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Song Liyuan | Chairwoman of the Council of Democrats

Song Liyuan
Песня Лиюань

Portrait of Song Liyuan (2062)

Portrait of Song Liyuan (2030)

Portrait of Song Liyuan (2044)

Portrait of Song Liyuan (2055)

Portrait of Song Liyuan (2060)
Chairwoman of the Council of Democrats

In office:
13 November 2060-

Preceded by: Dzhenifer Morgen

Vice Chairwoman of the Council of Democrats

In office:
18 April 2050-7 July 2060

Preceded by: Jiang Deng
Succeeded by: Bathandwa Gola

Minister of Economic Development

In office:
20 June 2057-19 December 2059

Preceded by: Peng Shaohui
Succeeded by: Valentin Simeonescu

Chairwoman of Defense

In office:
26 June 2045-27 November 2050

Preceded by: Polichev Yelisey
Succeeded by: Aleksei Krivoukhov

Secretary of the Central Commission
for Discipline Inspection

In office:
13 April 2041-10 May 2044

Preceded by: Zarko Ostrovsky
Succeeded by: Afanasiy Fyodorov

Personal Details

Born: 16 May 2014 (age 48)
Changchun, China

Residency:State Residence at Cape Idokopas
("Red Palace"), Gelendzhik,
Krasnodar Krai, Soviet Union

Paramount Leader

Piglet (derogatory)
Little Lady (derogatory)
Mother Song
The Red Empress (derogatory)
Empress of Eurasia (derogatory)
Leader of the Free World
Leader of the Unfree World (derogatory)

Salary: $10,000

Net Worth: $1.3 million

Height: 5'0

Nationality: Chinese

Political Party: Democratic

Hao Luoyang

Marriage: 25 May 2033

Song Seungyeon (b.2030)
Song Wen (b.2032)
Song Yang (b.2032)
Hao Zhen (b.2048)

Bon-Bon (Wombat:3)
Polo (Shar Pei:7)
Mao (Hyacinth macaw:16)

Fan Zedong

Song Zhi (deceased)

Education: Tsinghua University
- 4-year degree in Economics (2028-2032)

Religion: None


Ad Hominems
Organized Religion

Song Liyuan Thought: The Governance of the SUSR (2061)
Morgenism: Battle of Social Democracy & Neoliberalism (2056)
Economic Problems of the SUSR (2058)
Art of Criticism & Self-Reflection (2053)
Critique of Wessleyite Thought (2061)
Salasism: Imperialism with a Socialist Smile (2051)
Continuing to Seek Truth From Facts (2059)
Free Trade & Socialism (2047)
Problems of Kolcei's Albania (2046)
Problems of Eastern Europe (2048)
Imperialism: What is it? (2046)
Events of the Alaskan War (2045)
Avoid Dogmatic Thought (2057)
Wealth of the Socialist Nation (2032)
Brainwashing & Self-Criticism (2062)
Peace Between Israel & Palestine (2031)
Western Leftism & The Betrayal Narrative (2029)
Prosperity & Socialism (2058)
Faults of 20th Century Socialism (2030)
Problems with The Laxim Model (2029)
Problems with The Romanic Model (2030)
Socialist Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2047)
Learn From Capitalism's Faults & Improve Socialism
Less Aggression, More Cooperation (2048)
Song's Poetry - Collection of Poems (2024-2044)
Modernize Confucianism with Mao Gengxin Thought (2055)

Political Ideology:
LinkAmunsven-Laxim Thought
Economic Ideology:
LinkSocial Ownership
LinkSocialist Market Economy

Military Service



Service Branch

Ground Force

Years of Service



Major General

LinkSong is a member of the Song-Fan Dynasty

"You are dictatorial." My dear sirs, you are right, that is just what we are. All the experiences of the Asian, African, and European people have accumulated through several decades now teaches us that we need to enforce the people's democratic dictatorship, that is, to deprive the reactionaries of the right to speak and let the people alone have that right, less we allow the rise of another Vagen, Polachev, or Salas."
- Song Liyuan (in response to American journalists), 12 July 2062

Song Liyuan is a Chinese nationalist and stateswoman currently serving as the Chairwoman of the Council of Democrats (CoD), President of the International Finance Administration (IFA), and Chairwoman of the Central Military Commission (CMC). Often referred to as the "paramount leader" of the Supranational Union since 2060, she has unofficially held that title since 2057 as the Vice Chairwoman under the Morgen administration as she took a more proactive role in the government to tackle political and economic corruption, financial stagnation, and growing rates of poverty and inequality.

Prior to her life in politics, she was an accomplished war veteran of the 2041 Battle of Anchorage and the War of Alaskafrom 2039 to 2041. Her role as a major leading force during the war, coupled with her enthusiastic and charismatic personality, caught the attention of the Salas administration, which promptly promoted as the new Chairwoman of Defense in 2045. However, after 5 years, she helped instigate a coup, led by Dzhenifer Morgen, of Vladimir Salas in 2050 after she began to oppose Salas' more autocratic, right-leaning methods and interventionist policies.


