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by The Treangolist Realization of La Paz de Los Ricos. . 143 reads.

The Treangolist Charter (WIP)

The Treangolist Charter

Public Decrees for the Treangolist Realization of
La Paz de Los Ricos

Authored by Kings Alejandro Désio Rámos del Sol V and Endrijo Mezikou de Castellios, Prime Minister Salvador Macannó, the Treangolist Parliament, and Others for the Benefit of the Citizens and Denizens of the Treangolist Realization of La Paz de Los Ricos, and Penned for the Viewing of the World Domain

Published on the First of November, Two-Thousand-And-Eighteen


The Conscience of The Ricano Public now turns to The Government to provide Remedy to the Issues of the State. It becomes Necessary for the Duumvirate to Handle those Turbulent Matters by Reforming the State of La Paz de Los Ricos to a more suitable State by Enacting the Fluidity Accords in order to preserve the State, the Public, and the Self.


Now it shall be known that our purpose for the State, the Public, and the Self is to uphold the values that we, as Ricano citizens, hold dear. That our valiant Flag shall forever fly, one way or another; That the Ricano Spirit that Permeates our Nation shall Live in Freedom, chained by no existing Entity; that the Right to Individuality is defended, to the death, if necessary; That we shelter Those who lack any Alternative; That the name La Paz de Los Ricos, in whatever Tongue it may be uttered, shall never Retire to the Dark; Forever and Always may we Live in Freedom and Peace.

To Preserve:

The People of La Paz de Los Ricos and the Duumvirate have decided that, in Accordance with Current Events, it is Necessary to Establish Clearly the Laws that Exist in our Land in Writing, in Order to both Unite the State and to Display that Unity to the Public, both Within and Without our Borders.


The Ideology our Land Obeys is Treangolism. This Ideology was created on the Thirteenth (13) of June (06), Two-Thousand-and-Eighteen (2018), and Stands currently only for La Paz de Los Ricos*.

Treangolism is the Belief that each Nation that follows it is consisted of Three Crucial Angles:

First, the Political Angle, the State, which is hereby composed of the Following; The Duumvirate; The Treangolist Parliament; The Prime Minister; The Remainder of the Main National Government; Any and All Local Governments not specifically Mentioned in these Documents. The Political Angle shall always Fight to Protect the Remainder Angles of the Public and the Self, and if Ever that Principle shall be Violated, the Public shall hold the Right to Re-Form the Government till the Political Interests Realign with those of the Public.

Second, the Civil Angle, the Public, which is hereby composed of every Citizen and Denizen to Live in La Paz de Los Ricos. In Essence, the Life-Blood of This Nation, and Arguably the most Vulnerable of the Angles. The Civil Angle also Encompasses the Culture, History, Language, both History and Future of La Paz de Los Ricos and it's people. The Public shall uphold the Right to Re-Form the Government if Need should ever Arise.

Third, the Individual Angle, the Self, which is hereby composed of each Citizen and Denizen's individual Thoughts, Actions, Beliefes, and All other Aspects which might Comprise the Self. The Right to Individuality shall be Known as One of the Most Important Foundations of Ricano Society and Politics, and Shall be Furiously Defended with Every Resource the Military may Craft.

The Angles Each Compound to Represent a Triangle, also Visible on the Ricano Flag. The Angles are all Necessary to the State, and the Triangle Portrays the Treangolist State, with all Angles Forming an Imperative Piece of the Shape, and in turn, the State.

*This May be Amended in the Future, for any Potential Allies that Adopt our Ideology


The Following Section will be Composed of the Laws this Charter was Constructed to Defend. Every Rightful Citizen and Denizen of this Domain, whether it Expand or Contract, shall Recognize, Consciously or Unconsciously, that each of them is Entitled to Equal and Rights as Outlined in this Document, and that each Citizen and Denizen may Lawfully be Provided with the Basic Requirements in order to Lead a Safe Life, and the Means to Acquire Other Legal Possessions to Build on Their Existence.


Chapter 1 - Concerning the State:


Chapter 2 - Concerning the Public:


Chapter 3 - Concerning the Self: