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Navy - Casablanca Class

Casablanca Class Battleship
Trimaran Super Battleship

Like the other Brusseldorfen Navy vessels that are trimarans, the Casablanca is very seaworthy and is a very steady gun platform. Even though many might consider that it would be hard to come up with an armor scheme that would give these three hulled ships a high level of protection, the Casablanca class is very well armored and having three floating bodies makes the vessel harder to sink. In addition, the three hull design allows for a wider space for weapons, systems, and other vehicles than would be possible on a single hull design of about the same displacement.

The ship carries its powerful engines high in the primary hull which reduces the noise in the water greatly. While the ship is not as fast as was first thought and not as fast as the Trimaran destroyers or frigates, it is the fastest ship of its size ever constructed and on trial runs these huge ships have all exceeded 30 knots.

Like most of the Brusseldorfen Navy's larger ships, the Casablanca Class has a sensor suite that is an improved version of the APAR 12 three-dimensional radar. This Phased Array radar system is more compact than the Aegis system used by most the modern world, and has greater tracking capabilities and range. The ship also has both a hull sonar system and a towed array sonar system.

The designers constructed the Casablanca Class battleship using Radar Absorbent Materials extensively in the design. As a result, missiles using radar guidance to pinpoint locations on the Casablanca have a decreased effectiveness. The Casablanca also carries a powerful ECM system.

Model Type: BB-582 Class Battleship ( Casablanca Class )
Crew: 7,250 (5,800 crewmen; 450 officers; 1000 military troops)
Speed: 32 knots maximum, 15 knots cruising
Range: Unlimited due to the Pebblebed nuclear reactor engines. Ship carriers six months of supplies and consumables on board.

Statistical Data:
Length: 981 meters (3266.7 feet)
Width: 350 meters (1166.55 feet)
Draft: 28 metres (98 feet) Empty, 32 metres (108 Feet) Full
Empty: 1,400,000 tons
Fully Loaded: 1,800,000 tons
Cargo: 28,000 tons of nonessential equipment and supplies. Each enlisted crew member has a
small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ships officers have more space for personal items. Most ship's spaces are taken up by extra ammo, armor, troops, weapons, and engines.
Builders: Navarre Navy Shipyards (Division of Doujinshi Corporation, located in The Freethinkers)
Price: 250 Billion Dollars.

Weapon Systems:
20 x 30" Electro-Thermal Naval Guns
12 x 8" Electro-Thermal Naval Guns
36 x 3” BI Automated Gun Systems
11 x 30mm BI M/C AA Cannons
32 x 20mm BI M/C AA Cannons
12 x 7-barrel 122mm Unguided ASuW Mortars
4 x 60-Cell M/P PVLS (240 LRSSM/LRSAM)
8 x 48-cell Sylver VLS (384 ASTER-15/30 SAM)
48 x Egap Anti-Ship Missiles
46 x 20mm Phalanx CIWS (AA/AM)
4 x 660mm Magazine Launched Torpedo Tubes (for Mk 48 ADCAP torps, mines, MHROVs, 80 to be carried)

The Casablanca Class is capable of carrying up to 160 aircraft on her two full-length flight decks.

Craft on the Casablanca:
60 RF-37-2800 "Q"
60 RF-11D "Archangels"
10 C2-A Greyhounds
10 S3-C Vikings
10 AC-150 Tankers
10 ASW Sea King Helicopters


APAR 12 Type B:
An incredibly advanced radar and computer system first developed for the Mackensen Class, it far surpasses the Aegis system on most other naval vessels. Powerful and flexible radar system that is comprised of four panels that each emit radar waves. If allowed by the horizon, the system can track out to 800 miles (1280 km) and can simultaneously track and identify up to 1392 targets at one time. The system controls missile launched from the long range missile launchers and the system track and guide each individual missile to a individual target for up to 476 targets. If a target is eliminated, missiles are automatically guided to a new target. The system can also control missiles launched from other linked vessels as well and can also act as fire control for gun mounts.

Both a upper-lateral anda lower-lateral array are fitted in order to ensure 360 degree coverage of the airborne theatre Two reserve arrays are also carried. Short-range AS18 Suites are installed to provide back CIWS guidance and close range tracking of multiple targets.

Advanced Hull Sonar (Adapted FT-SN22 Suite)
Mounted under the bow of the ship. Range of 25 miles (21.7 nm / 40.2 km). This hull sonar system has both a passive and active system built in, with the passive arrays also spread across the auxiallary hull flanks in order to ensure maximum sonar coverage. The Sonar system can track up to 48 targets at one time.

Advanced Towed Array Sonar System:
The system is basically a long and very sensitive sonar system carried behind the ship on a long cable. Range of 100 miles (86.9 nm / 160.9 km) in passive mode. This towed array sonar system has both a passive and active system built in. Sonar system can track up to 81 targets at one time.

Sonar Masking System:
The hull is designed to minimize noise from the hull and uses water bubbles to form a barrier against sonar as well.

Combination Radar Detectors and Active Jamming System:
Combination of radar detection systems (ESM) and an active jamming system. The system can detect another radar system at 125% of the range of the transmitting radar.

Command and Control Capabilities:
The Casablanca Class Battleship was originally designed for Admiral Blyiuth, Grand Admiral of the Brusseldorfen Navy as his personal ship. The Flagship of the Brusseldorfen Navy, its command and control facilities are extensive. It can track all Brusseldorfen Naval movements, and is directly connected with the GDnet Sattelite to provide real-time tracking of all Brusseldorfen ships. It is tied in with the defense systems along the Brusseldorfen coastline, and can effectively keep track of all enemy movements within sensor range of any Brusseldorfen vessel or defensive position. The Casablanca Class battleship has more proccessing power than any other Battleship.

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