On 16 May 2014 in Changchun, China. Song Liyuan was born to Song Zhi and Fan Zedong as their only child. Due to her families history, Song would grow up quite short around 5'0" (also rumored to be shorter at the lowest of 4'9"); however, her family was rather wealthy as apart of her mother's singing career and her father's status in the Chinese military. For this reason, Song was often raised by her grandparents, Song Yan and Fan Mao, where she developed an interest in philosophy and economics after being introduced to the works of Communist revolutionaries from Europe to Asia.

By the age of thirteen she had become well read in the works of Joseph Engels, Peter Marx, Roaldin Amundsven, Radek Wessely, Voslavic Laxim, and Nikita Romanic. Her studies would continue through her the rest of her primary educational studies, even after meeting Hao Luoyang who she would former a close friendship with until their marriage in May 2033 after the birth of her first child Song Seungyeon in 2030. However, despite raising a child, she attended Tsinghua University where she graduated with a degree in economics in 2032.

After university, she would travel around the world to Wawakanatote, China, Oceania, Arabia, and Cuba as a Youth Economic Adviser for Foxconn Industries (2033-2036), where she studied the different markets and how to best adjust Foxconn products in certain regions to fit the people's needs. During this time, she would become pregnant and would give birth to twin daughters named Song Wen and Song Yang.

Eventually she would join the military and serve in the third world war in August 2036, where she would become an influential leader in the Alaskan War from 2039-2041. Due to her impressive service during the time she was offered the position of "Chairwoman of National Defense" by, then Chairman of the Council of Democrats, Vladimir Salas. She would accept, but later regretted her decision and supported the 2050 coup led by Dzhenifer Morgen, where a new government was established and she was elected as the Vice Chairwoman of the Council of Democrats from 2050-2060. She would then take on the responsibilities of economic development between 2057-2060, when Dzhenifer Morgen began adopting her policies.

Personality type: Link“The Executive” (ESTJ-A)
Individual traits:
- Extroverted – 76%
- Observant – 68%
- Thinking – 54%
- Judging – 90%
- Assertive – 81%
Role: Sentinel
Strategy: People Mastery


Since assuming power, Song has introduced far-ranging measures to enforce party discipline and to ensure internal unity. Her signature anti-corruption campaign has led to the downfall of prominent incumbent and retired Democratic Party officials, including members of the Politburo Standing Committee. Described as a Chinese nationalist, Song has tightened restrictions over civil society and ideological discourse, advocating internet integrity reforms in the SUSR as the concept of "internet integrity". Song has called for further market economic reforms, for governing according to the law and for strengthening legal institutions, with an emphasis on individual and national aspirations under the slogan "Socialist Dream". Song has also championed a more assertive foreign policy, particularly with regard to SUSR–NATO relations and its role as a leading advocate of free trade and globalization.


  • Consolidation of Power
    Political observers have called Song the third most powerful leader of the SUSR in history, behind Vladimir Salas (2035-2050) and Voslavic Laxim (1935-1945). Her rise through the ranks began in 2057, when she became the most powerful Vice Chairperson in history as she took a more direct role in the governance of the SUSR. Since then, her policies have paved the way to remove corrupt officials, bourgeois reformists, ultra-revolutionaries, and reactionary political figures from positions of authority. Many pundits have considered these moves as a "power grab" and a "return to the Salas era"; however, she has denied those allegations by citing the benefits of her policies which have taken great efforts to oppose political and economic corruption, interventionism, neoliberalism, and market manipulations. One of her major accomplishments has been enacting a mandatory retirement for elected officials over the age of 75; however she has also opposed term limits on all governmental positions.

    Chairwoman Song visit to Beijing, China (13 April 2060)

  • Political Cleansing of the 21st Century
    The name of the political purges under Song Liyuan's guidance as Chairwoman and Vice Chairwoman since 2057. The purges have been compared to the purges under Laxim during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, which saw numerous repressions of government officials, wealthy peasants, and among the Red Army Leadership. Under Song, the purges differ slightly for an audience of the 21st century, which has seen the removal of corrupt government officials and multiple cases of disappearances of billionaires in member states as well as the disappearance, and/or reeducation, of "counter-revolutionaries", "religious fundamentalists", "bourgeois liberal activists', and "fascist sympathizers". In many cases, Song's policies have increased state surveillance and have been a deciding factor in the expansion of the "social credit system" throughout the Supranational Union.

  • Compulsory Gun Ownership
    In 2061, the Council of Democrats passed a law mandating the ownership and registration of all fire arms within the Supranational Union. Failure to comply with the laws has often times been met with consistent fines and docks on someone's social credit score. The concept was first established in an attempt to control the illegal flow of undocumented firearms in order to protect civilian interests from potential harm. The law mandates that everyone pass a physical and mental capability test to ensure ones safety to own a firearm, a result which ends in failure often times leads to people being sent to reeducation facilities, a docking of their social credit score, and the loss of their right to own a firearm. Failure to comply with this portion of the law results in a short jail sentence or a fine of upwards to $500-$1000 for criminal negligence.

