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The Wondrous World of Holly Starlight. [REVAMPED]

The vastness of Holly’s universe, called The Garden, is already amazing and awestriking in terms of the seemingly infinite area, as well as the limitless amount of energy at one’s disposal. Using this, Holly has managed to make multiple parts of her home, all of which are either her own creations, based on something else that is from the outside world, or simply just something else entirely. On average, the temperatures of this place vary from 0 K (-273.15 °C) to 283.15 K (10 °C), though it could go up to 293.15 K (20 °C) to 303.15 K (30 °C) for some parts of the area after Holly realises that people are constantly winding up in her dimension and having frostbites or starving to death. Only she herself could transport these individuals out back to their own home worlds, so she could, in theory, leave these people or creatures walking aimlessly while feeling hungry or freezing to death. However, something of note is that since Holly can modify the biological traits of even the visitors that would come into her home, she made them so that they will neither urinate nor defecate in her place, for the obvious reasons.

The physics, chemistry, biology, amongst many others of this place, is subject to change, and Holly can do even the most amazing of feats with the limitless power that she has. However, rather than using it to dominate worlds, she only does it in her own universe, creating many curiosities using the books that she has taken from Earth (as well as many other places), and reading over the time she is around. This would also mean that while most of the parts of her dimension are still shades of blue in terms of color, some other places have managed to take on the natural colors that one would find in real-life, thanks to Holly being able to manipulate the colors better.

Holly typically stays exactly at 1014.31 centimeters, but other than her own home, the rest of the places are on-scale with a typical 180 cm tall human.

(Legal Notice: All the pictures posted here are from various sources, but due to the possibility of linking to malicious sites as sources, as well as many of these sources becoming 404 over the years, I have decided to omit the sources. I do however credit that none of the drawings, pictures, or anything else are mine, apart from the writing. The pictures that I have posted here, however, are from non-malicious sites and are mostly me reposting from my private photo-sharing account.)

(Thanks to Northern Ateria for the inspiration.)

1 - Holly’s Home

X: -10.00 meters to 10.00 meters
Y: -10.00 meters to 10.00 meters
Z: 0.00 meters to +400.00 meters

This is the place that will be the main focus and directional markers. Given the world as an extremely vast place, as well as the constantly changing landscape, one would need a marker of some sort to keep track of them. Fortunately, Holly was sensible enough to not make changes to the places that she has already built, and this includes the very home that she stays in. Also known as Holly’s Treehouse, this is the primary place of residency for herself, scaled up for her typical size of 1014.31 centimetres. The treehouse itself was rather uneventful in any other elements, having the same shade of blue as the rest of the dimension, while keeping a constant temperature of 15 °C.

The treehouse consists of the usual furnishing and rooms that one would find in a typical human home. Something of note were the let of power points, that is, there was a lack of electricity for the entire house and instead, it was well-lit and brightened by the lights around the dimension, as well as through magical orbs of light produced by Holly. There are also several levels to the treehouse, mostly consisting of living rooms, as well as some bedrooms, a kitchen, and library that houses several books that Holly has borrowed or took from the Valentians, or from some other dimensions that she accessed around to.

Addendum: Perhaps that would explain why there were entities throughout the multiverse that talked about a blue, bright, and strange woman that would roam around their library only to take their books, while not meaning any harm. This has also happened for Valentine Z, but with much more interaction, and with friendlier encounters.

There is also an upward hill leading up to Holly's Treehouse itself. The spiral walkway is 300 meters high, and provides a great 360-degree view as one walks up.

1.1 - Holly’s Teatime

X: -10.00 meters to 10.00 meters
Y: -10.00 meters to 10.00 meters
Z: +400.00 meters

Located in Holly's Treehouse itself, and at the balcony. It was approximately 400 meters above the ground, that is, the top floor of the treehouse. The balcony was turned into yet another rooftop garden, with two chairs materialised by Holly to accommodate her, as well as another guest that might happen to be around (or another copy of herself). The chairs are meant to accommodate normal humans, so if too big or too small, Holly would adjust herself to fit on the chairs, and maybe the chairs themselves if the guest is of an unusual size.

