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GRP-002 05102018

GRP Proposal: 002 051018. Rules Regarding Expansion in RP.

This proposal is intended to create rules in regards to territorial expansion in RP, in an effort to ensure that no future conflicts occur and to keep the RP fair.

Expansion Rules.

1. - Nations may only colonize up to two real life nations.

2. - Colonies may only be on one other continent. (Example: Nation [Tropico] is located in Europe and wants a colony in Africa, they must not colonize outside of Africa.)

3. - In order to expand into uncharted space, and establish colonies, you must first state where you are expanding to and then confirm that no one currently claims that territory.

4. - An expansion RP can only take 1 real life nation at a time.

5. - Be realistic you cannot just take an unclaimed territory without any resistance.

6. - After you establish a colony/colonies, you must wait at least a week before you can expand again.

7. - Colonies take time to develop, no instant cities, bases or friendly governments.

8. - Expansion takes multiple posts that aren't just one-liners.

9. - The most important rule, period! If a new nation to OEU wishes to claim a map spot on your colony you must let that nation take the territory. There is nothing worse than a new nation joining OEU and leaving because the were told that territory [Example: Iran] is a colony and can't be taken.

Punishments for rule violations.

1. - If a nation violates rules 1-8 their RP shall be considered null and void.

2. - If a nation violates rule 9 they will be subject to having their map spot terminated for a length of time determined by the RP manager.

The Covviad Commonwealth of Joshuastania