    Critics of this law have considered it "needlessly Orwellian" and a form of "population control". However, supporters of the law have defended it by saying that it improves people's civil liberties by encouraging them to own a firearm and that "no truly Orwellian state would propose such an idea."

  • Foreign Policy
    Since assuming leadership Song has sought out a hard-line stance on security issues as well as foreign affairs, projecting a more nationalistic and assertive SUSR against rising threats on the world stage from the UN and NATO. Her political program calls for a SUSR to be more united and confident of its own value system and political structure. She has called for greater economic globalization and for "big powers" to treat smaller powers as equals, while helping to build up their infrastructure regardless of political systems. Along with this, she has opposed interventionists within the Council of Democrats and within the United States government, and often times referring to them as the "twins of chaos".

  • "Song Liyuan Thought"
    The official guiding doctrine of the Council of Democrats since 2 January 2061. It is a collection of the thoughts and beliefs of Song Liyuan in terms of complete governance. The practice is commonplace for the Council with every succeeding Chairperson.

  • Socialist Harmonious Society
    Often times characterized as a "neoconfucianist" belief, the idea centered around it seeks to combine certain elements of a Confucianist society - social, ecological, and political harmony – with that of the elements of a socialist society - equality, dialectical materialism, and proletarian internationalism.

  • Anti-Drug Campaign
    As of 17 May 2062, Song announced to the public the government's new initiative to reduce and eliminate drug use throughout the Supranational Union. In the address, she urged citizens to report drug users to the authorities and to shoot drug dealers in order to protect their communities. The campaign is apart of a grander project to reduce poverty and weed out "capitalistic" people throughout the union.

  • Negative Income Tax
    A tax system where people earning under a certain level of income in a member state would owe no taxes to the government and would receive instead a portion of funds that is based upon the amount their income falls below that level; however, those earning more than that would a pay a portion of their income above that level through a progressive tax system between 1% for the lowest-wage earners and 50% for the highest-wage earners - middle-wage earners could pay between 5% to 25% or 30% to 45%. It is theorized that under this system that things like the minimum wage, food stamps, and welfare will begin to phase out over time.

  • The Socialist Dream
    The Socialist Dream is a term popularized after 2060 within SUSR society that describes a set of personal and national ethos and ideals in the SUSR and the Government of the SUSR. It is used by journalists, government officials, and activists to describe the role of the individual in SUSR society as well as the goals of the SUSR.

    The phrase is closely associated with Song Liyuan, who is the Chairwoman of the Council of Democrats of the Supranational Union of Socialist Republics (Paramount leader). Song began promoting the phrase as a slogan in a high-profile visit to the National Museum of China in November 2060 after taking the office of general secretary. Since then, use of the phrase has become widespread in official announcements and the embodiment of the political ideology of the leadership under Song Liyuan. Song said that young people should "dare to dream, work assiduously to fulfill the dreams and contribute to the revitalization of the nation". According to the party's theoretical journal Qiushi, the Socialist Dream is about SUSR prosperity, collective effort, socialism, laximism and national glory. The relationship between the phrase and the American Dream has been debated.

    Song's youngest child: Hao Zhen

  • Removal of Term Limits
    Song is a supporter of the removal of term limits for all governmental positions and officially replacing them with a mandatory retirement age (70-75) instead.

  • Relations with Israel
    Throughout her political career, Song has been a supporter of the Israeli government and the right of the Israeli people to their own land; because of this, she has promised the people of Israel protection from foreign intervention and antisemitic terrorism. However, Song has also , on numerous occasions, opposed most zionist elements within Israeli society - citing it as a threat to the "values of a multicultural society" and as considered it a dangerous path towards more reactionary elements of ethnonationalist philosophy. Despite this, The Prime Minister of Israel has been highly supportive of her and many of her policies.

  • Relations with Palestine
    Similar to her relations with Israel, Song has been a supporter of the Palestinian cause and of their right to equal representation within Israeli-Palestinian society. She has supported the concept of a "one state, two systems" idea between the Israeli and Palestinian people, it has been compared to the system between China and Taiwan relations.

  • Socialization of Industry
    Song has been an advocate of the socialization of industry for years through the creation of more cooperative institutions and the socialization of many state-owned companies within the SUSR. However, she has had some push back from the private sector and from private entrepreneurs employed by the Foxconn Industrial Group.

  • One-Child Policy(2060-2070)->Two-Child Policy(2070-2080)->Three-Child Policy(2080-2090)
    This policy was passed on 25 March 2061, and it limits the number of children a couple can have within certain republics which have high population numbers such as China, India, Persia, Arabia, and East Africa. However, it does not limit couples in any other republics such as Wawakanatote, Japan, or the Eastern European republics. This policy is also subject to change every decade so long as birth rates drop and population numbers are controllable.

    Song's twin daughters: Song Wen (L) and Song Yang (R)

  • Trade Union Policy
    Song Liyuan is a supporter of trade unions and has called for mobilizing the country’s hundreds of millions of workers to make accomplishments in the new era and break new ground in the cause of the workers’ movement and trade unions’ work. However, she says that unions should be loyal to the Party’s cause and put the principle of upholding Party leadership and the SUSR's socialist system into the practice of workers. She says that unions which portray an anti-socialist identity and promote ideas such as bourgeois liberalization and petty self-interest should be attacked and made to wither away so that those who wish to build socialism can do so without the unnecessary, unconstructive babbling of capitalists within the party.

