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How-to guide on participating SWAN



How-to guide on participating SWAN

This is a guide on how to do everything this initiative encourages you to. Basically, what you have to do is just endorse and endorse!

Endorsements are something a nation can give to other nations to show that they like those nations' flag, motto,... It is kinda like the "like" button on Facebook or Twitter, but endorsements have far more important roles than that such as increasing the influence of your nation, the voting power and influence of the Delegate, and making the region safer against external and internal security threats (You can read more about these here), which is why the SWAN initiative's primary purpose is to encourage you to endorse.

In order to endorse a nation, you need to join the World Assembly. In this how-to guide, we will show you how to join the World Assembly, how to endorse a nation, how to endorse a lot of nations in a short time, and how to maximize your endorsement gain.

How do I join the World Assembly?

Before starting, please note that you can only have one nation participates in the World Assembly at a time! You can have as many nations as you like but you can only have a maximum of one nation in the World Assembly at any given time.

Step 1: Get an Email Account

In order to join the World Assembly, you need an email account. You can use any account from any service you prefer. We recommend you to use LinkGmail since it is reliable for NationStates-related purposes.

Step 2: Set Email Address for Your Nation

To set the email address of your email account for your nation, just click the Settings button with the gear icon at the top to open the setting page then scroll down, enter your email address in the E-mail box then click Update.

Step 3: Apply for the World Assembly

Go to the World Assembly page (You can go to this page from anywhere by clicking the World Assembly button on the left) then click the Apply to Join button.

Step 4: Be Admitted to the World Assembly

A few seconds after applying, NationStates will send you a confirmation email. Open this email then click the link in there.

A page will open, click the Confirm: Join World Assembly button.

You're done! Welcome to the World Assembly! If this is the first time you do this, NationStates will give you a banner to celebrate. You now have the power to vote on legislation in the two chambers of the World Assembly: the General Assembly and the Security Council as well as endorse nations (Look below to know how to endorse a nation).

How do I endorse a nation?

To endorse a nation, just open the page of that nation then scroll down and click the Endorse <nation name> button!


  • You need to be in the World Assembly in order to endorse a nation. Look above for the guide on how to join the World Assembly.

  • You cannot endorse a nation that is not in the World Assembly and in the same region as you.

Who should I endorse?

The more nations you endorse, the more endorsements other nations will give back to you and the higher the chance you will be ranked in the top 0.1% of NationStates for nations with highest endorsements and receive awards to commend your contribution to our region!

How can I find nations to endorse?

You can find nations to endorse in the following places:

Please note that there are up to 991 nations that you can endorse so you may want to check out the below question on how to quickly endorse a lot of nations.

How can I endorse a lot of nations in a short time?

Please read this dispatch.

How can I maximize the number of endorsements I will gain?

To make the number of endorsements you will gain as high as possible, you can:

  • Send a telegram to ask a nation for an endorsement. (Remember to endorse them first before doing this!)

  • Keep your nation in the World Assembly as long as possible and continue to endorse nations. If you have nearly endorsed everyone (You can check that on our census), look at the regional happening page to find new nations that just joined the World Assembly or migrated to our region to endorse.

How many endorsements can I have? (Required reading)

Your endorsement count must not be higher than a limit called the endorsement cap (Endocap for short).

The current endorsement cap is 481, you can also find the number on the World Factbook Entry of our region.

If you exceed the endorsement cap, a member nation of the Council on Regional Security will telegram you to tell you to do certain actions to bring down your endorsement count.

You can read more information about the Council on Regional Security here as well as the endorsement cap and what will happen if you exceed it here.

I want more information!

  • You can check out our benefits dispatch to know the rationale behind many actions this initiative encourages you to do.

  • For more information on everything, you should check out our dispatch index.

  • If you want to know even more, give a look at our FAQ.

If you want to know more about the SWAN initiative, check out our dispatch index.

This initiative is an informal joint effort between the Ministry of Regional Affairs, the Local Council, the Council on Regional Security, and some nerds who have no life. (Read more about who run this here)