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1850: Karl Marx establishes Marxist Germany in the south-eastern part of Germany
1883: Karl Marx dies in London, UK aged 64
13 December 1883: The German Civil war begins between the marxists who want to keep the current government and the Imperialists who want Wilhelm I to rule an Imperialist country
1887: Civil war ends with the Marxists winning and an estimated number of causalities being 2million
1914: Marxist Germany stays neutral throughout WWI
1929: The great depression affects the country's employment and economy in a negative way.
1939: Nazi Germany invades poland, WW2 begins
1939: Marxist germany signs a non-aggression pact with Nazi germany
1944: Marxist Germany is offered all of Germany by the allies if it helps in the war so Marxist Germany declares war on Nazi Germany
1944: Marxist germany helps the allies by sending 100,000 troops to invade Nazi germany from the south while the Nazis are distracted by The american-British naval invasion
1945: Berlin falls to the soviets from the east and the Marxists from the south west
1945: Marxist Germany annexes all of germany and Austria in a glorious day known as the "Unionstag"
1957: Germany demands Sudentenland from the Czechs and is granted
1978: Germany demands Danzig from Poland but is rejected
1979: Germany full scale invades Poland and annexes Danzig and puppets the rest of poland
1980: Germany demands the klaipeda region and Lithuania accepts by signing a non-aggression pact
2000: The last German speaking part in Europe is united with Germany when they annex Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg
2016: Democracy is established in Marxist Germany
2018:President Erich Dorf dies in office
2018: Germany joins the United federations
2018: The German Democrats win the majority of votes in the Parliament ending the rule of the Communist Party after 131 years
2019:Parliament dissolved and increased to 600 seats by President Gaming User