  • Alleged Role in the Disappearances of Right-Wing Protesters
    Prager University, an American institution and unofficial propaganda wing of the US government - led by Sonia Poupko (age:45), has made a series of videos on YouTube since 2060 which have discussed the alleged persecution of right-wing values on a global scale in every country. The organization has attempted to link the Song administration to a series of disappearances of right-wing protesters and billionaires since 2057.

  • Socialist Market Economy
    Song has maintained her support for the market socialist system of the SUSR, and has continued to promote further economic reform and the strengthening of the socialist market economy into eventually converting it to the "Song Economic Model".

    Portrait of Song Zhi

  • Song Economic Model - 21st Century Socialism
    A proposed adaption to the socialist market economy of the SUSR, which would establish a "computer-managed and pragmatic market socialist economy". According to Song, the distinctions between the "public" and "private" sector will be "merged" into one unit through a process of economic socialization, political democratization, and greater advancements in Linkcybernetic technologies.

  • Relationship with Pizza Hut
    Song has utilized Pizza Hut's commercial success to campaign government proposals to the public and drum up support for national initiatives. The idea was formed after a meme of Song in a series of Pizza Hut commercials from 2032 went viral over the internet in 2059.

  • De-Morgenization
    Term used by Song Liyuan in order to undo the trend of social democratic and liberal thinking within the Council of Democrats. According to her, this trend began sometime between 2051 and 2052 in part caused by the Morgen administration's lack of regulations that allowed for greater autonomy to corporations and the expansion of the special economic zones outside of their original boundaries and essentially pushing the Union towards social democracy and neo-liberalism.

  • De-Salasification
    Term used by both Dzhenifer Morgen and Song Liyuan to describe the "wiping away" of the political legacy of Vladimir Salas while also attacking post Salas-era corruption and improving upon the existing government with both political and economic reform.

  • Employment First Policy
    Policy with the ultimate goal of eliminating unemployment in the Supranational Union through government work projects, such as the Pacific Highway Plan, and encouraging private entrepreneurs to merge with state co-operatives and lower the rate of self-employed workers, which rose in past decades due to poor economic reforms which expanded the private industry.

  • Pacific Highway Plan
    A specific project for the purposes of creating a massive highway system to connect the Eurasian East with the North American West, while utilizing existing islands and constructing new artificial islands between the two regions of the world.

  • Criticism from the (Western) Left
    Much of the western left is of the opinion that no genuinely socialist state has existed in the world since the 1980s after the reforms of Xi Xiaoping in the People's Republic of China. In the West, leftists refer to Song Liyuan and her administration as either a form of "authoritarian capitalism", "neoliberal capitalism", or "fascist dictatorship". Some leftists believe that the Supranational Union is less socialist and more capitalist than Canada, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • Criticism from the (Western) Right
    Plain and simple, the right's main criticism of Song is simply due to her as a communist; however, in more liberal sectors, she is often mainly criticized for censorship. Beyond those two points, the right tends to favor more "alternative facts" regarding her administration in spreading either misleading or false narratives.

  • Censorship
    The Song administration utilizes censorship to limit or prevent certain media from reaching mainstream status. Much material that has been banned by the government include pornographic film, foreign movies which depict assassinations of Soviet political leaders, and films which disrespect Soviet culture and past political leaders. In 2061, the American film titled "Devil's Advocate", which portrays Song Liyuan as a mass murderer, was banned for its grotesque imagery, use as propaganda film, and for inciting acts of terrorism by depicting an assassination of the Chairwoman, which is considered a threat to security due to America's poor past with assassination attempts towards rivaling nations' leaders.

For & Against

  • For: Socialism, Communism, Engelism, Laximism, Socialist Patriotism, Social Equality, Cybernetic Technology, Internationalism, Globalization, Pragmatism, Socialist Market Economy, 21st Century Socialism, Amundsven Thought, Kaiserism, Panism, Mao Gengxin Thought

  • Neutral: State Capitalism, Intervention, Liberalization, Liberalism, Social Democracy, Social Market Economy, Green Capitalism, Spain Leadership, Brazil Leadership

  • Against: Capitalism, Imperialism, Socialist Neoconservatism, Fascism, Corruption, Westernism, Third Way, Third Position, Reactionaries, Opportunism, Neoconservatism, Neoliberalism, Bourgeois Democracy, Traditionalism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Ultranationalism, Ultraleftism, Permanent Revolution - as expressed by Wesselyites -, Romanicism, Monarchism, Royalism, Protectionism, Bribery, Salasism, Morgenism

Personal Trivia

  • Song Liyuan is the daughter of a former military officer and Chinese folk singer. Her mother passed away in 2055 with her father still living at the age of 84.

  • Her policies began back in 2058 after she convinced former Chairwoman Dzhenifer Morgen to adopt many of her policies for tackling corruption and growing the economy.

