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[floatright][box][center][b]The Monarchical Republic of Christos[/b]


[b]Motto:[/b] “United by Strength, Peace and Country”

[b]Capital:[/b] Coronasburg (The Crown Lands)
[b]Largest City:[/b] St. Christopher

[b]Official Language:[/b] English
[b]Demonym:[/b] Christosian or (Person's Race) Christosian

- King Eternal: Chris
- Crown Prince: James 
- President: Victoria Clefton
- Vice President: Jim Kane
- Chief Justice: Edward Lockheimer
- Arbiter: Abraham III

[b]Legislature[/b]: Congress (Bicameral)
House of the Populous
Premier: Marcon Rubio 


Highest Point:
Lowest Point:

[b]Human Development Index (NS Version):[/b]

[b]Currency:[/b] Christosian Dollarmark (CDM)

[b]Measurement System:[/b] Metric

[b]Calendar Format:[/b] Gregorian Calendar 
(Week starts on Monday)

[b]Drives on the:[/b] Left


The Monarchical Republic of Christos, commonly called Christos, is a Monarchical Republic located either on a large island continent, a large continent connected to another continent, or a large continent on its own planet. During the Empire Era Christos used to be known as the Christos Empire.

In the NationStates Universe Christos is part of the [region]International Democratic Union[/region] region.

The people of Christos are known for their kind nature, love for their country, and their expertise in technology. The industry sector is dominated by the Tourism, with significant contributions from Information Technology, Basket Weaving, and Door-to-door Insurance Sales. State-owned companies are reasonably common. Christos cherishes the environment and is one of the leading nations invested in alternative energy.

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The present name of the nation Christos is pronounced [Kris-tos], and is named after the founder of the nation King Chris. It is also speculated that the name Christos is derived from St. Christopher. The standard way to refer to a citizen of Christos is "Christosian" [Kris-toe-si-an]. During the country's expansion during the Empire Era the country was called the Christos Empire, it is pronounced [Kris-tos Em-pie-er].


[i][u][b]The Land Before Colonization[/b][/u][/i]
The first known people that lived on future Christosian land were a number of tribes scattered throughout the planet. Some of the bigger tribes were [u]the Showa, the Rune, the Kala, the Daron, the Yanchen, the Argonians, the Terrans, and the Ahmuds[/u]. The tribes would fight with each other but no one tribe would dominate for long. The balance of power would shift in a year or so.

[box][center][size=135][u][b]The Colonial Era[/b][/u][/size][/center]

[i][u][b]Arrival of the Americans[/b][/u][/i]
A few years later an American exploration team arrived on the land. Eventually, the Americans settled along the Azula River and called their settlement [u]Jacksonia[/u], named after former President Andrew Jackson. After a few years, the settlement grew and prospered.

[u][i][b]Other Settlements[/b][/i][/u]
Other nations settled the land as well. Spain, Russia, Arabia, and China all founded their own settlements. The Spanish colony of [u]Del Torro[/u], the Russian colony of [u]Vladisgrad[/u], the Chinese colony of [u]Xianchu[/u], and the Arabian colony of [u]Ra-Kah[/u]. After a harsh start for the Spanish colony, Spain sold the land to the Americans which combined Jacksonia and Del Torro, doubling the territory held by the Americans.

[b][u]Jacksonia Independence[/u][/b]
Eventually, certain events strained the relationship between America and Jacksonia, leading to a War for Independence. After a long stalemate, the Americans seeing there was no use in keeping the settlement gave Jacksonia its independence. Jacksonia elected Alfred Christian as their first President.

[i][u][b]Jacksonia and Tribal Relations[/b][/u][/i]
Jacksonian relations with the native tribes can be described as rocky at best, though some treaties and cooperation agreements were made. Distrust and American's track record with native people strained the relationships. The only tribal "ally" Jacksonia had was the Terran tribe which was the biggest tribe. When Jacksonia was fighting for independence the Terran tribe was there to support them with troops, tactics, and supplies. After the war, President Christian set up a stable government and started to expand Jacksonia into other tribe's lands. In response to expansion; the Showa, the Argorians, and other smaller tribes formed an alliance called [u]The Tribal Confederacy[/u]. With the formation the Confederacy was able to compete with Jacksonia; misunderstandings and skirmishes happened from time to time. 

