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The Southern World Assembly Initiative



How to participate:

Please give a warm welcome to our newest World Assembly nations by endorsing them!

Eiste, Kalogiros, Paxtonupeta, Olimpyas, Marost, Barnium

Status summary
  • Number of WA nations: 833

  • Delegate endorsement count: 571

  • CRS average endorsement count: 500.40

  • Total number of endorsements: 43322

  • Cross-endorsement rate: 6.25 %

What is this?

The Southern World Assembly iNitiative (SWAN) is an initiative to promote the participation of nations in the World Assembly and to encourage them to endorse everyone in the South Pacific. The objective of this grand initiative is to increase the number of nations that join the World Assembly and boost the endorsement count and influence level of everyone in the region, from the delegate and the Council on Regional Security to those members who have just been founded. With a higher population of nations that have World Assembly membership and a high endorsement count, the South Pacific will become safer from security threats and our political power on the interregional stage will be much strengthened. Aside from benefiting the community, this is an easy way to increase the power and influence of your own nation and help you find this game a lot more enjoyable.

How can I participate in this initiative?

It is very simple, just do what the box above says: Join the World Assembly if you haven't already, become a SWAN Knight by endorsing the delegate and all members of the Council on Regional Security, then finally, endorse everyone else in the region. That is it! If you don't know how to join the World Assembly and how to endorse a nation, just read this simple guide.

You can go above and beyond and help this initiative more by:

  • Upvoting this dispatch.

  • Sending a link to this dispatch to new nations that haven't participated or encouraging them directly to do what the tl;dr says via telegram.

  • Doing the same as above but via our Regional Message Board.

  • Sharing your ideas about how to improve this initiative. (How to do that here)

How can this benefit me?

  • Joining the World Assembly allows you to wield your democratic voice on the World Assembly by being able to vote on World Assembly resolutions and propose you own resolutions. Aside from that, you will also receive a free banner from NationStates.

  • Only World Assembly members are able to participate in the onsite elections for both the Local Council and the delegate!

  • Endorsing everyone helps you gain more endorsements in a short time and easily get into the top 0.1% of NationStates for most endorsements in less than a week!

  • Actively exchanging endorsements with others is a great way to make friends and gain popularity in this game, which will drastically improve your playing experience.

  • Endorsing the delegate and all members of the Council on Regional Security helps increase the voting power of the delegate on the World Assembly and therefore, increase the power of your own vote!

  • If you participate actively in this initiative, you will receive awards and promotions which you can display to other players with pride!

  • Aside from benefiting your nation, participation helps improve the safety and activity of the South Pacific to make us stronger against any security threat and become more and more dynamic and fun to be a part of.

(More information about the benefits and how they work here)

(More information about awards and how to get them here)

How do I know how well I am and the region are doing?

You can do that by checking out our statistics dispatch, our censuses dispatch, and our news dispatch. We also recommend you to check out this awesome "portrait" of our region to get a look at how large and dynamic our region is.

Where can I find more information?

Take a look at our dispatch index.

We hope you will enjoy this initiative and that you find NationStates and our community a more cheerful place because of it.

This initiative is an informal joint effort between the Ministry of Regional Affairs, the Local Council, the Council on Regional Security, and some nerds who have no life. (Read more about who run this here)