  • She was sought out by former Chairman Vladimir Salas to be the Chairwoman of Defense for her role and leadership during the events of the third world war.

  • In an article dated back to March 2061, Song was defined as the world's most powerful leader being followed by President Samuel Clarke of the US and President Lyubomir Bukharin of the Soviet Union.

  • Song Liyuan stands at a height of 5'0''.

  • Song Liyuan won the Chairperson election in 2060.

  • Conspiracy theorists on the internet are convinced that between the years of 2044 and 2050, Song Liyuan had a secret affair with the former Chairman at the time, Vladimir Salas, and was given numerous benefits in order to boost her political career. Apart of this theory suggests that her involvement in the 2050 coup, which saw Salas removed from office, was purely a political stunt to protect her image.

  • Song Liyuan has been a life-long supporter of LGBT rights in the Supranational Union since her cousin, Song Yuhan, came out in 2027.

  • Song Liyuan's daughter, Song Seungyeon, works as the "Executive Chairwoman of NewsNet" and is worth a total of $43 billion - mostly from her previous career in the entertainment industry since 2045.

  • Song Liyuan's daughter, Song Wen, works a political commentator for NewsNet.

  • Song Liyuan's daughter, Song Yang, works as a high school teacher and lives a normal, quiet life compared to her sisters.

  • Song Liyuan's son, Hao Zhen, is a star basketball player and a high school student. He is the tallest member of his family at a standing height of 7'1".

  • Song Liyuan's approval rating sits between 79% and 84% since her election throughout the entirety of the SUSR. Her highest approval rating is in the People's Republic of China at 87%, while her lowest is in the Republic of Taiwan at 48%.

  • In 2059, Song Liyuan chose to reappear in a pizza hut commercial which aired throughout the Supranational Union because of a viral internet meme taken from an old 2032 commercial starring Song Liyuan and her daughter, Song Seung-Yun, that was shared over a million times among Supranational internet users. The commercial, however, was used as an opportunity to promote business and government initiatives from anti-corruption to economic reform.

The Red Palace

Officially referred to as the "Residence at Cape Idokopas", it is more widely known as the "Red Palace" due to it's gargantuan size and 17th century Baroque architectural style. The building has three purposes of which being: 1) the hosting ground for meetings with international leaders, 2) to provide residence to the Chairperson of the Council of Democrats during their political tenure, and 3) to provide housing to orphaned children within it's west wing.

Historically, the house was built in the 17th century by the House of Zolotov, the ruling family of the Wawakanise Empire from the 16th-20th centuries.


“The present-day capitalist economy in the Supranational Union is a capitalist economy which for the most part is under the control of the People's Government and which is linked to the state-owned socialist economy in various forms and supervised by the workers. It is not an ordinary but a particular kind of capitalist economy, namely, a state-capitalist economy of a new type. It exists not chiefly to make profits for the capitalists but to meet the needs of the people and the state."
- 11 April 2058 (During trip in Canada)

Image of Song Seungyeon (Chinese Television; 2062)

“The establishment of our socialist system has opened the road leading to the ideal society of the future, but to translate this ideal into reality needs hard work. Some of our young people think that everything ought to be perfect once a socialist society is established and that they should be able to enjoy a happy life ready-made, without working for it. This is unrealistic.”
- 28 November 2061

"Opposition and struggle between ideas of different kinds constantly occur within the Party; this is a reflection within the Party of contradictions between classes and between the new and the old in society. If there were no contradictions in the Party and no ideological struggles to resolve them, the Party's life would come to an end. "
- 22 November 2056

“Compromise is often necessary, but entire marginalized identities are not expendable chess pieces.”
- 18 April 2053

"Words and deeds should help to unite, and not divide, the people of all our nationalities."
- 22 May 2052

"In our society, as I have said, disturbances by the masses are bad, and we do not approve of them. But when disturbances do occur, they enable us to learn lessons, to overcome bureaucracy and to educate the cadres and the masses. In this sense, bad things can be turned into good things. Disturbances thus have a dual character. Every disturbance can be regarded in this way."
- 19 November 2057

"The Nazis were eventually beaten only when the liberal countries allied themselves with the Soviet Union, which bore the brunt of the conflict and paid a much higher price: 25 million Wawakanise citizens died in the war, compared to half a million Britons and half a million Americans. Much of the credit for defeating Nazism should be given to communism."
- 28 February 2056

"The emphasis is on industry, and first of all on heavy industry, which is owned by the state. Of the five sectors of our present-day economy, the state-owned economy is the leading sector. Capitalist industry and commerce must be gradually guided towards state capitalism."
- 21 August 2057

"The export of revolution is nonsense. Every country will make its own revolution if it wants to, and if it does not want to, there will be no revolution."
- 15 March 2062

"Our educational policy must enable everyone who receives an education to develop morally, intellectually and physically and become a worker with both socialist consciousness and culture."
- 3 February 2060

"Multiculturalism is a strength of the Supranational Union. We pride ourselves on it very much, it is our greatest achievement and it is a great leap forward towards peace between cultures throughout the world."
- 22 March 2060

"We stand firmly for peace and against war. But if the imperialists insist on unleashing another war, we should not be afraid of it."
- 25 January 2062

"The first thing to go needs to be this blatant corruption that has plagued us for far too long."
- 1 May 2060

"Term limits not only limit me as a leader but they limit the will of the people. If the people want me, then they should have me for as long as they wish; no limitations should be put on democracy."
- 14 May 2060

"You should put politics in command, go to the masses and be one with them, and carry on the Great Cultural Revolution even better."
- 16 April 2061

"As for the imperialist countries, we should unite with their people and strive to coexist peacefully with those countries, do business with them and prevent a possible war, but under no circumstances should we harbor any unrealistic notions about them."
- 17 December 2060

Portrait of Fan Zedong

"Work should be reviewed. The performance of working personnel and the implementation of the work plan must be reviewed. As Laxim has said, the objectives of the review are: first, to get to know the qualifications of the cadres; second, to determine the virtues and defects of the executive apparatus; and third, to determine the virtues and defects of the tasks or instructions that are set. Some leaders think reviews of this sort are likely to expose their own weaknesses, marring their prestige or shaking their self-confidence. This is incorrect. Leaders enhance their prestige by correcting their mistakes, not by covering them up, and by immersing themselves in hard work, not by bragging or boasting. Confidence will only be strengthened and not weakened through the correction of mistakes. It is only those who are vain and concerned with face-saving who fear the exposure of mistakes."
- 24 April 2055

"Some capitalists keep themselves at a great distance from the state and have not changed their profits-before-everything mentality. Some workers are advancing too fast and won't allow the capitalists to make any profit at all. We should try to educate these workers and capitalists and help them gradually (but the sooner the better) adapt themselves to our state policy, namely, to continue to make our private industry and commerce mainly serve the nation's economy and the people's livelihood and partly earn profits for the capitalists and in this way embark on the path of state capitalism [...] Not only must the implementation of state capitalism be based on what is necessary and feasible, but it must also be voluntary on the part of the capitalists, because it is a co-operative undertaking and co-operation admits of no coercion."
- 8 January 2057

"The West, with its imperialist cannibals, has become a breeding ground of darkness and slavery. The task is to destroy this breeding ground, to the joy and comfort of the working people of all countries."
-5 June 2061

""Today, there has “suddenly” sprung up in this union a host of liberal “Communophobes”."
-15 April 2056

"Socialists have always condemned war between nations as barbarous and brutal. But our attitude towards war is fundamentally different from that of the bourgeois pacifists and of the Anarchists. We differ from the former in that we understand the inevitable connection between wars and the class struggle within the country; we understand that war cannot be abolished unless classes are abolished and Socialism is created; and we also differ in that we fully regard civil wars, i.e., wars waged by the oppressed class against the oppressing class, slaves against slave-owners, serfs against land-owners, and wage-workers against the bourgeoisie, as legitimate, progressive and necessary. We Socialists differ from both the pacifists and the Anarchists in that we deem it necessary historically to study each war separately. In history there have been numerous wars which, in spite of all the horrors, atrocities, distress and suffering that inevitably accompany all wars, were progressive, i.e., benefited the development of mankind by helping to destroy the exceptionally harmful and reactionary institutions, the most barbarous despotisms in Europe. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the historically specific features of precisely the present wars."
- 19 August 2038

"Social-chauvinism is advocacy of the idea of “defence of the fatherland” in the present war. Further, this idea logically leads to the abandonment of the class struggle during the war, to voting war credits, etc. Actually, the social-chauvinists are pursuing an anti-proletarian, bourgeois policy; for actually, they are championing not “defence of the fatherland” in the sense of fighting foreign oppression, but the “right” of one or other of the “great” powers to plunder colonies and to oppress other nations. The social-chauvinists repeat the bourgeois deception of the people that the war is being waged to protect the freedom and existence of nations, and thereby they go over to the side of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat. In the category of social-chauvinists are those who justify and embellish the governments and bourgeoisie of one of the belligerent groups of powers, as well as those who, like Salas, argue that the Socialists of all the belligerent powers have an equal right to “defend the fatherland”. Social-chauvinism, being actually defence of the privileges, advantages, robbery and violence of one’s “own” (or every) imperialist bourgeoisie, is the utter betrayal of all socialist convictions."
- 12 May 2046

"The weakness of philosophy is that it hasn’t produced practical philosophy, but only 'bookish' philosophy."
- 19 August 2048

"To further promote anti-corruption efforts, we need to insist on the successful experiences gained through the Party's long-term anti-corruption practice. We need to actively draw on effective practices conducted by foreign countries around the world, and our own valuable heritage."
- 22 November 2060

"We should uphold innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development, achieve coordinated social and economic progress of various countries and resolve issues caused by unbalanced development. We should bridge the gap in development and promote shared prosperity."
- 3 May 2061

"History is a mirror. Only by drawing lessons from history can the world avoid repeating past calamity. We should view history with awe and human conscience. The past cannot be changed, but the future can be shaped. Bearing history in mind is not to perpetuate hatred. Rather, it is for mankind not to forget its lesson. Remembering history does not mean being obsessed with the past. Rather, in doing so, we aim to create a better future and pass the torch of peace from generation to generation."
- 10 July 2061

