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Official Factfile for the Huterric Union

The Huterric Union
Dea Union Huterrikas
Der Huderischen Union

Basic Facts

Full Nation Name: The Huterric Union
Colloquial Name(s): Huterrica, The Union.
National Languages: Huterric, English.
Official Languages: Huterric, English, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Danish
Population: 3.14 billion
Capital: Lansadas
Largest City: Lansadas
Number and type of Subdivisions: 9 states (with 9 Unitary Districts, all in Huswyae or Marceston), 1 Federal District (City of Lansadas)
Largest Subdivision (area): Huswyae
Largest Subdivision (population): Huswyae
Current Head of State: President Milán L. Longton
Current Head of Government: Speaker of the Huterric Senate, Dominic C. Whitecastle
Highest Point: Mount St. Lawrence, Lajinshire, Wyche, 2240.89m (7352ft) above sea level
Lowest Point: Wicklepuckett Basin, Cleoshire, Huswyae, 50m (164ft) below sea level
Drives on the: Left
Calling Code: +12
Preferred System of Measurement: Metric System

Name: The People's Cross
Coat of Arms: N/A

Timeline of Events

Pre 1650: Huterric States not unified.
1650: First unification of Huterric States occurs, resulting in the 1st Incarnation of the Union
1778: Huterric Civil War starts with Jacquenian, Huswyaen, and Wychean secession.
1786: Jacquenia commences the Labana Isle Massacres, and starts the genocide of Muslims, homosexuals, and other "political opponents" in the city of . Huswyae and Wyche rejoins the Union to defeat the Jacquenian Catholic regime.
1790: The First Battle of Wickepuckett happens in the Wicklepuckett Basin. The Union loses and the city of Hatchettia inside the basin (then part of Huswyae) is destroyed by the Jacquenians. Hatchettia is rebuilt.
1794: The Second Battle of Wicklepuckett happens in the east of the basin. In return for their victory, Huswyae cedes the basin to Wyche.
21st December 1795: The Battle of Burlamond happens halfway between Lakeland and Lunkato. The battle is won by the Union who annex Jacquenia.
1st January 1796: Article One is written, coming into effect 12th February. The article declares the unification of the continent under one nation on 12th February, and refuses Jacquenia statehood as punishment for its crimes, with its land ceded to form Labana, the northern part of Aclenia, and the northernmost part of Wyche.
12th February 1796: At 12pm Lansaddian Time, the Huterric Union unites. This means that at 11am Lakeland Time a service was held at Lakeland Cathedral to recognise the event.The 12th February is celebrated as Huterrica Day, our most important national holiday.
3rd August 1896: First Lansadas Self Expression Festival is held, being the largest celebration of liberty in the world. This is also counted as the first LGBT+ Pride festival, but this wasn't the main focu of the event.
26th March 1979: Jimmy Bernack, Congressman for Lakeland West, leaves the Leftist Party, citing the increasingly far-left movement away from its traditional centre-left position. He stands as an independent until 29th March 1979 when every Congressman serving the city of Lakeland leaves the Leftist Party. Together they form the Lakelandshire Union. The more centrist of the Leftist Party join the Lakelandshire Union, until a political party called the Huterric Liberals, currently the dominant party in Huterric politics to this day, is formed on 26th September. Jimmy Bernack is made party leader. The Capitalist Party go through a similar event, citing its far-right stance, to form CLAP. This is marked as the start of the Huterric Political Split.
16th November 1984: Only 1 person in the Huterric Liberal Party loses their seat - The Congressman for Lunkato North. Jimmy Bernack remains leader and is elected as the president of Huterrica. He's sworn in 1st January 1985.
16th August 1989: Libertarian Airways Flight 492, en route to Lunkato, is bombed in Wyche in what is the deadliest aviation disaster in Huterric history, and its deadliest terror attack.
12th February 1995: The 10 largest cities, excluding Lansadas (being its own separate division), are made Unitary Authorities, thus becoming part of the state they're in and forced to follow its laws but not governed by the state government directly.
27th April 2003: United Huterric Airlines Flight 64 disappears off the west coast of Huswyae and is not found until May 2004. It was cited as the biggest aviation mystery to occur before its discovery, and is one of the most talked about aviation disasters to this day.
16th August 2008: Jimmy Bernack announces he will not be standing up for re-election in 2009, and instead appointing Milan Longton as his successor as party leader. He keeps his president title until the election, in which CLAP win.

Presidents List

Leader Name

Political Party

Years in office

Zachariah Denimon

Capitalist Party


Anastasia Mulcock

Social Party


Lawrence Tumlin

Social Party


Dennis Addynall

Capitalist Party


Jeremiah Bunce

Social Party


Dominic Hethersett

Capitalist Party


William Barclay

Social Party


George Hines

Social Party


Harvey Kane

Capitalist Party


Joanne Lackett

Social Party


Simon Blandham

Capitalist Party


Daniel Johnson

Social Party


Brittany Arndale

Social Party


Theodore Rydall

Capitalist Party (1975-1979), United Party (1979-1985)


Jimmy Bernack

Huterric Liberal Party


Harry Tan

Capitalist & Libertarian Action Party (CLAP)


Milán Longton

Huterric Liberal Party (2015-2018), Freedom Party (2018-present)


*Assumed the role in 1796 after being the leader of the former FHU and declared that an election would occur every 5 years on years ending with 4 and 9, with the new president taking office on the 3rd of January of the following year. It was also decided that only people democratically elected as President count as having had the role, going as far to say that acting presidents (such as Lawrence Winchester, who acted as President when Harvey Kane was murdered in 1928) do not count as presidents. This means he was in power until 1800 without an exercise of democracy, thus his rule before then does not count.

