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Flags of Los Ricos. (WIP) (OOC)

Hey, I wanna see how many flags I've used in total to see how I've progressed.

It's like a timeline, but there won't be any dates because I can't remember those.

I believe this was the first flag I used, around late October 2017. Obvious tricolor, and a copy coat-or-arms of the Brazilian imperialist crest.

Flag I used early on, when Z-Day came around. I was new to the entire scenario, as well as NS in all, and it's just the same tricolor, but with a biohazard symbol.

This flag is another rehash of the tricolor flag, but this one had a more somewhat original crest. Still, I just used PNGs, along with editing a bit.

A fourth gold-white-red tricolor, and it's visibly bad. This one has a rusty-gold falcon with a fasces below it on it. It's not really a departure from the others. It's pixel-y.

This one used the first version of the crest I used for a long time, and the shift is rather obvious. It still uses the gold-white-red tricolor.

A very minor change, making the four castles in the left hoist of the crest into one singular castle, and using a different design for the castle.

Another incredibly minor change. It was brought on by a critique on the "Rate AN's Flag", and the changes are just changing the fasces in the lower right-hand sector of the crest, and also making the entire crest slightly larger.

This one uses the Sun of May, and also has stars surrounding and lining the entire flag. The main colors are red, white, and black, and it was used for only a small while, so it's not major in any way. It was based off several designs of real-world flags, and was the first flag not made on Microsoft Paint.

This flag was used for the second-longest amount of time. It's a complete different departure from the other flags. This version is based off the Portuguese flag, along with several other flags. This is also the first flag to not use at least one JPG or PNG, and was also made in Paint.