"The world is going trough a historical process of accelerated evolution: The sunshine of peace, development and progress will be powerful enough to penetrate the clouds of war, poverty and backwardness. The movement toward a multi-polar world, and the rise of emerging markets and developing countries have become an irresistible trend of history. Economic globalization and the advent of an information age have vastly unleashed and boosted social productive forces. They have both created unprecedented development opportunities and given rise to new threats and challenges which we must face squarely."
- 20 August 2061

"Peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom are common values of all mankind and the lofty goals of the Supranational Union. Yet these goals are far from being achieved, and we must continue our endeavor to meet them."
- 20 August 2061

Song Liyuan in 2041 (age 27)

"We should build partnerships in which countries treat each other as equals, engage in mutual consultation and show mutual understanding."
- 20 August 2061

"The future of the world must be shaped by all countries. All countries are equals. The big, strong and rich should not bully the small, weak and poor, The principle of sovereignty not only means that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries are inviolable and their internal affairs are not subjected to interference. It also means that all countries’ right to independently choose social systems and development paths should be upheld, and that all countries’ endeavors to promote economic and social development and improve their people’s lives should be respected."
- 20 August 2061

"We should be committed to multilateralism and reject unilateralism. We should adopt a new vision of seeking win-win outcomes for all, and reject the outdated mindset that one’s gain means the other’s loss or that the winner shall take all. Consultation is an important form of democracy, and it should also become an important means of exercising contemporary international governance. We should resolve disputes and differences through dialogue and consultation. We should forge a global partnership at both international and regional levels, and embrace a new approach to state-to-state relations, one that features dialogue rather than confrontation, and seeks partnership rather than alliance. Major countries should follow the principles of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation in handling their relations. Big countries should treat small countries as equals, and take a right approach to justice and interests by putting justice before interests."
- 20 August 2061

"Let us unite ever more closely to forge a new partnership of win-win cooperation and a community of shared future for mankind. Let the vision of a world free of war and with lasting peace take root in our hearts. Let the aspiration of development, prosperity, fairness and justice spread across the world!"
- 20 August 2061

“Our world is full of hope and challenges. No country can address alone the many challenges facing mankind; no country can afford to retreat into self-isolation.”
- 19 September 2061

"Fighting against wrong ideas is like being vaccinated - a man develops greater immunity from disease as a result of vaccination."
- 6 October 2058

"This effort has been historic. I think we're still trying to understand exactly how 800 million people were lifted out of poverty, but it was one of our great successes."
- 6 October 2061

"Population numbers in the Union have been growing at incredibly fast rates, and I propose that we should implement a strict one-child policy in the republics of China, India, Arabia, Persia, East Africa, and Oceania. We should also encourage people to move to republics with declining birth rates and promote responsible sex habits."
- 23 November 2057

"I have no intention of conducting governance for the benefit of specific organizations or individuals; instead I will conduct governance on behalf of the entire people--the ordinary people who live by the sweat of their brows, love their families, wish to improve their own communities and hometowns, and who want to believe in the future of this Union."
- Song Liyuan's visit to Japan, 16 January 2061

"For us to continue to enjoy economic prosperity, we need to foster trusting international relationships, not tensions, and it is important for us to understand this."
- 26 July 2061

"The gentleman understands what is right, whereas the petty man understands only profit."
- 14 April 2062

"The government has a responsibility to maintain the public pension system, so that it will never become bankrupt, nor will the people who pay into it lose out. We must rebuild trust in the system so that the younger generation can feel reassured, too."
- 10 November 2059

"Commodity production and commodity exchange still exist in socialist society, and a commodity system is still practiced. This is mainly because two kinds of socialist ownership, namely, ownership by the whole people and collective ownership, exist side by side. No unpaid allocation of products between different ownerships of the public economy can be practiced. Their economic relations can only be commodity exchange, and hence commodity production. State distribution of consumer goods among workers and staff also utilizes the form of commodity exchange through money. However, the socialist type of commodity production differs from the capitalist type. This is manifested chiefly by the fact that there no longer is the economic relation of exploitation of workers by the capitalists, anarchism in production has been eliminated and the scope of commodity exchange has been reduced. Yet it must be noted that bourgeois right unavoidably exists in distribution and exchange in socialist society. The principle of exchange of equal values is still carried out in commodity exchange. If bourgeois right in distribution and exchange is developed and extended at will, capitalist ideas of amassing fortunes and craving for profits will spread unchecked; such phenomena as turning public property into private property, graft and corruption, theft and bribery, and speculation will arise, and there will be a change in the nature of the system of ownership in certain departments and units which follow the revisionist line. The inevitable result will be polarization, i.e., a small number of people will acquire an increasing quantity of commodities and money and convert them into capital. These people will turn out to be new bourgeois elements. The labouring people, on the other hand, once again will become oppressed and exploited wage-slaves. Therefore, bourgeois right as regards distribution and exchange has to be restricted under the dictatorship of the proletariat and conditions for finally eliminating the commodity system must gradually be created."
- 23 April 2054