[u][i][b]Dissolution of the Native Tribes[/b][/i][/u]
After 12 years President Christian was out of office due to term limits and he was succeeded by [u]Jonas Siegfried[/u]. Under President Siegfried, Jacksonia expanded even more which led to more conflicts with the Confederacy. President Siegfried ruled for only 7 years when on [u]July 9[/u] he was killed when leading Jacksonian troops against an altercation between Jacksonian citizens and the Confederacy. Vice-President Henry Wilson ascended to the Presidency and his response to the murder of former President Siegfried was swift and painful. First, he stripped away immunity to Confederate traders and placed an embargo on their goods. Second, he declared the Confederacy a terrorist organization. Next, he barred any person with Native blood from joining the government and military. The final act was a deadly war against The Confederacy known as the [u]Iron Retaliation[/u] or the [u]War of Retaliation[/u]. The war lasted for 5 years and with an American victory, the Confederacy ceased to exist as a nation. Many natives were imprisoned and killed. While their native land was either scorched or sold to Jacksonians. The war not only affected the natives but also the citizens of Jacksonia who were friendlier to the natives than the government. To stamp out the sentiment for the natives; President Wilson issued the [u]Anti-Association Laws[/u] which prohibited interaction between Jacksonia citizens and the Confederacy. This set off mass protests against the government and 2 years after feeling the pressure President Wilson lost his reelection bid. A man named [u]Richard Dreyfus[/u] was elected, ending the 6-year rule of President Wilson.

[u]Presidents of Jacksonia[/u]
1. Alfred Christian - 12 years
2. Jonas Siegfried - 7 years
3. Henry Wilson - 6 years
4. Richard Dreyfus - 12 years
5. Jeffery Johnson - 8 years

[i][u][b]Beginnings of Independence[/b][/u][/i]
After the War of Retaliation, two political sides emerged in Jacksonia. [u]The Reds[/u] supported taking over the defeated tribes' land and giving it to new Jacksonian citizens. While [u]The Blues[/u] supported better relations with the conquered tribes even though they wanted to take some of the lands too. The Red Faction was supported by President Dreyfus and the Jacksonian government. The leader of the Blue Faction was a former Captain named Chris who was sent from the US to Jacksonia to join its Coast Guard. During his time as a Coast Guard Chris came across a group of Jacksonians harassing a couple of native boys. Appalled, Chris helped out and saved them, knowing full well that interacting with any native was a crime. The boys, wanting to protect Chris, took him to their home to hide. When news reached the Jacksonian government of what Chris had done he was stripped of his rank as Captain and discharged from the Coast Guard. Chris witnessed more atrocities by the Jacksonian elites. Wanting to do something Chris decided to run for mayor of the town of [u]Greckoville[/u]. During the protests armed fights started between the Red and Blue Factions Because of the law, President Dreyfus barred Chris and any Blue Faction member from running for any Jacksonian offices. This act by the government started the [u]Voice of the People Protests[/u]. The protests started out small but eventually grew. President Dreyfus ruthlessly put down these protests and arrested many protesters.

[u][i][b]Splitting from Jacksonia[/b][/i][/u]
Seeing the atrocities done by President Dreyfus a former Naval Captain turned Mayor of Union City named Chris decides to start a movement in secrecy to start a new nation. After 7 months of preparation and gaining support, Chris resigns from his mayoral position and heads out to settle a new nation unbeknownst to the Jacksonian government. A few months later the new nation of [u]Christos[/u] was formed. There are many reasons for the chosen name but here is the official reason and also the "official real" reason. The official reason is that the nation was named after the Christian patron Saint of travelers, Saint Christopher. Chris and his group would take a moment of prayer while on the journey by praying for guidance from St. Christopher. The "official real" reason the name was chosen was that Chris wanted to forge a legacy for himself by naming a nation after himself. Chris built the first city of Christos and named it Lincoln DC (District of Chris), in honor of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln DC became the first capital of Christos. Chris also formed a strong alliance with two native tribes, who were former Confederacy members, the Kala and the Daron. Eventually, the Kala and Daron agree to join their lands with the lands of Christos. When Jacksonia was given the word of Christos's founding the Jacksonian government was furious. In retaliation, Jakcsonia issued a tariff on goods coming from Christos. Geography-wise Christos is upstream and Jacksonia is downstream along the Azula River.

