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Soviet Union (Soviet Wawakanatote)

Location of Wawakanatote




Unitary multi-party socialist republic

Official Language:





Link"Anthem of the Working People"



Soviet Union (Wawakanatote)

"Workers of the World Unite"


The Soviet Union is one of the founding nations of the Supranational Union which occurred on May 11, 2019 with the support of China and a few smaller countries. It was originally formed after the collapse of the Wawakanise Empire in the events of the Revolution of 1917 led by Roaldin Amundsven. The country changed their national flag in 2007 under the authority of the President at the time in order to symbolize the "rebirth" of the Soviet Union.


Current head of state: President Lyubomir Bukharin
Current head of government: Prime Minister Mikhail Vyacheslavovich

Lyubomir Bukharin

Portrait of Bukharin (2062)

President of the Soviet Union

In office:
21 October 2042-

Preceded by: Kalin Winogradoff

Personal Details


29 July 2010 (age 52)
Volgongelsk, Wawakanatote





Political Party:



Vena Ryba


Amelia Ryba, Jugoslav Bukharin


Moscow State University
- Degree in Economics



"The Soviet Union is in favor of a multipolar world, a democratic and socialist world order, strengthening the system of international law, and for developing a legal system in which any small country, even a very small country, can feel itself secure, as if behind a stone wall."
- Lyubomir Bukharin, 17 April 2056

Lyubomir Bukharin is a Soviet politician and current President of the Soviet Union as of 2042, making him the longest-serving, current head of state in the Supranational Union. He is best known for his avocation of "socialist conservatism" and "people-first economic planning", in short he generally supports a return to Wawakanise traditional values and a more safe, or protectionist, trade policy while opposing attempts at social and political liberalization as well as neoliberal economic policies, often citing such attempts as creating a breeding ground for a "degenerative and corrupt society."


  • Social Beliefs
    Taking a more conservative take on socialism, Bukharin is staunchly opposed to social and cultural liberalism as a defect of capitalism, has found him opposing homosexuality, transsexuality, and, in general, the entire LGBT movement in the Soviet Union.

    These beliefs have helped in perpetuating many negative policies directed towards those within the LGBT, one such policy includes the 2047 ban on "homosexual propaganda within the Soviet Union", which was based on a former law that existed in the Soviet Union until 2012.

  • Anti-Corruption
    Bukharin believes that government integrity should be taken to combat corruption and enforcing policies that manage the society of the Soviet Union. He is a supporter of Chairwoman Song's political purges and sees them a necessity to combat government corruption and capitalist restoration within the party.

  • Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Settlements
    Bukharin is supportive of putting and maintaining Soviet labor camps for criminals to voluntarily repay their crimes against the people. However, most people who tend to receive this punishment typically are either terrorists, sexual abusers, or corrupt businessmen and politicians.

For & Against

  • For: Nationalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Communism, Secularism, Laximism, Amunsven Thought, Songism, Central Planning

  • Against: Fascism, Capitalism, Religion, Corruption, Imperialism, Social Imperialism


"In the present epoch, when the international class struggle has grown extremely acute, the danger of Right and ‘Left’ deviations and of nationalism in the communist movement has grown more tangible than ever before. The struggle against Right- and ‘Left’-wing opportunism and nationalism cannot therefore be conducted as a campaign calculated for only some definite span of time. The denunciation of opportunism of all kinds was and remains an immutable law for all Marxist-Leninist Parties.”
- 15 April 2052

"When external and internal forces hostile to the development of socialism try to turn the development of a given socialist country in the direction of the restoration of the capitalist system, when a threat arises to the cause of socialism in that country … this is no longer merely a problem for that country's people, but a common problem, the concern of all socialist countries.”
- 15 September 2061

"We are entirely for the idea that Europe shall be free from nuclear weapons, from medium-range weapons as well as tactical weapons. ”
- 13 January 2056

"I shall add that only he who has decided to commit suicide can start a nuclear war in the hope of emerging a victor from it. No matter what the attacker might possess, no matter what method of unleashing nuclear war he chooses, he will not attain his aims. Retribution will inevitably ensue."
- 19 May 2061

""Wawakanatote is open for international cooperation, but she will not allow herself to be taken advantage of by foreign interests."
- 15 November 2060

"People are always teaching us democracy but the people who teach us democracy don't want to learn it themselves."
- 10 August 2061

"Successes in socialist construction largely depend on the correct combination of the general and the nationally specific in social development. Not only are we now theoretically aware but also have been convinced in practice that the way to socialism and its main features are determined by the general regularities, which are inherent in the development of all the socialist countries. We are also aware that the effect of the general regularities is manifested in different forms consistent with concrete historical conditions and national specifics. It is impossible to build socialism without basing oneself on general regularities or taking account of the concrete historical specifics of each country. Nor is it possible without a consideration of both these factors correctly to develop relations between the socialist states."
- 12 May 2061

"It is nonsense to advocate against fascism in our society, why? Because fascism has long been dead in this union, if you want to protest, protest the liberals. They are our biggest enemies to social and economic progression, it should be this party's primary goal to fight liberalism."
- 1 June 2061