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Nasunia Fusion Dance

Official Message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Driselbia

Oh hello there, tis I, your Minister of Foreign Affairs! I took the liberty of skipping my existential meditation to bring you this fabulous announcement! After sending merger telegrams to the majority of inactive democracies a long duration of hardwork and self-exile, I have come across the oddball community of Nasunia, a medium-sized roleplay region who are surviving through NS with dedication and togetherness, two things we rarely find anywhere. Their continual peculiarities makes me further assume that their addition to our motherland will catapult us further to the luscious fields of activity!

Assessment of their region showed me that they enjoy their RMB roleplay and is very much active...somehow...but this merger fusion will certainly aid both sides of this great diplomatic event as it will provide us with new people to welcome and get along with and they will get more people in their little bubble of fun! They're certainly adorable! I wish for the best of this event and I hope you will welcome our new friends to the best of your ability!

Caduceo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Driselbia

Brought to you by the Council of Driselbia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Driselbia.