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Hello, Welcome to Akara
ላዖመዓላዖ, ዓመሄዓ ሤቴዖ ዓቶዓረዓ
Lomalo, Amoha eto Akara
"No matter how dark the past has been, we are in
the present. Now is a time for cooperation and
reconciliation, and if we are to thrive as a nation
we must never forget that"
-His Majesty, King Senaso

Lomalo! Welcome to, the most reliable source for information on the Kingdom of Akara. Here you can learn about our culture, our government, and our nation. For hundreds of years, Akara has stood as the strongest civilization in Eastern Africa, and now we are ready to share all we have to offer with the world. We hope that you will come to appreciate our islands and their vibrant people, rich history, and complex institutions. Khovo na Izy! Peace be with you!

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-Five tips for buying your first home;
-What you can do to stop Foreign spies;
-Landmines, how to avoid them;
-Know your Imperial Laws;
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News- 2018
June - Tourism to Akara has hit an all time high after the opening of Safari World. This is Akara's first theme park deemed "Internationally Serviceable". Over 12,000 people from across the world attended the parks grand opening.
June - Nashar Cosmetics has begun shipping Akaran makeups and perfumes to the European Union after Brussels agreed to reopen trade with Akara.
June - Amradi-Sidiv announces that they have opened up a new factory in Goedstad. This is expected to bring more jobs to the city, which is struggling with unemployment.
July - Bomb threat in Makoro determined to be a hoax. Imperial police were worried that this could be the start of a separatist campaign in the colony, but were relieved to learn that it was just online trolls.
July - Senator Asong Taha resigns after an affair with his secretary was exposed by independent news source, The Kija Report. Senator Taha's resignation has weakened he power of the the capitalist Progressive Proposition party within the Imperial Diet.
July - President Senaso announces planned trip to the State of Sierra Leone in August. This will be his first trip to the state, and it is expected around 5,000 Sierra Leonis will come to see his arrival at Freetown's Port.
July - Akaran soldiers have retaken three Nigerian villages from Boko Haram. General Mosegi Selim of Akara's Nigeria-Command has expressed relief in the success of the Akaran Army in Nigeria, as well as with the cooperation of the Nigerian Army in combating the Islamic terrorists.

The Royal Defence Force keeps our nation safe.
Learn about them here

Akara has a rich culinary culture. Learn more
about it here

Thanks to Herrebrugh and Emerstari, guide here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=408860&p=31520615&sid=e90966cfe0662fa9dfbf4450c2252ca6#p31520615

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