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TWP Magazine Issue #1 (May 5th, 2018)

TWP Magazine

Victory for The Kawaii Party in The Speaker of The Hall Elections

When it had been revealed to Kawaii Schoolgirl just over the last week that she had received a nomination for the position of The Speaker of The Hall, a position which she had previously shown no interest in, she expressed her surprise and decided to accept the nomination for the sake of creating competition for the seat. At the time, there had only been one other nation nation running, Rizorien. Her intentions were to hold a satirical campaign, yet despite this and the variety of outrageous statements she had made, she someone won the seat against her two opponents. This created a dilemma as to what to do with her new position.

On the morning of Friday May 4th, she celebrated her victory and vowed to see to it her campaign promises of a authoritarian actions and policies would be followed through. With the establishment of The Kawaii Party, she has appointed her daughter, Chervil, as her personal bodyguard and Vice-Secretary of The Kawaii Party. The two plan to use the authorities granted by the position to their full benifit in order to, "give the people what they voted for." Of the policies Kawaii seeks to incorporate include, revising the regional military, the propagation of kawaii culture, the adoption of new policies which aim for the betterment of The West Pacific, harsher punishments for nations who offend these policies and laws, and among other things, a stronger more patriotic regional population.

"Our people need a fire, a great nuclear fire, to get them up and running! The fact I won this seat is the clearest proof of that." Kawaii says in her office hard at work on drafting her three month plan. "If my people thought I would weasel out, if they thought I wouldn't make true on my promises, that my words were half-cocked, I got news for them, Kawaii's cooking up something that's going to burn their asses! I was raised by a pack of wild badgers, and I don't suffer fools lightly, my people are no exception."

The Kawaii Party is taking rapid formation and has already garnered a number of members and supporters, which consist of people who have shown support for a stronger, active, and offense-oriented military, as well as those who seek to see some of the other changes the party vows to bring about. "In all seriousness, activity is something I want to change in The West Pacific, it's of the utmost importance that steps are taken in order to spark and encourage activity." Kawaii tells TWP Magazine, "For me, my end goal is to develop a more active and patriotic population here in The West Pacific. Loyalty to a single region is rare these days, and I truly believe that The West Pacific is the best of all the GCRs; it should be the duty of every last resident of our home, citizen or not, to do their part in making our region the all around best region in the entirety of the site."

Life of a Princess Royal

The West Pacific is the well loved home of over 8,000 nations, among them is the humble nation of Chervil. Her day is a simple one. Working at Westbucks Coffee house and greeting everyone in the early hours of the morning, life is relatively easy for our Princess. However, as most people have higher goals they wish to attain, Cher is no exception. "This family's got many extraordinary people. And that made me realize something. Me being here means that I've been given responsibilities to raise the pride of being a Wintony. To carry that name is a big deal. Therefore, I'm looking to be an experienced and exceptional raider. Small steps to begin with, day by day."

It is a nobel goal to become an exceptional raider. Her mother, Queen Victoria "Kawaii" Wintony, and her father, King Mark Wintony, both have long histories in raiding. Wintony had been a soldier in DEN before later dedicating his time to Illuminati. With is experience in raiding with DEN, he taught a small handful of Illuminati citizens how to raid, inspiring a young Kawaii Schoolgirl to later focus primarily on R/D. Both mother and father led the final revolution in Illuminati, which ended with its founder's DEAT and the region to become raidable. Following the revolution she had led, Kawaii went on to join a number of raider militaries, from The Invaders which had been under command of Knot, to The Kingdom of Great Britain, but the region that honed her skills and made her the raider she is today was The West Pacific Armed Forces. While under Queen Yuno's command, Kawaii quickly grew as a raider.

It has been the goal of Cher's mother to help guide her through NS and show her what she needs to do to achieve and every last one of her her goals. Among her goals, she wishes to become a respectable raider, and to see her home grow and thrive full of people who friendly and fun to be around, as well as to see new activity in the region, making the region even greater and striving for a defined goal of making The West Pacific truly live up to its nickname, The Best Pacific. "If she wishes it, then so it shall be!" says her mother, "I will do my part in continuing my campaign to make our region flourish and will use every resource possible to help my darling daughter achieve her NS dream."

Through her years of experience working in a handful of regions, Kawaii is excited for Cher's ambitious goals to shape and promote The West Pacific as one of Nationstates' best regions. Many plans are being discussed at the time of this writing in regards to shaping The West Pacific, and it should go without saying that all parties involved are more than motivated to lay their plans for a more prosperous future.

