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The World War Ends – pt 1

The Times of London
21 May 1918 (OS 2018)


Armistice signed, Great War to end

LONDON – An armistice for the world war has been signed, the Foreign Office announced at 1:53 this morning. Württemberger representatives signed the armistice papers around midnight. It was also announced that all hostilities will cease at 11 o'clock GMT today.

Military sources have announced that included in the terms of the armistice are the immediate withdrawal of Württemberger forces from all currently held parts of France, Belgium, and Greater Lorraine. Moreover, currently engaging forces shall disarm and demobilise immediately.

Entente forces shall be given control over a prenegotiated list of strategic points on the current front line and all territories inside currently occupied territories. Representatives from the military have assured the public that this list is exhaustive and shall preclude Württemberg from retaking the offensive.

Industrial areas in Württemberg bordering Greater Lorraine shall be occuppied by Anglo-French troops until such time that an indemnity shall be paid.

Capital ships under the control of the Württemberg High Seas fleet shall be handed over to joint allied control at Scapa Flow. All ships present, and at any time present within the last year, at the port of Dithmarschen shall be sailed to Bruges for liquidation.

Sedan taken, France rejoices

WITH THE FIFTH ARMY ON THE FRANCO-BELGIAN BORDER – The Fifth Army in attacks today, advanced into formerly occupied Württemberger territory and successfully captured objectives over a 100 kilometre front. Multiple strongholds were captured in fighting today, including Florenville inside the Belgian border.

The Fifth Army, along with the French Second Army and the French President, commemorated the capture of the battlefield at Sedan. The President gave a firey speech, saying that the fighting of the last few weeks has rekindled and proved the strength of French élan.

Anglican forces under the Third Army to the south also crossed into Belgium near Rouvroy, defeating the Württemberger rear guard attempting to defend their retirement to Arlon.

Württemberger army surrounded, decisive victory for Entente

WITH THE FRENCH TENTH ARMY NEAR MULHOUSE – The French Tenth Army today stopped a breakout attempt by the Württemberger Fourth Army, currently surrounded near Belfort. Manoeuvres yesterday, along with the deployment of a majority of the Entente's bombers, surrounded the Württemberger Fourth Army near their fortress at Masevaux.

The Tenth Army has been tasked by Marshal Foch to continue east towards Mulhouse with objectives to capture bridges on the Rhine. Marshal Foch also addressed the troops in Cernay this morning, saying that this victory proved the superiority of French speed and tactics to Württemberger reliance on cannon barrages.

He also praised the Army's devotion and success, saying that the capture of the Württemberger Fourth Army is a decisive blow opening the road to the traditional Württemberger capital of Stuttgart. In a briefing to French press, he called this a decisive victory bringing the Württembergers to the negotiating table.

Anglican troops will not repeat Württemberger crimes against civilisation

WITH THE FIRST DIVISION IN FRANCE – Several Anglican divisions are being reequipped and preparing for possible roles in the occupation of agreed zones in the armistice. The units are salvaging war-torn kit and are reported to shortly receive new uniforms from the Quartermaster General for peacekeeping duties.

Orders have been issued to various divisions, along with the First Division, reminding the soldiers of the strictest military protocols and highest standards of conduct. High Command is determined that there shall be no repeats of the mass atrocities, slaughter, looting conducted by the Württembergers in Belgium.

Colonel Thesiger of the Horse Guards told reporters that "our men will show these barbarians how not to treat a civilian population" and "we must not visit upon our enemies the atrocities, inconsistent with God, Christ, and the values of civlisation, that they visited upon Belgium and France".

Servia will not quit, "Austrian captivity must end"

SARAJEVO – Servia has refused the last communique from the Austrian Empire, claiming the armistice terms offered "an insult to the Servian people" and a "another Habsburger plot to keep half Servian people under chains".

Three Austrian divisions, along with two Confederate divisions, have been routed by the Servian army, advancing against Sarajevo. The Servian government has vowed to continue the war until all their terms are met or every Serb is released from Austrian capitivity.

Württemberger Communists in revolution, provisional government formed

HANNOVER – Communist rebels have laid seige to and are assaulting the Württemberger Confederation's temporary wartime capital of Heidelberg. Most Württemberger forces not trapped at Heidelberg have withdrawn to the formal capital in Hannover.

Forces on the front lines in France are being recalled to relieve the wartime capital. Similarly, forces currently present in Belgium are moving to support loyalist forces in fighting near Frankfurt am Main.

A provisional government has emerged around Prince Lichnowsky, the recently-elected head of the Confederation Diet. He is reported to be leading the defence of Heidelberg from the Communist revolutionaries.

Lichnowsky has pledged all efforts to prevent famine and restore order.

A general strike has been called by leftists in all parts of the Confederation. A number of local workers councils have repossessed existing military stockpiles and recently produced equipments.

The Württemberger Confederation's legislative president, Bernhard von Bethmann-Hollweg, was assassinated by Communists in urban fighting in Heidelberg. The Crown Prince's palace, on the outskirts of the city, was been seized by the revolutionaries.

The Crown Prince has abdicated and fled for the Netherlands. There are rumours that he is petitioning the Foreign Office for asylum in the United Commonwealth.