[u][i][b]The First Revolt[/b][/i][/u]
After 12 years Richard Dreyfus's Presidency ended and President [u]Jeffery Johnson[/u] was elected. Jeffery Johnson had one agenda when he became President and that was to expand Jacksonian territory. President Johnson started to militarize Jacksonia in detriment to Jacksonian citizens. Those who disobeyed or went against his militarization were imprisoned, tortured, rehabilitated, or even executed. These actions gave President Johnson the nickname [u]“The Steel Patriot.”[/u] With Jacksonia expansion skirmishes between Jacksonia and Christos broke out more often. Many Jacksonian supporters of Christos tried to flee Jacksonia but some were unsuccessful, leading to a travel ban between the two nations. Tensions came to a head during an event known as [u]The First Revolt[/u]. The First Revolt started when Jacksonian soldiers were rounding up escapees from Jacksonia. Within minutes of the roundup, assailants jumped out of the nearby woods and killed the Jacksonian soldiers and set the escapees free. When President Johnson heard about the incident, he retaliated mercilessly by sending out a battalion to a Jacksonian city that was sympathetic to Christos and was also thought to house Christos militia. When the Jacksonian battalion arrived at the city the male populace was rounded up and massacred and the women and children were imprisoned. After receiving word of what had happened Christos declared war on Jacksonia on the grounds of retaliation and for Christos to gain its sovereignty.

[i][b][u]War for Christosian Independence[/u][/b][/i]
[u]The War for Christosian Independence[/u] lasted for 3 brutal years. The Christos forces were led by Chris and 5 other generals; [u]Major General Joshua Young, General Gabriel Toth "The Angel of War, "Madame" General Melissa Briggs, General Yang Cho, and General Juan "Apex" Flores[/u]. Knowing he needed backing from other nations to get a shot at declaring Independence Chris sent letters to the United Nations to gain their support for Christos sovereignty. One year into the war Chris received a letter back from the UN affirming their support for the Christos. Along with the Kala and the Daron tribes Chris was able to negotiate a treaty with 3 more tribes promising them their own sovereignty after the war. Chris also sent spies to infiltrate Jacksonia by instilling unrest and provoking the citizen's anger towards the Jacksonian government. The first battle between Christos and Jacksonia was on July 3rd at the [u]Battle of Pike's Bridge[/u], a border town between Jacksonia and Christos, in the end, it was a pyrrhic victory for Jacksonia. During the 1st year of the war, Christos was losing to the point of breaking; the tides turned however in the next year with a major Christosian victory on July 12 at the [u]Battle of Burenfields[/u] where Jacksonian troops where utterly defeated. On September 15th Christosian forces laid siege to the capital of Jacksonia and by October 4th the forces stormed the capital. On October 7th the Jacksonian government surrendered and a day after Christos declared independence. During the [u]Treaty of Ottawa[/u] Christos took over all Jacksonian lands and Christos gained its sovereignty.

[box][center][size=135][u][b]The Christos Era[/b][/u][/size][/center]

[b][i][u]Birth of a Nation[/u][/i][/b]
After signing the Treaty of Ottawa building a newer nation was ahead. Chris sent an invitation to all public officials in Christos and the 5 tribes to convene at a [u]Grand Convention[/u] in Lincoln DC to decide on the logistics of the newly independent nation. Most of the representatives that came were from Christos, though some former Jacksonian officials came as well. The native tribes that had helped win the War for Christos sent representatives from their tribes as well. Some famous Representatives from Christos include [u]Alexander Graham, Marcus Burkwell, Lacy Miranda, Margaret Cho, Logan Josephs, William Khan[/u]. Some famous Representatives from the native tribes include [u]John Booth, Laura Lane, Lucius Uruk, and Jane Hall.[/u] Some former Jacksonian officials included [u]General Issac Mills and Representative William Tyler.[/u] The first thing the Convention did was to establish a government structure. Most representatives threw their support at the idea of making Chris King of the new nation and establishing a monarchy. Chris hesitantly accepted the title only if a Parliament/Congress was made so that the people could have a say in government. Along with the creation of the [u]National People's Congress[/u] and Prime Minister position was created. The Supreme Court of Christos was also created with an 11 member body. The Convention also decided to give the native tribes a piece of their lands back. The natives were a little disappointed that most of their land was not going to be returned to them. The Convention also decided that the year would reset to Year 0 with the coronation of Chris as King; the year would be known as 0 AC (After Crowning). 

