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Princess Kagawi Yuuki

Princess Kagawi Yuuki
Queen of the Lenlyvitian colonies Terra Voltera, Faradayn, and Terra Marca.

Age: 19 years
Height: 5ft 4in
Hair color: Pink
Eye Color: Pink
Interests: Reading, Philosophy, Law writing
Hobbies: Reading, investigating old cultures, and World Assembly proposals.

About Princess Kagawi Yuuki

Princess Kagawi Yuuki, youngest of three sisters, is well loved by the people of Lenlyvit and Terra Voltera alike. Born in the year 4307 SY(Solist Year) in the Toduqara royal palace, Princess Kagawi Yuuki grew up in a time of reform for the genial empire. The Solist Church, strongest of the religions in Lenlyvit, was expanding its influence even further.

Eventually growing so strong, the Solist Church started an uprising against the royal Yuuki family of Lenlyvit. In the ensuing war that lasted for almost 10 years, the Empress and Emperor were both slain by the rebels from the Solist Church, leaving three daughters behind to reform their fractured empire. Princess Asuna Yuuki ascended to the throne of Lenlyvit, ruling over its territories and becoming Empress. To end the bloody civil war with the Solist Church, the Church demanded that one Royal family member must convert to Solism.

Princess Kagawi Yuuki, age 10 at this time, determined that she would convert to Solism to appease the church and did so. From that point on, Princess Kagawi Yuuki would appease the Solist Church and perform her duties without any qualms. At the age of 19 she would become the Queen of Terra Voltera, Terra Marca, and Faradayn, three large colonies of the Lenlyvitian Empire.

Ruling under her sister, Empress Asuna Yuuki, Queen Kagawi Yuuki is loved and cherished by all her subjects. In the year 4036 SY, at the age 19, she would also become the Lenlyvitian representative to the World Assembly.

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