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Sonnel Quick Facts!


Hello there! Unless you've been around here since the very beginning, you probably don't know everything there is to know about our little region. This here is a dispatch to let you know some quick things about the region, both as an NS region and as a canonical concept. Hopefully by the time you finish reading you'll be well-educated on our little corner of NationStates!

Each box is a different nation which is a big piece of Sonnel as it stands today. There's two bullet points in each box. The top bullet point is the nation/player as they exist on NationStates from a game standpoint. The bottom bullet point is about how the nation fits in to Sonnel's history and significance in the canon.

  • Sonnel was founded on NationStates on September 5th, 2013. It has a long history, as you can see if you peruse this intense dispatch on the subject. Drawkland joined NationStates on his own accord in late August of that year as a social studies had pointed him to it. A few weeks later, he created the region Sonnel to host him and his friends from another class that he'd recruited to NationStates. The rest is history. There's been a few raids, there's been a few elections, there's been some games of Risk played. Ultimately, Sonnel exists as an RPing region devoted to expanding and detailing the region of Sonnel as a canonical concept. Maybe someday somebody will write a book or something.

  • In canon, Sonnel is a planet in a far-off galaxy (if it even exists in the same universe as Earth at all). It's a ringed planet, larger than earth, and the 3rd planet from its sun, Trallena. The current year recognized by its civilizations is 5500, although its existence stretches back billions of years, just like any other planet. Most of the large influential nations on Sonnel were founded around the year 0000, which is comparable to the medieval times on earth. Technological advancement happened slower, but the nations existed for such a long time that now many nations on Sonnel are firmly future tech and possess space fleets that can travel easily around the Trallena system and beyond.

  • Gameside, Drawkland is the Founder and mastermind behind Sonnel's existence and development. He's been active constantly since the region was started and is the driving force behind most of its activity. He's also probably the most well-versed on NS happenings outside of the region as well (especially with NS Sports). Drawkland also is the one who created Sonnel as a concept (before NS came around), and is the biggest factor in writing its history and canon.

  • Drawkland is, without a doubt, Sonnel's superpower. Throughout its history, this large continental nation has been the one spearheading technological and cultural advancements around Sonnel. Large, brash, militant, and proud, Drawkland is what makes Sonnel what it is from a canonical standpoint. Before Drawkland was founded, a man named Iarocav gained control of a kingdom known as Sadeg and went along conquering and unifying any and all nearby kingdoms. He met 4 other leaders of similar caliber throughout the continent, who eventually broke out into war. In the year 0000, they decided to unify in the name of peace as a loose alliance of kingdoms, before becoming a fully unified nation known as Drawkland 25 years later. Eventually, Iarocav and other leaders went on a quest to a far-off realm to gain immortality and succeeded, and they've been in charge of the nation ever since.

  • Mushcap is one of the original 5 members of Sonnel in its early days, and has arguably been one of the most active day-to-day compared to the rest of Sonnel's residents. He served as WA Delegate for a decent amount of time more recently, and has been around for all the RPs Sonnel has had throughout its history.

  • Canonically, Mushcap is a planet separate from Sonnel. In actuality, Mushcap is an alternate universe version of Sonnel, where a huge asteroid covered in space fungus struck the planet early in its history and killed off most life. The planet was then covered entirely with different types of fungi, mushrooms, and spores. All the flora and fauna that survived adapted to likewise shroomy forms. Paceman, king of a tribe called Fungorum, was visited by the deity Shroomyl where he received several extremely powerful artifacts (indestructible armor and sword) and powers supplied by the deity. He then went along unifying tribes around the entire planet until they were all under his reign, and it was officially named Mushcap. Many years later, he learned the power of portals from Shroomyl, and created a portal which led to the mainline Sonnel. This portal was on an island chain, which was claimed by Mushcap and eventually named the Shrooman Isles, creating a permanent connection between the two worlds.

The Confederacy of Nationalism
  • The Confederacy of Nationalism, also known as CN for abbreviation purposes, was one of Sonnel's original 5 nations. In fact, it was the first nation to join Sonnel after Drawkland created it. CN has gained a reputation for being the regional edgelord, especially in RMB conduct. He's never done anything in Sonnel's RP spheres, although he was the largest proponent of those regional Risk games that we had. He also held the delegacy after an incredibly controversial election for awhile.

  • Not much is known about the origins of The Confederacy. However, it was a large and militant nation which claimed 2 large territories overseas from its capital location. Once vat technology was created and widespread, CN took to it heavily, turning its entire populous into genetically identical clones of David Duke (who are all sterile). The nation is mainly an ancap-esque society, besides the heavy restrictions which obviously control the reproduction of new citizens via vat growth. Strangely enough, their largest military thread are the Sulsu (see below).

  • Katrasen was one of the original 5 members of Sonnel. She was also the first WA delegate and held the title for nearly two years (not consecutively, thanks to raids). She was incredibly active during her time here, being one of the driving forces behind Sonnel's first RPs, and a good source of sarcastic snark compared to everyone else's silliness. However, RL issues forced her to fade away from the site, leaving nothing but historical messages left nowadays.

