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Ultimate Lore Tech - The Spark of the Zen'nō-sei Particle

"The things I once imagined
would be my greatest achievements
were only the first steps
toward a future I can only
begin to fathom."

Shinboku Proverb
"The Multiverse is boundless, but its contents are finite. To believe otherwise is to believe that nothing matters at all. And when you are as old as I am, you will understand that nihilism is an indulgence you cannot afford."

- The First Tiānhuáng, Apotheosis

Tech Name - The Spark of the Zen'nō-sei Particle

Classification - Super Reality Warpers

Description - It is well documented that the quantum strings of the Akashic Maelstrom behaves erratically due to higher entropic levels of the space-time continuum compared to the rest of the galaxy. Looking deeper to the fluctuation of spacetime known as quantum foam the Shinbokuan Esper and Herme found anomalous readings in the filaments. With the aid of Magitek they use sensors to go even smaller and at the lowest possible point of the quantum spectrum they found what appears to be form of ambient radiation of energy that does not appear in space outside of the Akashic Maelstrom. It is theorized that this abnormal energy radiation is what is causing the string to fluctuate at odd wavelengths much like how paper flutters in the wind of this exotic form of energy and is the general base for the exotic energy matter that makes up for the storm. With this discover many scholars have linked it to why solar winds infuse with exotic matter harden their genes and Ahsakans from both Herme and Esper in history where they have display the capabilities to manipulate the forces of the universe. Most noticeably showcased the ability to transverse interplanarly without the use of a Auto-Tuner.

The theory states that at the precise moment in the development stage of the fetus when it receives the 'spark of life' that same 'spark' collides with the energy particles of the radiation that it create a chain reaction of sorts, for in that slim moment of impact a new form of energy is made, called the Zen'nō-sei Particle. This Zen'nō-sei Particle will continue to exist and will mutate the surrounding genomes and other fine genetic makeup when the Ahsaka grows older. At the age of four the Zen'nō-sei Particle will spark, resulting it to become energized with the same energy that had created it. A field of quantum energy would then encase the Zen'nō-sei Particle, big enough that quantum strings will become entangled from the expanding field of quantum energy. This resulting in the Zen'nō-sei Particle to be connected with the quantum force which in turn supercharges the matter that makes up the Ahsaka with the same exotic energy found in the storm. With this exotic energy the Ahsaka with the spark found themselves to be a living form of 'Interplanary Windows', granting those with the Zen'nō-sei Particle to be able to travel across different planes of existence and draw upon energy from them. These Ahsakan who are born with the spark are classified as Planeswalkers.

Effect - Planeswalkers possesses abilities beyond the laws of science or magic due to the flow of exotic energy originating from their Zen'nō-sei Particle that in turn cause the vibration of the strings that make up the Ahsaka molecule structure to 'disconnect' from the outside quantum strings and as a result exists in a state of being connected to eleven dimensions. They fundamentally become a nexus on a omniversal scale, capable of drawing in energy from different planes and manipulating them. Another factor to this 'disconnect' is that the Planeswalkers can transverse to any form of dimension.

Downside - One of the major mutations that the Zen'nō-sei Particle has led to was energizing the clusters of neurons deep in the brain called the basal ganglia with quantum energy, which in turn led to brain to become akin to a quantum supercomputer in order for the Ahsakan to have the processing and mental calculating process needed to manipulate such arcane and nigh limitless energy. Not to mention to pinpoint a plane among the unfathomable number of different vibrancy patterns that make up the multiverse and beyond. With all of this in mind it is no easy feat to become a competent Planeswalker, not to mention the chance of producing a Zen'nō-sei Particle is 1 out of every 100,000 or 0.001% percent if born within the storm. Or 10,000 out of a population of a billion, it's important to remember that not every Planeswalker is in a military role as they each have their own aspiration such as being doctors, scholars, architects, or even just want to live a peaceful life as a farmer. With this in mind only 5% of the 0.001% percent pool of Planeswalker are in the military.

It is a given fact that infants or young children experiencing their first 'spark' are not the most trained in dealing with such a influx of outside quantum energy. As such the agencies devised countermeasures and protocols to combat the potential danger of overloading with energy and the possibility of the Planeswalker going rouge, the process too many generations and many failed prototypes, eventually the Shinboku elite have developed forms of Magitek devices that can successfully suppress them if the situation calls for it. The first of these restraints are the 'Chrono-Bands' higher dimensional Quantum rings composed of Artron Particles that are designed to put a limit of how much energy a Planeswalker can take in by by acting as a filter to their access of the Fourth Dimension (Time), for an analogy instead of water filling a cup it is honey filling a cup. The second device that the scientists constructed was the 'Iron Halo' chip that is implanted in the frontal skull bone to put a processing limit of how much vibrancy that a Planeswalker could draw upon to two at a time. The process is akin to a blindfold of sorts, the chip generates its own quantum field that blocks out most of the brain neurological connections to prevent the Planeswalker from fully seeing the Omniverse. The third security measure is the 'Photonic Maiden', an energy field composed of exotic energy matter from different planes, in which the foreign molecules are then rearranged so that they become merged with the Ahsaka natural invisible energy field known as AIM. These energy particles react to certain neuron activity in the brain that they become energized, the field would become active where it will start reversing the polarity stream of the quantum energy emitting from the Planeswalker, the result is that due to the unnatural flow of energy being redirected into the body will start to cause damage to the Planeswalker till whatever they did to trigger the cage to stop. The 'Photonic Maiden' triggers to thoughts/intentions of treason, thoughts/intentions to destroy a world or cause massive civilian deaths, and thoughts/intentions of disobedience to superiors.


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