2 - The Gardens

Along the way, there certainly are particular areas of interest of the dimension, especially with Holly creating everything that she likes and keeping them that way. Unlike what most people think, she usually does not change the look of the existing objects, distances, and points on a constant basis, and that if she feels the need to create more, she would simply go off to other parts of her home to create more. Due to the random and errant nature of the way she creates things, it is particularly difficult to categorise them, or group them based on the typical eight cardinal directions. However, the measurement of distances and displacement, with reference to Holly’s Treehouse, is still the most effective method.

These are the category of locations that are more garden-oriented instead of simply being thick and heavy forests over and over again.

2.1 - Hopes Garden

X: -70.31 meters to -30.31 meters
Y: -88.40 meters to -38.40 meters
Z: -3.50 meters to +8.00 meters

Located not too far Holly's Treehouse, this was created by Holly after she managed to invite the Valentians, as well as other people that she deemed trustworthy. The loving and compassionate nature of these people (such as those from Stanier, The united nations of europa, Karamiko and Zitravgrad) has given Holly a new hope from her isolationist nature, which is still existent, but she has more or less opened up to people a little more.

The place consists of extremely bright and colourful flowers and trees, all of which are of normal colours that one would expect from outside.

2.2 - Holly’s Hangout

X: -340.97 meters to -260.97 meters
Y: +199.70 meters to +269.70 meters.
Z: -3.00 meters to +4.00 meters.

A colorful forest filled with flowers of all kind. A few small animals such as cats and rabbits, are also present. The whole place is more or less cartoonish. Holly uses this place whenever she is feeling the time of her life, frolicking around, talking to the animals (which in turn are less sapient beings of herself), and being happy. At this point, it is of note that while Holly could create clones of herself, there can only be one true version of herself. In other words, the other Hollies roaming around will not be as capable as her, and are unable to control the dimension fully. For the animals, they will act on instinct alone and not on sapience, and thus the idea of sentience instead of being sapient.

2.3 - Lavender Arcs

X: -993.51 meters to -988.51 meters
Y: -935.29 meters to -920.29 meters
Z: +4.00 meters

Located somewhat far away from Holly’s Treehouse, this little tunnel of 1.8 meters in height (at the center), leads to an open grassy field with a lone tree in the middle. The grass field is 500 meters by 500 meters, and makes a good place for Holly to lie around and gaze at the sky that she would create herself. For most of the time, the sky is told to be either bright and radiant with yellow sunshine, or with clear blue skies, or a starry night.

2.4 - Everlasting Shine Gardens

X: +1 500 000.00 meters to +1 502 000.00 meters
Y: +500 000.00 meters to +502 000.00 meters
Z: +18.00 meters to +20.00 meters

The exact nature of this formation was unknown. Some said that it was due to Holly testing out several energetic spheres on an area, causing a distortion and these colorful orbs that are around 0.05 Kelvins in temperature. Others said that it was none other than Holly herself, manifesting as these wisps that would guard this dimension. Others talk about otherworldly presences, something that even Holly does not know about, something that she could not confirm the nature of but are harmless so she left them alone. Nobody knows what, and Holly is not going to tell anyone anytime soon for whatever possible reasons.

2.5 - “Normal” Forest

X: +4000.00 meters to +4120.00 meters
Y: 0.00 meters to +133.33 meters
Z: -20.00 meters to +40.00 meters

This is the section of the forest that was coloured with the normal palette from the outside dimension. After several attempts to make it right, Holly managed to fill up an energy sphere with proper shifts to the wavelengths, wavelengths that would align and be congruent with what one would expect from the forests on Earth.