  • Katrasen, canonically, has very little to do with Sonnel. It's an enormous planet in its own right. It's filled with incredibly dangerous wilderness over all of its surface, and it populated mainly by warring clans of wolves and other creatures. Not counting its various deities, the wolf Mistyfang, the Alpha of the most important clan in the Pure Lands, is the most powerful and important being there. She is always waging war against the Dark Ones of Katrasen, using her multi-elemental and shapeshifting powers to her advantage. Sonnel and Katrasen has had a little contact, mainly based through temporary portal links. Katrasen, in the grand scheme of things, has very little bearing on Sonnel's business, and vice versa.

  • While Xhayparia wasn't technically part of the original 5 Sonnel members, he was one of the first nations outside of the founding 5 to be added to the region. Throughout his time in Sonnel, he was a fringe member of those who RP'd, and did a lot of work graphically, designing a few of Sonnel's later flag designs. He was the regional delegate for awhile. He also dabbled in the regional newspaper thing briefly, and made several Sonnelball comics. Then, due to RL decisions, he decided to retire for about a year. For now he's returned, but more in an inactive and symbolic sense than anything else.

  • In canon, Xhayparia is the icy 4th planet from the sun. It used to be an abnormally large moon of Sonnel, but a large catastrophic event early in Sonnel's history caused it to be knocked out of Sonnel's orbit and into its own. Despite the frozen tundra exterior of the planet, there lies a warm and tropical underground section of the planet within the crust. Heated by the planet's internal heat as well as a localized underground climate, a primitive reptilian society lived relatively uninhibited for many years. In the mid 4000s, when Sonnel was entering its space age, Drawkland sent a space expedition for a team of Drawkians to land on Xhayparia's surface with the intent to settle there and live as long as possible. Eventually they stumbled upon the underground tropical portion of the planet, discovered the native reptilian sapient species, and created a new society with them. Many years down the line, after being a mere colony of Drawkland, Xhayparia fought for and won its independence, becoming a nation in its own right, albeit a rocket's ride away from Sonnel.

  • Oteshknir was a much later addition to Sonnel's repertoire of members. Despite this, he's been one of the most dedicated members in writing and developing his national canon. He's also been an active member of the more recent RPs. Besides Drawkland, he likely has the most canon written about his nation and other elements. Otherwise, from a gameplay standpoint, he hasn't been very active in Sonnel's governing affairs (never been delegate, etc).

  • Oteshknir is not actually a nation on Sonnel either, nor is it its own planet like some of these other nations. Oteshknir is actually the name of a small moon orbiting very close to the gas giant Talcent in the same solar system as Sonnel. It has its own atmosphere and is able to retain liquid water through internal heat. In fact, it's actually a primarily oceanic planet, containing small continents at its poles and otherwise populated with smatterings of various islands. Ruins of a far-ancient advanced society dot its surface, where a new society now lives. Thanks to a small council of wizards (led by an Acathar Illumtherin) who appeared on the moon early in its "new" history, the society of Oteshknir is primarily based around the use of magic. Even in the modern age of space travel and hi-tech advancements, magic is still a large part of the Oteshknirian culture. Along with being the most populated and influential moon in the entire solar system, Oteshknir exhibits some form of control over a majority of Talcent's other various moons (besides ones which were previously inhabited and made nations in their own right).

  • Sulsuland is a puppet nation of Mushcap, and for all intents and purposes, is Sonnel's regional meme. Everybody knows about Sulsu. When in character as the nation, Mushcap will post RMB messages in tHe TrAdiTioNaL SuLsU tYpiNg (which came along far before that kind of typing became a universal internet meme, by the way). Sulsu was originally a character Mushcap developed while playing different games, and brought the character to NS once we turned him into a meme of sorts. All you need to know is that SuLSu LiEks FiSH!

  • Canonically, Sulsu is a caveman-like creature. All he wears is a loincloth of animal skins, and a wooden tribal mask which cannot be removed. His tool/weapon of choice is a bone. His only purpose in life is to obtain and eat fish. He exhibits worldbreaking features, and is likely the most powerful creature on Sonnel (provided his access to fish is threatened). Sulsu possesses the intelligence of a caveman, as you might expect. He can speak, but only does so in a very simplified fashion, and generally something to do with fish. Sulsu has a unique feature where some humans exposed to him will become near-clones of him, complete with organically growing a wooden mask and being reduced to only speaking in Sulsu's native form of speech (which is rater horrifying). Those affected by "Sulsuitis" are generally permanently turned into Sulsu clones, holding mostly all of Sulsu's traits, besides the worldbreaking power. Sulsu, as well as all his Sulsuitis fellows, live on a tropical island chain on Sonnel, where all they do is search for fish and avoid bunnies (Sulsu's only fear).

This is primarily the main people to be aware of to understand Sonnel's history and canonical workings. It is, however, by no means, a comprehensive list. If any current Sonnel residents would also like to be added to this list, then telegram me about it! It's likely because you haven't yet made a set history for your nation in the canon, or done something significant gamewise. Either way, just ask and we can get something sorted out! :)

And if you're a new nation/visitor who's just stopping by, I hope you enjoyed and that this was relevant enough for you to understand our rich history as a region! Don't hesitate to contact me or anyone else here if you have any questions.