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Shinboku Relations

“Never hate your enemies.
It affects your judgment.”

Shinboku Proverb
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

- The First Tiānhuáng, Apotheosis

Rankings and Relations System

  • Allied
    Description: The Allied Title means this nation has an Alliance or is in an alliance us making them Protected friends of the Nation

  • Friendly
    Description: The Friendly Title means the nation has friendly relations either Trade, Military or Public or Governmental wise making them Potential allies if Further contact and agreements are made and Done

  • Calm
    Description: The Calm Title means Relations are stable between the nations but are at a Stalemate thus making Trade, And overall public relations Susceptible to even the slightest change in National affairs, but can be Brought up if Trade or Agreements are created and Done

  • Warm
    Description: The Warm Title means Relations are starting to come up but are once again more Susceptible to suspicion from National Affairs making Things Slightly More unstable. but Manageable with time and Agreements

  • Neutral
    Description: The Neutral Title means that the Civilization contacted has little to no agreements or relations are beginning to deteriorate into something more Hostile and Unstable

  • Strained
    Description: The Strained Title means that Relations are at an all time low and can Mean war or Deteriorating relations Making for Public relations, Travel and trade to be Virtually impossible at a Diplomatic level

  • Hostile
    Description: The Hostile Title means both nations are hostile to each other and at a most likely point lead to the declaration of Rivalries and War

  • Rival
    Description: The Rival Title means that the nation has either declared itself to be a Rival of us making Trade and Other Safe Passages through Local Space Impossible due to Civilian, Military or Scientific ships being shot down or forced out of Shinboku space entirely and can lead to Further Escalation of war

  • War
    Description: The War Title Means that both Nations are at war Regardless Covertly or Militarily and will lead to Casualties on both sides and having a lasting effect on the Shinboku people making for Uneasy Relations if they try and Restore ties


  • Overlord Nation
    Description: The Overlord Nation Title means that The nation is currently a Overload state of Shinboku Thus Commanding it Permanently or Temporarily along with leaving Good relations or horrible relations depending on their actions and how they are viewed to the Ahsakan Kind

  • Contacted
    Description: The Contacted Title means this Nation was just Recently contacted or is trying to Establish communications with us but is unable to do so thus making it Totally Alien and foreign to us as we cannot decode their language nor communicate

  • Defeated, Government in Exile
    Description: The Defeated, Government in Exile title means that the Government Discovered, or that we have relations with has been defeated in war or has it former government Casted out into Exile

  • Godlike Entity
    Description: The Godlike Entity title is used to Identify and mark beings of immense power, however this is only limited to individuals and not nations, Members Classified with this are normally seen as a threat to the rest of the government and must be dealt with as soon as possible

  • Magical
    Descriptions: The Magical is used Specifically for Identifying nations who are known to be Precise and deadly Magic users, such as the Godlike Entities they are meant to be dealt with as soon as possible as they are a Major threat to the nation

  • Nation: The Shinboku & The The vania nation

    Relations Towards Vania: Friendly

    Treaties / Agreements: Low-Level Trade Agreement, Embassy

    Statement: "The first Starkin to have come from beyond the storm. First contact was peaceful and friendly, a promising sign of a bright future."

    Contacted on: 6/20/2018

  • Nation: The Shinboku & The The Ebony Republic

    Relations Towards Dominion: Allied

    Treaties / Agreements: Full Alliance, Trade Agreement, Research Pact

    Statement: "In a manner of a a student helping another student who has been bullied up, a strong bond was formed right there. Only time can tell what will come out of such a close unionship."

    Contacted on: 7/14/2018

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