Largest Cities

here are our 20 largest cities with their pronunciations in brackets where applicable:





FD Lansadas (historically Marceston)

23 586 805



21 302 252

Lunkato (Lun-KAY-toe)


19 231 896



18 086 863



17 337 371

Sedoe (SEE-doe)


15 484 081

Laclan (Luh-CLAN)


13 708 333



12 940 290

Triun (TRY-un)


12 234 348



11 008 514

Cleoatt (KLEE-oh-att)


9 374 923

Lajin (Lay-JIN)


8 991 917



6 630 563

Untrono (Oon-TROE-no)


6 072 527

Rotourke (Roe-TORK)


5 506 477


Legal Ages
Drinking: 13
Consent: 15
Smoking: 15
Driving: 15
Voting: 16
Serving in Military: 16
Marriage: 18
Homeowning: 17

The Huterric Union has an LIBERTARIAN policy on citizenship
Legislation?: Dual Citizenship is permitted.

LGBT+ Rights
The Huterric Union IS LGBTQ FRIENDLY
Legal status of LGBT+ relations: Legal
Legal status of LGBT+ Marriage: Legal.
Does the Huterric Union have its own LGBT+ Pride flag: Yes It is called LinkThe Pride Cross. There is also a guide here as to what each pride flag means.
Are LGBT+ citizens protected from discrimination: Yes.
Does The Huterric Union Accept refugees based on LGBT+ persecution in their home country: Yes, and it is the most common reason for claiming asylum in the Huterric Union.

The Huterric Union DOES NOT enforce Conscription, and ever doing so is unconstitutional.
Does living in The Huterric Union exempt you from conscription elsewhere?: Yes.

Drug Laws
The Huterric Union has a LIBERTARIAN drug policy
What Drugs are Legal in The Huterric Union?: All of them
Penalty for Drug Use in The Huterric Union?: There is no punitive action taken towards drug usage on condition that all recreational drugs consumed in the Huterric Union is sourced from within the Huterric Union. The focus is put on therapy and rehab as opposed to criminalisation. Recreational Drugs are typically sold at "Druggeries" (and medicine at Apothecaries). The governing body for recreational drugs is the HIA Department of Recreational Substance Control (HIARSC).

The Huterric Union has a LIBERTARIAN stance on abortion
When is abortion allowed in The Huterric Union?: In all situations.

Nuclear Weaponry
The Huterric Union DOES own nuclear weaponry
Additional Notes: The Huterric Union openly uses its nuclear weapons as a threat to deter other nations from conflict, and makes it clear that should conflict with the Huterric Union arise then nuclear weapons will be used.

The Huterric Union DOES NOT endorse a religion
What is The Huterric Union's official Religion?: None. The state endorses secularism.
What is the most practised religion in The Huterric Union?: Quaker Christianity, accounting for 70% of the Religious Huterric Population, and 20% of the Huterric population overall.

Is healthcare government/taxpayer funded in The Huterric Union?: Yes (for those with citizenship only)
What is the Huterric Union equivalent to the NHS? The HHB (Huterric Health Bureau).
What services does the HHB provide? All healthcare services, including dental and mental health services.
Do Non-Huterrics have to pay for healthcare? Yes. 200 Terrics ($164 US Dollars) goes to covering HHB costs should you need it in the Union, but even then you'll have to pay.

When does one in The Huterric Union start education: 4
Is education government/taxpayer funded in The Huterric Union?: Yes (for those with citizenship only)
Brief Synopsis?: Age 4-10 - Primary School. Age 10-15 - Secondary School (separated by ability based on primary performance). Age 16-19 - Tertiary Education (3 different pathways).
What is the governing body for exams and education? QOHU (Qualifications Office of the Huterric Union). Only permitted exam board for the HB (Huterric Baccalaureate) and the only permitted governing body for assessing the quality of schools.
What is the Huterric Baccalaureate? The HB are our exams. HBS1 assesses primary school ability, HBS2 assesses secondary school ability, and HBS3 is one of 3 pathways for Tertiary Education and the most common. All Huterric students must do HBS1 and HBS2.
Are there any mandatory subjects? All students must take Huterric, English, Mathematics, and Combined Science at HBS1, and primary schools may teach 4 other subjects. At HBS2, all students must take Huterric, English, Mathematics, a minimum of 1 science (Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, or Biology), and one creative subject (Art, Photography, Textiles, Design Technology, Resistant Materials, Food Preparation etc). The other 5 subjects are free range. HBS3 is entirely free choice, but the following subjects are "Enhancing" and will make it easier to go to university: Huterric Combined (Literature + Language), English Combined, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, History, German, Danish, Hungarian. At University, there are 3 subjects one can take.
How any subjects are taken at each level 8 at Primary, 10 at secondary, 6 at tertiary, and 3 at University.
School Holiday Length? Three Months. The entire month of April, August, and December are taken off, while all months inbetween are school months. The new academic year starts in January, and students start school the first January after they turn 4 (except if their birthday is 1st January - in that case they start on their birthday).