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Full History of United Cult of Britain.

In 1914 when the first World War started a man feared that his life and many others would be in danger. So he started to move himself and his family underground. As the war went on mustard gas was invited. Many citizen didn't like that and followed his footsteps underground. Near the end of the war some Germans arrived at the doorstep of the nation in the making. These Germans were deserters that wanted to live in peace. The leader of the newly formed cult agreed to welcome them into his home. On the Germans part they gave them their knowledge of their trench and bunker making. With both knowledges combined they made the ultimate bunker. Years passed and World War Two starts. Bombs are dropped and civilizations are destroyed above what is now 30 bunkers built underneath the UK. Many years pasted and Cornelius Viktor was leader. He ordered his son who was overseer of bunker 13 to see what was on the surface. Cornelius Viktor II sent his men out to see what was left of the land above. When they emerged the first thing they saw and felt was the sun. Emerging from the ground they started a new era, and making a every important day for the cult. The Great Emerge. Though shortly after Cornelius Viktor II passed away leaving the cult to rest in his son's hands.

At this time and age:
Now that the people of the cult had to leave their home behind they went to look for a new one. With the help of Kavotik Ceru they escaped before anyone was hurt or worse killed. Keeping the people safe long enough for Dr Anderson to find a new home to call their own. They claimed one small planet and called it UCBMH for a trading post, but now the time came when Dr Anderson found a place.

United cult of britain