2.6 - The Colorful Forest

X: +500.00 meters to +1000.00 meters
Y: -5000.00 meters to -4500.00 meters
Z: -30.00 meters to +55.55 meters

This section of a forest was a result of Holly creating spheres that will explode with brilliant light, in turn adjusting the wavelengths of the light such that most of them are red-shifted, while the others are blue-shifted. The prototype Holly made was random in nature, painting the tree with random wavelengths such as this. Eventually, Holly managed to make the colors more natural, or at least more controllable by her. Finding the random colors fascinating, Holly decided to create a larger sphere of energy and caused the color shifts on a larger scale, resulting in the entire lake being colored instead of just a small area or a single tree.

2.7 - Holly and her World

X: +400,000.00 meters to +400,400.00 meters
Y: +0.00 meters to -500.00 meters
Z: -20.00 meters to +33.32 meters

A shot of Holly in another form, creating simple sentient lifeforms by herself. Do note that these simple animals are also clones of herself, and Holly will retain all the memory should they merge back. This is also regarded as a place where Holly more or less experiments with her powers, and other than creating lifeforms, she would create objects that are oddities to the typical laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, amongst many other things. So far, the list of things that she has created are as follows:

- A perpetual motion machine with 300% efficiency, being able to produce more energy than inputted. This obviously violates the law of thermodynamics. Holly once brought this little machine outside of her universe and upon touching the very boundary between her universe and the outside world, the machine immediately disintegrates.

- A jet engine that she constructed with hard lights. It functions just like a typical commercial airline's jet engine, except with one quirk: Simply attaching the engine without running it makes an object fly, while the operating engine would decrease the altitude of the object and pin it to the ground. Anti-airplane? Works outside of The Garden.

- A rotary dialing phone with base-20 numerals. You have to convert a base-10 phone number (eg. 555-1234) into base-20 just to dial it. It works outside of The Garden.

- "Trapped perfume in a box." Forming atoms and molecules from energy (Energy-Mass conversion), Holly managed to make a gas-based perfume that would stay in one spot, even outside of The Garden. It has absolutely no increase in entropy and will not diffuse.

- Modified her own universe's gravity from 9.81 m/s2 to -5000 m/s2, to 1 x 1020 m/s2. With everything being solid but ultimately made out of light, nothing was damaged. Fortunately, no human nor animals from the outside world were around, so they did not end up splattering onto the ground.

- A pseudo nuclear energy bomb that Holly created out of curiosity. "Pseudo" because it was supposed to act like a nuclear bomb with mushroom clouds and everything, but Holly's limited understanding in nuclear physics (FORTUNATELY) hampered her. Not that she was trying to use it anyway. Isolated and controlled test on the Valentian land shows that this "bomb" produces exactly one shiitake mushroom. An ordinary, shiitake mushroom.

All of these are considered harmless but for everyone's safety sake and to prevent such things from being discovered, Holly was told to keep her inventions and meddling inside of her home, since most of these only work in The Garden.

3 - The Homes and Dwellings

These are the places that were mainly residential areas, housing either Holly herself or her clones. Most of them were rather empty, only for Holly to explore around and have a feel of how it feels like to wander around an empty and desolate place. Rather than feeling creeped out by this, Holly would take pleasure in her solitude, even as far as creating huge cities.

Other times, there are villages with multitudes of her clones living according to their own freewill.

3.1 - Forest Dweller Village

X: +333.33 meters to +400.00 meters
Y: +100.00 meters to +200.00 meters
Z: -1.00 meters to +17.77 meters

A fairy-tale like place, home to around 20 to 30 fairies with butterfly wings - who are in turn clones of Holly. They too have their free rein to do whatever they like, having their own sentience and free will. The fairies are usually around 90 cm in size and usually do not change their size. They are also known to be much more mischievous than Holly and as a result, would devise various creative but harmless pranks for Holly herself. Holly, in turn, took this very lightly and will be happy that her clones are enjoying their time around in the dimension. Sometimes, she would even play along with the little fairies, treating them as her friends.

3.2 - Holly's 2nd Treehouse

X: +1000.01 meters to +1005.00 meters
Y: +1000.00 meters to +1004.99 meters
Z: 0.00 meters to +10.50 meters

The reason it was made former was that as Holly explores around her own dimension, she figured that she would build her home around the exit to the dimension, so that it would be convenient for the visitors to exit as well. This place is still used now and then.