[i][u][b]Start of a Monarchy[/b][/u][/i]
Chris would be 50 years old when he was crowned King. King Chris eventually took a journey through Christos's lands. During his travels, he found [u]"The Water of Youth"[/u] which would extend his life indefinitely. In his crowning ceremony, Chris gave this speech [u]"Today we start a new nation through the blood, sweat, and tears of the oppressed people. Even though this nation has a King, my power and the power of the government comes from the people! We will stand together and turn this nation from a collection of people into a great Empire!"[/u] King Chris's reign started off well, though there were some disagreements with the Prime Minister and Congress, Chris's reign was relatively tame. During his reign, Christos experienced a strengthening of the government, infrastructure, industry, education, and healthcare. Christosian identity was also formed during King Chris's reign. Christos adopted a national anthem and unveiled its new flag which was loosely based on the flag used during the War for Independence.

[box][center][size=135][u][b]The Empire Era[/b][/u][/size][/center]

[i][u][b]Future After The King[/b][/u][/i]
During the remaining years of his reign, Chris issued a decree stating he would abdicate the throne and that his heir would not hold the title of King but would be called [u]Crown Prince/ Princess[/u]. The title change was made to show that the next monarch was crowned by the people. Subsequently, the heir to the throne was given the title [u]Duke/Duchess of Christos[/u]. [u]Crown Prince Luke I[/u] continued where King Chris left off and kept strengthening and building up Christos. It was during this time that the new capital for the nation, St. Christopher, was completed. Crown Prince Luke I was the first monarch to reside in the new capital.

[i][u][b]From Nation to Empire[/b][/u][/i]
When Crown Prince Alexander I came to the throne he made his main mission clear, he wanted to expand Christosian territory and eventually uniting all the lands. Alexander I started a campaign called [u]The March Beyond[/u] to gain support for Christosian expansion. The March Beyond campaign was a plan to expand the territories of Christos by declaring war on the neighboring tribes and taking their land over. After a few years and some public officials stepping down because of term limits the Christosian population warmed to the idea of expansion. Wary of the build-up of the Christosian military tribal representatives were sent to remind Crown Prince Alexander I about the promise King Chris made so long ago about not expanding into tribals lands. Unfortunately, Crown Prince Alexander I ignored the reminder and issued an ultimatum to the tribes stating [u]"that any tribe could still have autonomy but they must swear fealty to him and Christos, if not swift annihilation would come to them."[/u] Fearing the threat by the Crown Prince 3 of the tribes, the Kala, the Daron, and the Rune, accepted Crown Prince's offer and swore fealty. The other tribes that refused the offer formed a new alliance called [u]The Tribal Alliance[/u]. The March Beyond campaign started on February 7th and lasted for 4 years. The March Beyond campaign known as the [u]Empire Expansion War[/u]. Crown Prince Alexander I won the war and annexed the Tribal Alliance's land. With this huge victory Crown Prince Alexander I declared Christos an Empire. Giving rise to the name of the Christos Empire.

[i][u][b]Conflict of Faiths[/b][/u][/i]
Five years after the Empire Expansion War ended Crown Prince Alexander I passed away. In his place his eldest daughter Ava became the first Crown Princess. During her reign, she promoted the arts and literature and fortified the newly acquired lands. Ava built many libraries and museums. The Great Library of Ava I was named after her. Her main goal during her reign was to increase Christosian power through diplomacy. She was able to increase Christos's borders by buying off the Arabian held land. This posed a problem however because the Arabian populace was a different religion than Christos. Religious protests began erupting with calls for independence mixed in. The Christosian government was accused of religious persecution. After 6 months of protests and riots Crown Princess Ava I was able to restore order. To address the newly incorporated lands she gave incentives to people who would make their homes there. To address the religious unrest she created the position of Arbiter, an unbiased figurehead that would intermediate between the different religions in Christos. Although rocky, religious protests were no longer as big as before the creation of the Arbiter position.

