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Greetings and Salutations: Welcome to Salutations


What is Salutations?

If you haven't already heard this from myself, people on the RMB, or our regional discord, Welcome to Salutations! Salutations was founded in January 2018 shortly after the new year. We are an extremely new region, but that doesn't mean that we canít become a region with enormous power.

As you can quite clearly see from its name, Salutations is a friendly region. In many ways, the people who come to Salutations hold the values of democracy dear, as does our government. We are committed to freedoms and liberties and here is the place to be part of that endeavour.

Why Salutations?

Why should you stay in Salutations? What is there to love about our region? Well...

  • We are one of the most ambitious, most friendly, and most diverse regions in NationStates. Here, you can be part of one of the new and fun regions whose history doesnít contain all that much backstabbery or betrayal!

  • We are one of the few regions with a free endorsement policy! Salutations entrusts its security to its residents, not to some artificially created and rigorously enforced endorsement cap. We encourage you to endorse and be endorsed by your neighbours to both elect the Delegate and maintain Salutations' freedom!

  • Salutations is neutral! We stay out of the eternal interregional conflict and the gameplay of raiders and defenders. Peace and neutrality reign in Salutations (guaranteed by our active founder).

History of Salutations

Salutations was created in January 2018 in the days and weeks after the new year. Fortunately, our leader is freely available to tell us about anything you wish to know about the early days of Salutations.

In its early days, Salutations was a small region, with about 15-20 residents. As a small region with ambitious players, it was also stricken with coups and revolutions, and after a particularly nasty betrayal, the Delegate at the time, Pax americanae, kicked the Founder of the region.

However, after Pax americanae was kicked and banned from Salutations, a golden age of Salutations begun and freedom of democracy was enshrined in the regional psyche. The Clavonian Empire has always been in Salutations to preserve diplomatic relations and democracy. Since those fateful days in 2018, he has remained a vigilant founder, watching and protecting the region as it grew and contracted, reaching highs of 102 nations and lows of just 50.

Salutations has not always been neutral, many nations in Salutations have picked fights with other regions. The region went to war with The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef on the orders of Pax americanae. But ever since, Salutations has been committed to peace and prosperity.

We survived those early betrayals, never left under an oppressive regime, never ending. From the Delegacies of New Markesia to Petoriany, Salutations has remained forever and we shall always until the sands of time have wiped the silicon of NationStates's servers into the dust.

Salutations has influenced the World Assembly. Our Delegates have come up with a resolution debated around the halls of the NationStates forum.

The current and former Delegates of our glorious region have kept the peace and have build a region of many nations. So, welcome to Salutations and see what part you can play in one of the most exciting and fun regions of NationStates. Together, we can make history.

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