3.3 - Holly's Ground Home

X: +1950.00 meters to +1970.00 meters
Y: -710.00 meters to -690.00 meters
Z: +40.00 meters to +50.00 meters

This little home was made by Holly in order to reflect the house that once resided at 6th Mile. The actual house was more or less gone, and thus Holly created this home for herself and to dedicate that home that Valentijn apparently has the soft spot for. Valentijn in turn reflected and took this very well, commenting that Holly did a good job replicating the home that he once used to live in.

3.4 - Holly's Small Mansion

X: +9990.00 meters to +10020.00 meters
Y: +0.00 meters to +20.00 meters
Z: -10.00 meters to -7.50 meters

This is a larger home built by Holly herself. Similar to a mansion seen in real life, but it was filled to the brim with shelves of books, and with the distinct lack of electronics given the nature of the dimension, as well as Holly's desire to not put any electrical appliances around. She still visits the mansion frequently, just like she visits her other houses on a regular basis. The place is much brighter and much more colourful compared to most parts of her dimension, instead of covering in simple blue hues.

3.5 - Holly's Earth

X: -11 185 500.00 meters to -4 814 500.00 meters
Y: -78 707 051.00 meters to -72 336 051.00 meters
Z: -11 050.00 meters to +9000.00 meters

This large mass of land is the pinnacle and possibly more of what Holly is capable of. With sheer willpower and her driving force, she has managed to build an entirety of Earth all by herself in her own dimension. This Earth, however, has some deviations from the actual Earth, either due to Holly’s limited understanding, or the relatively flat nature of her dimension. That is, Earth’s cores and underground elements were more or less devoid or poor with features and activity, while the surface and landmasses were accurately portrayed. Additionally, the oceans consisted of liquid nitrogen instead of the usual water that one would find on Earth, as well as with the lack of animals – on land, sea, and air. Plant life and man-made buildings, however, were present in abundance, made by Holly using hard lights.

The places were also devoid of population, with Holly not creating the human populations. Some said that this might possibly be due to her wary attitude towards humans, though if she were to create humans that were basically clones of herself, some would speculate that she would not have a lot of things to worry about. Some said that this might just be due to Holly wanting the entire Earth by herself, but at the same time not wanting to harm or hurt the current residents on the multiple Earths that she has visited, including the Valentians.

As a joke sense, the largest cities, sorted by population, are as follows:




Country of Origin


Yangon (Capital of Valentine Z)
























New York City


United States of America




United Kingdom


Hong Kong


Hong Kong










São Paulo




Ho Chi Minh City































4 - Other Places

These are the other places of interest (POI) that does not exactly fit into any categories.

4.1 - Rest Area 810,382 of River Lilac

X: -65 536.00 meters to -65 500.00 meters
Y: -77 777.77 meters to -77 772.00 meters
Z: -50.00 meters to -48.50 meters

River Lilac, perhaps due to its natural color, consists of light-based liquid that acts like water from the world outside. The river itself runs indefinitely, not having an end as far as the eyes can see, and along the way, consisting of several waterfalls, cliffs, oxbow lakes, and other features seen on real world rivers. This is one of the many, many rest areas, for the visitors and Holly alike to catch a break, as well as to get a bearing of their place.

4.2 - Path of Solitude

X: +624 499 800 000.00 meters to +624 499 800 050.00 meters
Y: +500 000 000.00 meters to +500 000 020.00 meters
Z: +20.00 meters to +22.50 meters

Located around 800,000,000 km away from Holly's Treehouse, this is a small and lonely walkway that was built in the middle of a thick vegetation and forest. The trees here are much dimmer than the rest of the dimension, with the said walkway was lighted by small jars containing the light. Holly built this place in order to separate herself from the outside world, as well as to separate herself from everything else. Rather than a safe space, she took this as a place for her self-reflection and meditation. The place is also unusually quiet. There’s also a small amount of rainfall that happens from time to time, which in turn is controlled by Holly herself.