[i][u][b]Christos Supremacy[/b][/u][/i]
After a period of consolidation under Crown Princess Ava I, the idea of territorial expansion made a comeback when Crown Prince Frederick came to power. Crown Prince Frederick wanted to go a step further than Alexander I by conquering all the land including territories still controlled by China and Russia. In a 10 year-long campaign known as the [u]War of Supremacy[/u], Crown Prince Frederick marched his army throughout the lands. Conflicts abroad helped Frederick conquer the lands held by China and Russia. In the end Crown Prince Frederick was able to extend Christos territory further. After the war Christos faced a financial recession. With the help of the Prime Minister, Crown Prince Frederick was able to come up with legislation to come out of the financial recession. It is at this point that the Christosian Renaissance started. With business being successful most Christosians were able to pursue their passions in the arts, the sciences, and even politics. Crown Prince Frederick was given the nicknames the [u]Renaissance Prince[/u] and the [u]Prince of Gold[/u]. The Christosian Renaissance would continue with Crown Prince Christopher III and the effects of the Rennissance would be felt up until the end of Crown Princess Catherine's reign.

[u][i][b]Coming Change[/b][/i][/u]
In the middle of Crown Prince Christopher V's reign, a Great Recession happened. Crown Prince Christopher V struggled to handle the crisis, deferring all action to the Prime Minister and the National People's Congress. Seeing how ineffective the Crown Prince was Christosians began questioning the role of the monarchy. Questioning turned to protests after an ineffective response by Crown Prince Christopher V about a natural disaster that caused major damage in Christos. People furious took to the street and began the [u]Cry for a Voice[/u] protests. Crown Prince Christopher V would push back against these protests until his abdication. His son Alexander II took the throne after him. His main goal was to change Christos forever.

[box][center][size=135][u][b]The Republic Era[/b][/u][/size][/center]

[u][i][b]Change in Christos[/b][/i][/u]
After the abdication of Christopher V, his son Alexander II came to power. With protest still going on against the monarchy, Alexander II declared that he would convene a [u]2nd Grand Convention[/u] to rework the government and move towards a federal republic. The leaders of the protest agreed if they were allowed to attend the 2nd Grand Convention. The Grand Convention convened on March 12th. During the 2nd Grand Convention it was decided that Christos would move from a Parliamentary Democracy to a Federal Republic. The Prime Minister office would be retired and the office of President would be created. The National People's Congress would also be retired and a bicameral Congress would be created. One wing of Congress would be called the [u]Senate[/u] and the other wing would be called the [u]House of the Populous[/u]. The Vice-President would be the tie vote in the Senate while in the house the Majority Leader would be known as the Premier. The only question that alluded a solid answer was that of who held power the President or the Crown Prince/Princess. After a heated debate, it was decided that the President would hold most of the leadership power but the Crown Prince/Princess would have specific special powers over the laws and the other branches of government. This sharing of powers angered some at the convention but a majority agreed to it. The new Constitution of Christos was signed on [u]June 29th[/u]. The election of the first President of Christos took place on the 2nd Saturday in November. Paul Warren, who had run as an independent, won the Presidency and became the 1st President of Christos. A few years before Alexander II's reign would end, he revealed to the nation that he was gay; making him the first monarch to be openly gay. Unfortunately, this meant that Alexander II's children would not be next in line. When Alexander II passed away his brother Benjamin took over as Crown Prince. Three political parties rose to prominence during this time, they are the Citizen Party, the Liberty Party, and the Democracy Party.











[u][b][anchor=City]Largest Cities[/anchor][/b][/u]
[table][tr][td]Rank[/td][td]City[/td][td]Metro area population[/td][td]Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]1[/td][td]St. Christopher[/td][td]CITY1POPULATION[/td][td]Capitol Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2[/td][td]Lincoln DC[/td][td]CITY2POPULATION[/td][td]Capitol Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3[/td][td]Coronasburg[/td][td]CITY3POPULATION[/td][td]Capitol Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]4[/td][td]Chris City[/td][td]CITY4POPULATION[/td][td]Capitol Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]5[/td][td]Metro Maria[/td][td]CITY5POPULATION[/td][td]Burkwell Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]6[/td][td]Santo Christo[/td][td]CITY6POPULATION[/td][td]Lucian Province[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]7[/td][td][/td][td]CITY7POPULATION[/td][td]San Miguel Province[/td][/tr]


During the Christos and Empire Eras the government of Christos was a Parliamentary Democracy and a Constitutional Monarchy. The head of government was the Prime Minister while the head of state was the King which then became the Crown Prince/ Princess. The legislature was a unicameral congress called the National People's Congress. The Judicial Branch was the Supreme Court of Christos which consisted of 9 Justices, 1 Chief Justice and 8 Associate Justices.