Boys: A Threat to Regional Security and Cherhood

TWP Magazine has been asked by Her Majesty to publish the following in regards to all proposed marriages of Princess Cher Wintony:

My fellow west pacificans, there is a serious threat to our regional security, the threat of boys! Ah, but I hear you ask, "Boys? What kind of threat do they impose?" I'll tell you. It's a widely known fact at this point that these boys are after only one thing, and every woman here knows it: My Daughter's hand in marriage! We cannot let this be! My darling cher is too young to be wed! That's right, I'm talking about you, WaR, you know what you did. >.>

In all seriousness though, I want it to be made perfectly clear that Cher is more than free to marry anyone she sees fit to marry, but it will be her decision, and I will not stand for you boys harassing her, for I swear if I catch it happening I will chase you around with the garden hose! From the throne of my husband, the high king of CONN, King Mark Wintony I, I present to you his word on what he thinks the prerequisites for her marriage should include:

"Well, the baseline is whoever she feels like marrying. Our little girl is an individual with her own hopes and desires and ain't no institution gonna get in the way of that.

Of course, I'd hope her significant other displayed a few traits: they've gotta be honest, fiercely loyal, dedicated to greatness, have an appreciation for the finer things and - of course - be literarily aware."

Yeah that's right boys you're gonna have to pick up a book and attend some raids, poor you. I also personally expect you to have a well established and respectable raid history. That's not asking for much, maybe a solid month of raiding, a GCR coup or two to sweeten the deal, you can do it! I believe in you! May Her future husband raid 10,000 regions!

Loyalty, Reliability, and Integrity: What Makes Princess Cher the Best Up-in-Coming Raider of 2018

What makes a good raider? They should know the mechanics of the average raid and show up consistently when raids are announced in one's military. But what seperates a "good" raider from a "great" raider? What about a "legend"? While good raiders will show up for raids and have an understanding of how typical raids work, those who have left a benchmark in raider history have done so much more; they have demonstrated ingenuity and pulled off awesome feats, and in return, have gone down in Nationstates' history as some of the best.

Cher started raiding just short of a year ago, and through her time she's learned everything required of her to meet the standard of a good raider. However, this wasn't enough to cement her legacy in raider history, not yet at least. Over the last few months however, she has demonstrated a number of key traits found in many of the site's greatest raiders, Reliability and Loyalty. She has been incredibly loyal to TWPAF, and due to her consistent reliability, she became very popular with Kawaii, Vice Commander of TWPAF. Reliability had been something admirably rare in our region's military during the past few months, yet Cher had been always ready and happy to serve at a moments notice.

Noticing these admirable traits, Kawaii began to give a lot of justly deserved attention to cher, wanting to hone her skills as a raider, and potentially help further train her to become a highly respected raider. It was in May 2018 that Kawaii adopted Cher, and made an unbreakable promise to her, to raise a the greatest raider of tomorrow! "Cher has an ambition that warms my heart. After months of seeing so many complacent raiders who have been fine settling for less than they could attain, it's incredibly refreshing to have a young raider here with me right now who shows genuine interest and passion for what we do. I see a bit of myself in her, and I want to make sure that to the very least, she get's to have the same experience I had in the orgs I and Wintony took part in; I want to expose her to the spirit of real raiding that's been absent for a while now."

Why is cher the best up-in-coming raider of the year though? Many would argue that it's because she shows promise, she isn't like the many other raiders that have gotten lazy, that aren't willing to raid even when their military needs them the most. On the contrary, Cher has always been there ready and willing to support her military. She's been increasingly interested in the glory days of raiderdom, and has demonstrated to her family that she wants to become a part of that history. "It will be done," kawaii tells TWP Magazine, "I know she is more than capable of achieving such a goal. Talking to her and getting to know how more over the past weeks has opened my eyes and given me hope for raiderdom. I know she will impress many more people over the course of this year and then some."

The West Pacific give's Cher their best wishes on her conquest through raiderdom, we believe in her, and eagerly await to see one of our own grown up to become a legend!

An Interview With The Kawaii Party's Last Hope: Princess Royal Cher Wintony

Over this past week we met with Cher Wintony, first daughter of V. K. Wintony, who has been a regular here in The West Pacific, greeting her regionmates and working in the region's coffeehouse, as well as becoming noticed as a highly reliable and skilled raider for TWPAF. We were excited to asked Miss Wintony about her life in The West Pacific, her aspirations for the future, and how she feels about becoming a member of a NS family.

Q: Good evening, Cher. We're really glad you could meet with us, if you could tell us, what would you say your typical day is like in TWP?
Cher: My typical day in TWP usually involves greetings, coffee, and interesting daily chats with various topics. What makes the day even better would be some hilarious posts and trebuchet rides.