"The capitalist mode of commodity production is based on the capitalists possessing the means of production and exploiting wage labour to get surplus-value. Capltalist production is the highest stage of the development of commodity production. Under it, not only do the general products of labour take the form of commodities, even labour power becomes a commodity. This kind of commodity production reveals the economic relations between the exploiters who are the capitalists and the exploited who are the workers. Its development makes it possible for the capitalists to grab and amass great riches while the working class becomes poorer day by day."
- 23 April 2054

"The point I want to make is that many of the problems troubling the world are not caused by economic globalization. For instance, the refugee waves from the African continent in recent years have become a global concern. Several million people have been displaced, and some small children lost their lives while crossing the rough sea. This is indeed heartbreaking. It is war, conflict and regional turbulence that have created this problem, and its solution lies in making peace, promoting reconciliation and restoring stability. The international financial crisis is another example. It is not an inevitable outcome of economic globalization; rather, it is the consequence of excessive chase of profit by financial capital and grave failure of financial regulation. Just blaming economic globalization for the world’s problems is inconsistent with reality, and it will not help solve the problems. From the historical perspective, economic globalization resulted from growing social productivity, and is a natural outcome of scientific and technological progress, not something created by any individuals or any countries. Economic globalization has powered global growth and facilitated movement of goods and capital, advances in science, technology and civilization, and interactions among peoples. But we should also recognize that economic globalization is a double-edged sword. When the global economy is under downward pressure, it is hard to make the cake of global economy bigger. It may even shrink, which will strain the relations between growth and distribution, between capital and labor, and between efficiency and equity. Both developed and developing countries have felt the punch. Voices against globalization have laid bare pitfalls in the process of economic globalization that we need to take seriously."
-26 August 2061

"Any attempt to cut off the flow of capital, goods, and people between economies, and channel the waters into the ocean back into isolated lakes and creeks is simply not possible."
- 26 August 2061

"As the reform of trade unions is an important component of deepening overall reform, trade unions should meet the new requirements on reforming people’s organizations and create a working system of extensive connection to serve the workers."
- 22 October 2061

"Maintaining close ties between the Party and the people and between officials and individuals has always been the basis of our success. Facts prove that the future and destiny of a political party and government depend on popular
support. If we stray from the people and lose their support we will end up in failure. We must bear in mind the new characteristics and requirements for public work in the new circumstances. We must organize our people, communicate with them, educate them, serve them, learn from them, and subject ourselves to their oversight. We should always be part of the people, work for their interests, and maintain close ties and share good and bad times with them. We should draw wisdom and strength from their great practice; deliver more concrete services to the people that meet their needs, relieve their burdens and benefit their lives; and put a stop to all acts that prejudice their interests."

- 30 November 2059

"We should let the market play the decisive role in allocating resources, while allowing the government to better perform its functions. This is a theoretical and practical issue of great importance. A correct and precise understanding of this issue is very important to further the reform and promote the sound and orderly development of the socialist market economy. We should make good use of the roles of both the market, the “invisible” hand, and the government, the “visible” hand. The market and the government should complement and coordinate with each other to promote sustained and sound social and economic development."
- 22 May 2054

"Some Socialists are raising the absurd slogan, “Better to be poor under socialism and communism than to be rich under capitalism.” It may sound reasonable to reject the goal of becoming rich under capitalism. But how can we advocate being poor under socialism and communism? It was that kind of thinking that brought this Union to a standstill."
- 23 May 2060

"The experience of the last 20 years has taught us one very important principle: to build socialism we, in everything we do, we must seek truth from facts — in other words, we must proceed from reality."
- 19 April 2060

"Development will bring more opportunities and benefits to all countries and peoples. While pursuing the Socialist dream, the Soviet people will support people from all countries in realizing their own dreams, so that together, we will make the Eurasian dream of enduring peace and common prosperity come true and open up a great future for Eurasia."
- 2 April 2062

“You have the right to promote your own happiness just like everyone else, just like me. Your present dream has been shattered, but you can dream another. You should know that 'you can't relive old dreams.' Even if you force them to come true, they won't bring you happiness.”
- 8 April 2062

"I have never seen anyone who was incorruptible. We are all full of our own desires, which can often times lead us down rotten paths. It is important for us, however, to constantly practice the art of self-criticism to better avoid corruption."
- 17 January 2053

"Quite indeed your majesty, we hope that this meeting can be the sparking point for the creation of a great and prosperous relationship between the Soviet and British people. In fact the last time our nations united it helped bring about the end of Nazi barbarity and ruthlessness, and with it we saw the rise of democratic and socialist forces spring up through the world to the joy of millions, at least until the dawn of the Cold War sprang up - destroying international relations for the rest of the 20th century and entering the 21st."
- (Meeting with Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom), 28 March 2061

"If a gentleman sets his heart on the way but is ashamed to wear poor clothes and eat poor food, then he is not worth engaging in serious discussion."
- Song Liyuan (after a minister refused to go to Pizza Hut), 12 April 2062

Images of Chairwoman Song Liyuan