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Helios Saildrone



The Helios Saildrone are Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) designed for long range long duration ocean data collection missions of up to 12 months. Designed primarily to gather information about weather patterns and the ocean floor, the saildrones are capable of surveillance and being early warning devices for the military.
Helios Saildrone

Type: Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Place of origin: Bendicion

Manufactured by:
- ACHEUS - Military Service Provider

Designed by:Helios III

Unit cost: $877,329


Weight: 1200 lbs loaded
Length: 23ft
Depth: 7ft
Height: 15ft
Speed: 8kt
Payload power: 30w steady state
Payload capacity: 250 lbs
Max deployed duration:18 months
Longest voyage: 10,000 miles

Helios Saildrone

The Saildrone can be launched and retrieved from a dock, the Saildrone fleet navigates to a chosen study area using wind power for propulsion, transiting at 3-5 knots. Each drone then starts collecting high resolution data, either holding station or following a survey pattern as required by the specific mission objectives. Saildrone USVs operate around the world, in any ocean conditions. By augmenting expensive ship observations with a fleet of Saildrones, science-grade data can cost-effectively and autonomously be gathered over large ocean areas.

Every Saildrone carries a comprehensive suite of science-grade instruments, each carefully selected in association with PMEL / NOAA. The sensors were chosen to cover a wide variety of science mission, focussing on air / sea interactions, surface fluxes, carbon measurements and bio-mass studies.

While most missions do not require all sensors, it is possible to run all sensors simultaneously.

Deployed from a dock, Saildrones transit to the study area autonomously, averaging 3-5 knots. After the active mission, they return to shore for servicing, without needing any ship time.

Missions can last 6 - 12 months, with all data streamed live via satellite and accessible via Saildrone's API.

In addition to the standard sensor suite, a payload bay is present , capable of carrying an additional 250 lbs.

Other applications for the Saildrone platform include using it as a deployment vehicle for other technologies including acting as an early warning device, submarine detector, weapons cache and a surveillance drone. Variants of the saildrone are capable of transforming into a submersible or as a ad hoc torpedo all the while using solar cells engineered by Helios III for long distance travels.

Military Use
Really part of Helios' III research on the atmosphere, ocean floor and subsurface. They have instrument tools that detect weather patterns, water displacement changes, and many more. With that in mind, they have data sharing with other saildrones that helps them keep record of anything in between their quadrants to monitor anything different with their readings with prior data gathered.

They go out in packs, form quadrants between them at a distance of 5-10 kms. When data from the quadrants in between them is different from prior data taken, that's the time they investigate.Its mostly the satellites that do the confirmations if its just nothing or something.

Also, they have cameras in their fins and sonar below their fuselage that work non stop for 12 months. These help detect up to 1km deep underwater and virtually help detect incoming planes with 360 view.

They are independent working drones, they share info to a database in Hobart using 2 Australian satellites, which are sent out in encrypted code to nearby warships in the vicinity.

They can detect aircraft since they monitor the weather. When a disruption is detected, cameras zoom in to see, data sharing with other nearby saildrones happen and they send the distress signals to the satellite and the satellite begins to zoom on that particular position. When it is in fact a military plane/missile the satellite sends info back to Hobart.

They can be controlled to act as a stationary under water mine or be a torpedo via remote control in Hobart.





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