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by The Heldere n Betoverde Dimensie of Garden at 6th Mile Road. . 75 reads.

A little song about The Garden (WIP) [DITCHED, for now]

A little mix of OOC and IC, I will write down the lyrics (can't sing, can't play an instrument...) of a little song to dedicate my home. Yes, I'm getting THAT obsessed now.

Take it away, Holly!

Back in year one nine nine five (1995), there was this little home! Located in Myanmar, it is called Chunt Mile Chan! (6th Mile Garden)
In this very huge home, there lived a boy called Val! Whose childhood began, in this very first home!
He remembered it fondly, it always come to mind! He always talk about it, whenever he's with the rest!
Like all good things, it has to come to end! His family had to, sell the house to someone!

Years passed, years passed, he still talks about it! He just can't forget, ohh poor man... ( x 2 )

Decades have passed, he wondered to himself! "Will I be able to buy... back my lovely old home?"
The answer is no... unfortunately no! The house became a hotspot, a huge real estate!
Embassies everywhere, prices have soared! And that is provided, owners will sell it back!
Oh, that's a bummer, he thought to himself! Now I can only look at it, from across the street!

And now that the OOC part is over, let us move on to the IC section! Listen carefully, my little friends, for this will be rather heart-breaking at some bits!

In the Years before Two Thousand (2000), there was a horrible war! A war that is known as Cold War, that no one can stop fully!

Every time someone tried to talk, they will have gotten, shot to death! Diplomacy became a lost art, as everyone agreed!
People live in constant fear, waiting for the war to end! There is no sign of war ending, but humanity's always hopeful.
Valentijn tried to save the day, but there're too many to save! He decided, only a select few, can survive the war with help.

[Hum this part] Hmmm-hmm-hm-hmm, hmmmm-hmm-hm-hmmmm, hmmmm-hm-hmmm-hmmmm-hmmmmm!
[Hum again, but this time with some tonal inflection]

*Sobs softly* Let's try to move onů

On that one day, every leader say, "I have enough of you!" And like children with temper, they launched all the missiles!
The missiles flew gracefully across the sky, past several countries!

- Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Holly Aurora Symantha Vreugde Lavender Astrid Lilac Marlie Nova Radiant Starlight