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by The Holy Empire of Excalbia. . 3 reads.

Treaty of Amity, Non-aggression and Commerce between the Holy Empire of Excalbia and the Kingdom of Brasland


The Kingdom of Brasland and the Holy Empire of Excalbia hereby resolve to promote the peace and security of the Western Atlantic, to promote the human rights of the people of the Western Atlantic, and to promote the economic and social development of the Western Atlantic.

Article 1

Establishing Common Purpose, Mutual Respect and Equality and Mutual Obligations

1. The Kingdom of Brasland (Brasland) and the Holy Empire of Excalbia (Excalbia) affirm their mutual desire to maintain their common peace and security, and to that end: to bring about by peaceful means whenever possible,in conformity with the principles of this treaty, adjustment or settlement of disputes.

2. The parties resolve to develop friendly relations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.

3. The parties agree to achieve cooperation in solving problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all of their citizens.

4. Brasland and Excalbia unconditionally recognize the sovereign equality of the other, and recognize that the other is endowed with both the rights and duties of full sovereignty and equal membership in the international community.

5. The parties affirm the full international legal personality and territorial integrity of all other member states. The signatories of this treaty agree to mutually recognize the territorial claims and claims for exclusive economic rights detailed in Appendix A.

6. The existing and established governmental institutions of the parties states are recognized as the sole legitimate claimants to sovereign authority over their sovereign territory.

7. The parties affirm the ancient legal and moral principle that nations are obliged to abide by all treaties into which they legitimately enter so long as the other parties to such treaties do so as well.

8. The parties agrees to conduct international diplomacy in accordance with mutually agreed-upon established norms , including the inviolability of diplomatic premises, records and communications, the inviolability and immunity of diplomatic personnel and the provision of reasonable security and protection for diplomats within the otherís territory and jurisdiction.

Article 2

Non-Aggression and Military Cooperation

1. Brasland and Excalbia resolve to settle disputes among themselves by peaceful means in such a manner that regional peace and security and justice are not endangered, and to refrain in their mutual relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of this treaty. They further resolve to settle disputes within the Western Atlantic, to the extent practicable, by peaceful means and in such a manner that regional security is not endangered.

2. The parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of either of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of the Western Atlantic or any nation therein is threatened.

3. Brasland and Excalbia shall establish a programme of exchanges of personnel between their respective armed forces. The exchange programme will include, in particular, instructors and students of the general staff colleges. In order to facilitate these exchanges, an effort will be made by both sides with a view to the practical teaching of the languages of the trainees.

Article 3

Social and Cultural Affairs

1. Research organizations and scientific institutions will develop their contacts beginning with the fullest possible exchange of information. Coordinated research programmers will be set up in disciplines where feasible.

2. Brasland and Excalbia agree to expand educational and cultural exchanges by establishing special categories of no-fee visas for high school and university exchanges, cultural exchanges including but not limited to youth and amateur performing groups, summer work and travel programs and other short-and-long term academic exchanges. These categories of visas will be made available to citizens of the other signatory nations without numerical limits.

3. In order to promote secondary school and cultural exchanges, the parties agree to jointly establish a special fund to finance appropriate programmers. They also agree to jointly develop appropriate programmes and recruit participants in each nation. Funding and administration of these may be carried out by the embassies of the parties or by non-profit non-governmental organizations especially developed for the task by each participant.

4. In order to promote youth educational exchanges at the university level, the parties agree to jointly establish a special scholarship fund that will administered in each country by the embassies of the signatory nations. Scholarships will be made available to deserving young citizens of the host countries to pay full tuition, room and board at a university in each embassiesí home country.

Article 4

Trade Relations

1. Brasland and Excalbia resolve to avoid the use of trade sanctions, boycotts, embargoes and blockades as an instrument of foreign policy in their relations with each other.

2. Blockades shall never be employed by one signatory against another.

3. Brasland and Excalbia commit themselves to a reduction in tariff and nontariff barriers to trade amongst themselves. They agree to immediately confer Most Favored Nation trading status upon each other. They further commit to hold annual meetings to review existing tariff and nontariff barriers in order to ensure a successive mutual reduction in those barriers.

4. Nothing in this accord shall prejudice the right of one party to impose such laws and regulations and to set such standards and prohibitions as it deems reasonably necessary to promote public morals or consumer health and safety.

5. The parties shall refrain from retaliatory measures in response to the use of such regulatory regimes.

6. Nothing in this accord shall have the effect of invalidating any existing trade agreements with non-signatory nations. Where not expressly prohibited by existing treaties, the parties shall endeavor to extend to other signatories the benefits of those existing agreements on a reciprocal basis.

Article 5


This treaty shall enter into force upon its signature and ratification by the Kingdom of Brasland and the Holy Empire of Excalbia.