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The Endorsement Cap



The Endorsement Cap

The Endorsement Cap or Endo Cap is a limit on how many endorsements your nation is legally allowed to have. Your endorsement count should not be higher than this limit. This acts as a security guard to prevent nations from having too many endorsements and being in the danger zone of pulling a coup. (Read more about this here) Currently, this cap is set to be equal to 80% the endorsement count of the SPCG (South Pacific Coral Guard) member with the lowest endorsement count (Currently Sporaltryus at 390 endorsements)

The current endorsement cap is


What happens if I exceed the endorsement cap?

If you exceed the endorsement cap, a member nation of the Council on Regional Security (CRS) will send you a telegram to notify that you have exceeded it and instruct you to lower your endorsement count until you are compliance with the cap again. Since the endorsement cap constantly varies due to changes in the endorsement count of the lowest endorsement CRS member, you won't get any notification by exceeding it a small number.

Please don't be scared if this happens as it is a common occurrence and is often accidental! You just need to be calm and follow the CRS nation's instructions.

How can I reduce my endorsement count to comply with the cap again?

You can reduce it by:

  • Sending a telegram to some nations to ask them to withdraw endorsements from you. This is the best way as you will only lose enough endorsements to comply with the endorsement cap again.

  • Resigning from the World Assembly (Go to the World Assembly page then click Resign) then join it again. This is the fastest way but you will lose all endorsements.

  • Withdrawing your endorsement from some nations so that they will withdraw their endorsements from you. This way is non-guarantee as they may not be aware of you doing this.

What would happen if I refuse to lower my endorsement count?

Your nation will receive repeated telegrams seeking compliance. If you continue to refuse, you will be ejected from this region by a CRS nation or the Delegate.

Who sets and enforces the endorsement cap?

This is the duty of the Council on Regional Security (CRS).

A few notes:

  • Everything is updated every 24 hours so you need to wait for any change in the data to happen.

  • If you see any inaccuracies, errors, or have ideas for improvements, please contact us.

  • There are some minor inaccuracies in the data, read this for more information.

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