During the Republic Era the government of Christos became a Federal Republic and a Monarchical Republic. The head of the government changed to a President while the head of state remained the Crown Prince/ Princess; with both sharing the powers of the Executive branch. The legislature became bicameral and being called Congress. Congress had two wings, one wing called the Senate and the second wing called the House of Populous. The Prime Minister position was scrapped and a new office was created for the Speaker of the House known as the Premier. The Supreme Court of Christos also changed when 4 new seats were added. 

[u][b]Executive Branch[/u][/b]
Crown Prince/ Princess

[u][b]Legislative Branch: Congress[/u][/b]
80 Seats in the Senate (4 per Province)

[u]House of the Populous[/u]
450 Seats in the House
Representatives number proportional to each province population
[u]Premier[/u] - Minority Leader of the House and Speaker of the House
[u]Majority Leader of the House[/u]

[u][b]Judicial Branch: Supreme Court of Christos[/u][/b]
Chief Justice
10 Associate Justices

The government ruling in Estierra has a different governgdfgfdg

[u]Executive Branch[/u]
The current executive branch of Christos consists of two offices, the office of the Presidency and the office of the Monarchy. The President has more power than the Monarchy but the Monarchy is able to check the President's power with The Crown's Right. The office of the President is an elected position while the Monarchy is passed down through hereditary succession.

Both the President and the Monarchy have a council/ cabinet that helps advises them. The President appoints members to their Presidential Cabinet and the Crown Prince/Princess appoints members to their Crowned Council.

[b][u]Crowned Council[/u][/b]
President/ Vice-President/ Secretary of State
Minister of The Empire
Minister of Finance
Minister of Foreign Relations
Advisor of Law
Head of the Crown's Guard
Head of the Champions of Christos

[b][u]Presidential Cabinet[/u][/b]
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Minister of Commerce
Minister of Health & Human Services
Minister of Infrastructure
Minister of Science & Technology
Minister of Community Planning & the Environment
Minister of Homeland Securities
Minister of Foreign Relations
Minister of Christosian Culture
Attorney of State
Christosian Royal Minister
Christosian Faith Minister

[u]Legislative Branch[/u]
The current legislative branch of Christos is a bicameral legislature called Congress. Congress comprises of two house; the 60 seat Senate and the House of the Populous whose seat count is based on the population of each Province. The tie-breaking vote for the Senate is the Vice-President while the Minority leader in the House of the Populous is known as the Primer.

[u]Judicial Branch[/u]
The current judicial branch of Christos is known as the Supreme Court of Christos. The Supreme Court is a 13 member body consisting of 1 Chief Justice and 12 Associate Justices. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Monarchy and the 12 Associate Justices are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate. The term for the Justices is for a lifetime or until retirement. 

[u]Faith Branch[/u]
The Faith Branch was established by King Chris as an institution to address disputes between all the religions in Christos. The head of the Faith Branch is the Arbiter. The Arbiter is in charge of overseeing conflicts between faiths in Christos. If no compromise is reached the Arbiter will have the final decision on any faith related conflict. Due to the dangerous nature of mediating between religions the Arbiter of Christos is required to change their name and make a vow of celibacy. 

[u][b]Council of Faiths[/b][/u]
The Council of Faiths is the defacto head of the Faith Branch. The Council of Faiths and the Faith Branch of government was created by King Chris to address disputes between the different faiths residing in The Empire. It is headed by the Arbiter, who was appointed by the King but now is appointed by the Crown Prince/ Princess. The Council consists of representatives from each major religion in Christos. Each religion is represented by 50 Ministers (Representatives) and each is led by an appointed head. The Council of Faiths has 2 bodies. One is the High Council where the appointed heads of each faith and the Arbiter meet and the second is called the Anointed Assembly which encompasses the Ministers, the appointed heads of each faith and the Arbiter. 

[center][box][b][u]Council of Faiths Structure[/u][/b]
[u]The High Council[/u]
Appointed Head of Each Faith

[u]The Anointed Assembly[/u]
Appointed Head of Each Faith

[b][u][anchor=FRM]Foreign Relations and Military[/anchor][/b][/u]










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