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The Federation of Lillorainen


Basic Facts

Full Nation Name: The Federation of Lillorainen
Colloquial Name(s): Lillorainen
National Language: German
Official Languages: German at a national level - a number of regional co-official languages exists
Demonym: Lillorainian, Lillo (colloquial)
Population: 54 million (according to 2010 census)
Capital: Lillamala
Largest City: Pontrath
Number and type of Subdivisions: 9 states
Largest Subdivision (area): State of the Rathland
Largest Subdivision (population): State of the Rathland
Current Head of State: President Silas Flemming
Current Head of Government: President Silas Flemming
Highest Point: Millernbergpass (near Freudenberg/Rtld.) - 2431 m (7975.72 ft) above sea level
Lowest Point: Marholmsdalen (near Jettesholm/Llr.) - 17 m (55.77 ft) below sea level
Drives on the: Right
Calling code: +997
License plate code: LL
Internet TLD: .ll
Currency: Lillorainian Mark (LLM)
Flag: Black-yellow-vanilla horizontal tricolor.

Timeline of Events

Pre-1981: No unified Lillorainen. The Unification War lasted from 1974 to 1976.
March 9, 1981: Official founding of the Federation of Lillorainen
September 23, 1981: The Meritocratic Council decides to build up Lillamala as the new Federal Capital
February 1, 1989: Lillamala officially replaces Lysköping as Federal Capital
May 7, 1994: President Marie Seelscheid is assassinated by the terrorist organization The Order of the Rising Eagle
August 4, 2002: President Silas Flemming wins his mud wrestling duel and gets into power.

Leaders - Past and Present

→ see: List of Federal Presidents


Legal Ages
Drinking: N/A (no age restriction)
Smoking: N/A (no age restriction)
Driving: 17 (exceptions at younger age possible if reasonable)
Serving in Military: 16
Marriage: 16
Age of consent: 13
Homeowning: N/A (no age restriction)

LGBTQ Rights
Legal status of LGBTQ relations: Legal
Legal status of LGBTQ Marriage: Legal
Are LGBTQ citizens protected from discrimination: Yes
Does Lillorainen Accept refugees based on LGBTQ persecution: Yes

Drug Laws
Lillorainen has a LIBERTARIAN drug policy.
What Drugs are Legal in Lillorainen: All.
Penalty for Drug Use in Lillorainen: None.

Lillorainen has a LIBERTARIAN stance on abortion.
When is abortion allowed in Lillorainen: Whenever you wish.

Lillorainen DOES NOT endorse a religion
What is Lillorainen's official Religion: N/A
What is the most practised religion in Lillorainen: We don't really keep track on this, but there is a variety of beliefs among the ~10% who claim to be religious.
Additional Notes: Freedom of religion is granted by the Federal Constitution.

Government Subsidiaries
Is healthcare government/taxpayer funded in Lillorainen: Yes
Is education government/taxpayer funded in Lillorainen: Yes

The Federation of Lillorainen