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The Portrait of the South Pacific



The Portrait of the South Pacific

The Portrait of the South Pacific is a graphical representation of all World Assembly nations in the South Pacific and the endorsements between them. We hope this portrait will show you how large and dynamic this region is. If your nation is too small to see below, you can click on the image to view the full-size version and then zoom. Alternatively, you can read below on how to become big and notable so that everyone can easily see you!

An archive of past portraits can be found Linkhere and Linkhere (Full-size). Please note that the oldest ones in the full-size archive are deleted periodically to conserve space.


(Click the image to open the large (8000x6000) version)

What does it all mean?

  • Each circle represents a nation. Each grey line with a small arrow between the circles represents an endorsement. The direction of the arrow indicates who has endorsed who.

  • The size of each circle represents the number of endorsements the nation represented by the circle has. The larger the size, the higher the endorsement count.

  • The color of each circle represents how many nations are currently being endorsed by that nation. The cooler the color, the higher the number of nations being endorsed.

How do I become big and powerful notable?

It is easy, just endorse as many nations as possible, which will make you turn blue, and then, when everyone starts to endorse you back, you will grow larger and larger! Our goal is to have a lot of nations that are blue and large on the Portrait. Nations that are the largest and most blue on the Portrait will be given awards each month to honor their efforts in making the region more secure and more active!

A few notes:

  • Everything is updated every 24 hours so you need to wait for any change in the data to happen.

  • This initiative is still very experimental so if you see any inaccuracies, errors, or have ideas for improvements, please contact us.

  • There are some minor inaccuracies in the data, read this for more information.

If you want to know about the technical details of the Portrait, please read this. If you want to know more about the SWAN initiative in general, check out our dispatch index.

This initiative is an informal joint effort between the Ministry of Regional Affairs, the Local Council, the Council on Regional Security, and some nerds who have no life. (Read more about who run this here)