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Wiki // Oakoms Group

Oakoms Group
An Alteran multi-national Technology Corporation

The Oakoms Group is a major multi-national company, specialising in developing
and producing a variety of aerospace, electronic and other defence technologies.
Formed from the merging of several Alteran and other national companies, the group
are best known for their 'Lantea' range of turbofan engines.

Oakoms Group

Oakoms Group international
headquarters, Alteran Republics


Aerospace, Defence,
Security, Electronics

National Origin

Alteran Republics


Yellownorth Aircraft Ltd.
Oakom Aircraft
Oakom Electronics
Hemmingway Aircraft Ltd.


April 10th, 1948


Capan, Alteran Republics

Area Served


Key People

Teng Shun (CEO)
Gao Oakoms (Dep. CEO)


Ͼ14,078,120 billion

Operating Income

Ͼ1,320,655 billion

Net Income

Ͼ867,093 billion




Oakoms Electronics
Oakoms Aerospace
Oakoms Rail and Logistics
Oakoms Communications
Oakoms Construction

The Oakoms Group is an Alteran-based, multi-national technology research, development and manufacture company. It specialises in a number of fields, namely aerospace, electronics and infrastructure projects. It was formed by the merger of several smaller companies, namely the aircraft company Hemmingway, the electronics manufacturer Oakom and the aircraft manufacturer Yellownorth in the early 21st century. It's headquarters are located in Capan, Altera. The company is widely known for its development of the Galiant engines during the Imperial War, as well as the Lantea engines used to power the AAe 4-11 airliners.


Oakoms was formed by aircraft pioneer Geoffrey Oakoms in 1911, setting up a small workshop in Segovia, Altera, to manufacture engine and aeroplane parts for private aviation enthusiasts. As the popularity of aircraft took off with the middle and upper classes, so did the small company - eventually expanding to a number a workshops around the country. Following the adoption of aircraft by the Alteran Defence Forces, the company began receiving orders direct from government - including the development and production of their first aircraft.

By the end of the Imperial War, the company had grown to the largest supplier of aircraft parts and engines - often collaborating with fellow aircraft company Yellownorth Aircraft Ltd. Although Oakoms had purchased a large percentage of shares in Yellownorth, it wasn't until that it had over 60% of the shares that the company floated the idea of a merger. In 1948, the two companies merged to form the Oakoms group and created several branches to focus on several industries: electronics, aerospace, rail and infrastructure.

In the 21st Century, Oaksoms is a primary contractor in several key areas within Alteran industry, namely rail, construction and aerospace.


The Oakoms Group has made many electronic devices and equipment used by the Alteran Armed Forces from its past, including the STARS helmet for the army and the military police. It has worked with Alteran Aerospace on various projects, develop and produced its Sariel fighter in the 80s and 90s and made its STARS defensive aids. Oakoms often worked with several mulit-national companies and designed the electronics used on Alteran ships. Oakoms is also exploring possibilities of developing a light aircraft carrier for the Alteran navy. It is also working on X-ray imaging, finances, energy and operating commercial satellites.

Oakoms is the primary supplier of trains for the national Alteran networks, as well as rail cars for the privately owned Sterling Metro systems.


  • Governess OE.142 Mk.211; A 10,410 lbf turbofan engine produced for small airliners

  • Governess OE.145 Mk.311; A 12,550 lbf turbofan engine produced for small airliners

  • Lantea TF Mk.IV; A 62,000 lbf turbofan engine produced for airliners

  • Lantea TF Mk.VII; A 72,000 lbf turbofan engine produced for airliners

  • Lantea TF Mk.IX; A 52,500 lbf turbofan engine produced for airliners

  • Lantea TF Mk.XI; A 64,000 lbf turbofan engine produced for airliners

  • Lantea TF Mk.XIV; A 71,000 lbf turbofan engine produced for airliners

  • Avenger TP Mk.II; A 1,000 hp turboprop engine produced for light aircraft

  • Ghost TS Mk.XII; A 2,200 hp turbroshaft engine produced for helicopters

  • Dragoon; An electric train for underground networks

  • Gadwall; A multi-role 4.5th generation fighter

  • Pochard; A light multi-role 4.5th generation fighter

  • Swift; A wireless payment and numberplate recognition system for road tolls

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