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Full name: Classified
Occupation: Superheroine

Nationality: Indonesian (formerly), Amenrian
Affiliation: HALO, Nine Tails, Empire of Amenria,
Caliphate of Earth
Alignment: Neutral good

Status: Alive
Species: Human
Date of birth: 4 February, 2003
Age: 43
Gender: female
Height: 170 cm (with Glass Shoes)
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type: O

Likes: Machines, Cheonsa
Dislikes: Feeling powerless
Hobby: Playing videogames, watching anime

Cinderella is a human superheroine from the Empire of Amenria.




Cinderella was a sad, little girl who was constantly bullied and looked down on, despite her intelligence. This made her parents, especially her father, become overprotective, to the point that they start homeschooling her and not allowing her to leave the house most of the time.

When she does leave her house, however, she was always accompanied by a certain man, a friend of her family entrusted to look after her when her parents weren't available. This man became a brotherly figure to her, always running to him whenever she had problems.

At the age of 12, she met someone else she could trust. She met Cheonsa, who was a teenage superhero at the time. He was always there for her whenever she needed him, and his kindness inspired her and motivated her to overcome her depression. Over time, they got closer to each other. At one point, they were so close she gave him the nickname "Guardian Angel".

The following year, her life went downhill. She had to move to another nation due to her father's work, forcing her to leave both Cheonsa and the man she met before him. Later that year, she lost her mother and her boyfriend broke up with her, leading to events that would change her life forever.

Shortly after the loss of two of her loved ones, she had an unfortunate accident which made her lose her legs. Cheonsa was somehow partially responsible for this accident, which made him feel deeply guilty until now.


Powers and Abilities

Genius Intellect

Cinderella is a woman with high intelligence, being able to make various machines, including her prosthetic legs, Glass Shoes, and her mechas.



Cinderella has a personal arsenal of self-made mecha, each with their own specialty.

  • Prince Charming

    Specializing in aerial combat, Prince Charming has several pairs of wings which can be heated up and and flapped to send waves of heat as a form of attack. It is also equipped with a flame-based whip mounted on each arm and napalm grenades, as well as missile pods hidden in each shoulder and machine guns on the lower part of each wrist. The creation of this mecha was inspired by Cheonsa. It is a component of King's Castle.

  • Major

    Essentially a white, gargantuan, mechanical horse, Major is equipped with extra armour plating on its knees and head, heavy machine guns on each thigh, beam cannons on its eyes, missile launchers on its waist, and shock generators on its hooves. It is hardly, if ever, piloted and almost always controlled by an AI. It can be used as a mount for other, smaller mecha and is a component of King's Castle.

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