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Provinces of Daunlaund

The Provinces of Daunlaund are very important.
Here are there flags and stats.

map of the provinces

Flag map

Daunlaundic Flag


Ereckia Province
stats- smallest city, home to the largest fountain in Daunlaund.
Province Capital- Ereckia city

Derosè Province
Stats- all embassy's are found here.
Province Capital- Derosé city

Ronicon Province stats- home to the capital and second largest city in Daunlaund Ronicon city
Province Capital- Ronicon city

Heliris Province stats- home to the third biggest city in Daunlaund Heliris city, best swimmers in Daunlaund are from here, largest province and home to the famous Pulmukk festival
Province capital- Heliris City

Nordor Province
Stats- makes best chocolate in Daunlaund, the name Nordor comes from the Daunlaundic word for north.
Province Capital- Nordorton-Ahbhanhen

Ferús Province
Stats- Home to the highest mountain in Daunlaund (mt. Ferús 4,900ft.) on the border with Havadar.
Province Capital- Ferúston

Daun Province
Stats- second largest city in Daunlaund is here as well as many beutiful towns and the famous Sztréland valley where the Daunic-Erskillian war was fought.
Province Capital- Daun, City of

Vask Province
Stats-most rural province and the province that is home to the most traditional variety of Daunlaundic pasteries. Also home to the last speakers of the Réa language.
Province Capital- Rúbhen-Asztlikt

Ventroven Province
Stats- home to the winter festival. And many stunning mountians, the terrain here is very rugged.
Province Capital- Maakt-Lachtbourg

Esztlúew Province
stats- has many stunningly beutiful buildings such as churches and grand halls and is known for its stunning mix of modern and old architecture with many old castle ruins.
Province capital- Lúew-Kaastheim

The Third Republic of Daunlaund