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Universal Pact passed legislations

UP Passed Laws

The following is a list of passed UP Laws

#1: Universal Broadband Law: Low cost nationalised internet.
#2: Singleplayer Health Act: A healthcare system, financed by taxes, that covers the costs essential healthcare for all residents, with costs covered by a single public system.
#3: Utopian Pirate Act: Necessary measures will be required to keep pirates out UP Territory.
#4: Road Network Act: Allows for road networks to be built to connect the member states of the UP.
#5: Senate Voting Policy: Election systems for appointing a Senator, including its term length.
#6: Anti-Protectionism Act: Protectionism shall be illegal, as it can harm economies for free trade.
#7: Leaders Conference Regulation: The leaders of the UP countries should meet frequently, to keep a good relationship, and to ensure the peace and prosperity of all citizens.
#8: Law for the Promotion of Security and Unity of Government Services: We in the Universal Pact shall never merge, except if there is no other alternative. Nations must be a member of the Universal pact to join our discord server. This rule can only be broken if we have embassies with the nations wishing to join. All guests can exlusively join the visitors channel, which will be set up with this legislation. Before constructing an embassy with another region, our government and officers first have to do research and check the region if they don't have ideologies or views which come into conflict with our principles.
#9: The powers and duties of admin officers
-Admin Officers are chosen in a democratic progress by the people and must be a member of the region.
-Members of the region can run for admin officer in an officially constructed political party.
-Admin Officers should swear an oath to always follow the democratic principles for the well-being of the region. They must accept and stick to the set rules and legislations of the region.
-It is the duty of Admin Officers to instruct and help regular officers and moderators to fulfill their task as good as possible.
-Admin Officers have hereby the right to punish or even fire officers or moderators if an they abuse their powers.
-If an Admin Officer abuses his powers or misbehaves very badly, senate or the delegate and vice-delegate can decide to kick the Admin Officer out of his position and elect a new one.
#10: Permanent Map Policy Reward:
Hereby introduces a policy that all of the following nations will have a permanent spot on the map, thanks to their contribution to the Universal Pact by serving in the government, having not been banned in their time in the Universal Pact and being active members. This hereby rewards the nations that have meant something for the region by being honorable citizens.

Cansilica, Danatriss, Havadar, Latuaras, Neviersia, Ambelviser, Saint Pedro, Daunlaund, Pace e Saggezza, New Wolvers, Wulvencall, Erskiellander, Antlionia, Merdeka, Berantoba, Erbersia, Joushiki Nante Iranai, The Fourteen Isles
#11: Embassy Act:
-The UP describes an embassy as a shared service with another region, with which it shares intelligence, trade and diplomatic ties through cooperation and support.
-Recognizing that the UP has had embassies with other regions since its founding.
-Addressing that the embassy policy is a fundamental factor of foreign policy, and the key to how the region is viewed worldwide.
-Noting that UP wants to share its values through embassies with other regions.
-Understanding that embassies are only possible with nations that have the same principles and values as the UP.
-Forbids the construction of embassies with regions that have conflicting ideologies, which includes any forms of Nazism, fascism, communism and any region that is based on prejudice and hatred of individuals or groups, which includes racism, sexism, antisemitism, and more that excludes individuals or entities based on what group, class or category one belongs. Additionally, the region shall never seek nor accept embassies with regions that raid or have raided other regions for a reason that goes against the principles and laws of the UP.
- Permits embassy regions to link polls in the RMB, on the condition that UP members may participate in them and they are not a form of offense to anyone. If a person deems the poll offensive, they can report it to a member of government or a senate, who will decide further to have it taken down.
-Giving hereby the full responsibility to government to monitor incoming embassy proposals and sent embassy invitation in line with the policy described above.