Union Census and Records Commission) you can see the results here: page=poll/p=123458

GA proposal: Individual Free Expression Guarantee

A new proposal has come to replace GA#30, Individual Free Expression Guarantee this so called free proposal is to replace GA#30, at first it looks perfectly fine bu this proposal is not without its flaws. In the first part of the proposal it states:

"Defines "person" as a living, sapient individual, and "people" as the plural of "person"," -- GA Proposal section 1.

it defines person yet the proposal never uses the word 'people' or 'person' again and instead uses member states which gives me the feeling that it gives this freedom to government rather than people. Also it mentions about regulating free speech but does not go in way to prevent or regulate lying in corporations or other entities this was the reason why GA #30 was repealed. I can go on and on about this but I won't because I'm not here to waste your time I took some sources from the forum debate of this proposal, you can go here to read more.

Well this presents the world with more questions, should freedom of expression be regulated by government? what is the difference of granting freedom to people than granting them to economic or other entities such as corporations?

thanks for reading, I'll catch you in the next issue.

Publisher/Editor: High Knight Kingdom

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