Q: Those are great, aren't they!So, what are some of the things you like most about TWP?
Cher: In my personal opinion, despite being my birth region, it's got quality over quantity. It may have the least residents of all the Pacifics, but it has a stable and well-functioning government. Its conversations are intellectual and proper, so, it's got attitude. It also has a strong and unique culture, which differs it from many regions. But mostly, I like the companions I got here. They have distinctive personalities, which I prefer than having one common community with no specialties. The people here also tend to be friendly, reliable, humorous, fun, and enjoyable. Exceptions for law-breakers.

Q: You have recently become a member of The House of Wintony, has there been any significant changes since you've become a Wintony?
Cher: Well, this news actually got me shocked and nervous when I heard it. About significant difference, I realize I've gotten a bit quiet lately. Besides, this is the first time I belong to a family, so I'm still a bit dazzled, but doing fine.

Q: As a Princess of a newly established Royal Family, do you think/want people to respect you and your title?
Cher: Actually, the title "princess" doesn't really bother me much. Sometimes, it feels weird and awkward when I kept being called by that, it sounds like I'm a damsel-in-distress or something. Not that I hate it. But when it comes to the family name, yes. Don't even try to mess with it.

Q: What do you hope to gain as a member of the family, or what have you gained if already have?
Cher: This family's got many extraordinary people. And that made me realize something. Me being here means that I've been given responsibilities to raise the pride of being a Wintony. To carry that name is a big deal. Therefore, I'm looking to be an experienced and exceptional raider. Small steps to begin with, day by day.

Q: What do you hope for in terms of TWP's future?
Cher: Many things, actually. One among them is participation. All is well and good, but I'd love to see new people hanging around the RMB, getting in the forums, taking part in the government, TWPAF, discussions, debates, and so on. I wish people could see what we have here, not just freedom of speech and whatsoever, but about how interesting our community is. I wish people could just quit hanging around issues only and start making their real mark around.
*hint* *hint*

Q: What are the good traits of people in The West Pacific, and what are some of the bad one's you've noticed?
Cher: Some of the good traits; reliable, fun, helpful, humorous, courteous, respectful, critical, civil.
Some of the bad traits; ignorant, too conservative, salty, strict, not tolerant.

Q: I love the enthusiasm! Is there anything in particular you would like to see in TWP? Any changes?
Cher: Not really, I'm quite comfy around here. Well, maybe to reduce being xenophobic a little bit would be nice :3

Q: Yeah, we here in TWP don't suffer fools lightly, so they often end up winning free airfare and a one way ticket to TRR. Now, let's talk TWPAF, word is, you're a very reliable raider and you have the potential to become a real leader one day. Let's say you were to become commander of TWPAF, how would you like to see it operated? Are there any changes you would like to see in our military?
Cher: To start with, I lack the ability of being a leader. But if I were to become the Commander of TWPAF and RL were all good, I'd plan more raids to hone skills. Especially infiltrations, because this part is pretty rare and requires time, patience, and specific approaches. I'd plan more joint operations. Gotta persuade people to attend raids. Also, I'd send recruitment telegrams with Alti-like template, and for my personal doing, I'd TG some active nations in TWP in order to recruit them, and to collect info about reasons why one doesn't choose to join TWPAF. The info will be processed and discussed to make a better TWPAF.

Q:What is your philosophy on raiding?
Cher: I've never thought about it before, but I guess the main three of them:
1. Prepare for the worst, because there'll always be something wrong. Always.
2. Answer to no one except yourself, yet respect the chain of command.
3. Raiding is fun, being a jerk at it isn't.

Q: Do you have any desires to become one of the legends? In what way?
Cher: Yeah, I could use that somehow. In a good way, at least good for a side. I'd like that to come from being a respectable raider, but well, that could come from a lot of other things as well.

Q: If you were to have the chance to meet any NS historical figure, (that is, anyone who has done something noteworthy in NS) who would you like to meet?
Cher: Francos Spain xD
Just curious, people talk that much of him.

Q: If you became the Goddess Empress of TWP, what are some things you would do with your new found authority?
Cher: Goddess Empress? o.o
Probably would do something silly with it :P
The rest depends on what kind of goddess I was.

Q: What flavor of coffee should people order in Westbucks Coffeehouse?
Cher: My suggestion would be espresso. Or plain. Or instant, if you lack the money.

Q: What's a good question to ask you?
Cher: Absolutely anything, yet I'll be the judge of that :p

The Troupiers of Kawaii Schoolgirl