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The Council on Regional Security



The Council on Regional Security (CRS)

The Council on Regional Security or CRS is a group of nations that is responsible for the internal security of The South Pacific. They are one of the most crucial lines of defense against external and internal security threats. Their main purpose is monitoring, responding to regional security issues, and protecting the Delegate from a coup.

For the safety and security of our region, we ask that all World Assembly (WA) member nations in the South Pacific endorse the members of the CRS, as well as the Delegate. There is however no requirement to do so. But doing so will make you become a SWAN Knight and have some benefits others don't have so there is no reason not to do this!

Who are the members of the CRS?

The CRS is composed of experienced and trustworthy members of the region. Currently, they are:

What are the duties and powers of the CRS?

Member nations of the CRS are granted Border Control power in-game, which means they can eject or ban nations. According to Linkthe Charter of the Coalition of the South Pacific, some of the duties and powers of the CRS are:

  • Preventing the Delegacy from being taken by anyone other than the legally elected Delegate.

  • Reclaiming the Delegacy if the above occurs or the elected Delegate goes rogue and attempts to coup the region.

  • Establishing an appropriate endorsement cap and enforcing it.

  • Assuming martial command of the region during a coup d'etat, whether committed by outside forces, infiltrators, or duly elected officials, until such a time that a legitimate government is restored.

  • Performing all necessary measures to defeat a coup d'etat or hostile invasion.

What are the requirements of becoming a member of the CRS?

In order to become a member of the CRS, one has to:

  • Have World Assembly membership in the South Pacific.

  • Have the Soft Power Disbursement Score of at least 130,000 or an Influence Ranking of at least Apprentice.

  • Have at least 400 endorsements or half the endorsements of the Delegate.

  • Have six consecutive months of Linklegislator status, or at least two terms in the Local Council.

The specific influence score, ranking, and endorsement numbers may be updated by the CRS, with majority approval by Linkthe Assembly (Our legislature), to reflect changes to the disbursement of influence in the region or updates to the game.

Sounds cool, how do I join the CRS?

The CRS will review applicants and choose whether or not an application will be submitted to the Assembly for approval by legislators. The Assembly will vote on applications forwarded by the CRS, your membership will be approved by a simple majority of aye votes.

How does the CRS perform its duties?

When detecting a nation that is causing trouble or is a potential security threat, a CRS member nations will take action by warning that nation via telegram, and ejecting or banning the nation from the region if they do not respond and curb their actions. In order to do this, something called influence needs to be used. CRS nations need a lot of influence to properly carry out their duty. In order to have a lot of influence, they need to have lots of endorsements, which is why CRS member nations' endorsement count is usually only slightly lower than that of the Delegate.

The threats or troubles the CRS usually deals with are:

  • Nations that continue to exceed the endorsement cap despite being told multiple times not to.

  • A Delegate, Delegate-elect, or CRS member nation that goes rogue and threatens to coup the region.

  • An external invasion force wants to raid and occupy the region.

  • Spammers and trollers.

  • Nations that violate the laws of our region and have a ban sentence from Linkthe High Court.

    (Read our LinkCriminal Code on behaviors that can cause such sentence)

A few notes:

  • Everything is updated every 24 hours so you need to wait for any change in the data to happen.

  • If you see any inaccuracies, errors, or have ideas for improvements, please contact us.

  • There are some minor inaccuracies in the data, read this for more information.

If you want to know more about the SWAN initiative, check out our dispatch index.