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Maps of Forest[Depreciated]

This is the old dispatch for the forest map, the new one can be found at
The Old World

The New World

The Old World: Climate Map

The New World: Climate Map

Climate Key
The climate map uses the Köppen climate classification system. You can read more about it Linkhere. Climate groups are classified using a two or three letter name, and some have common names.
Every color represents a different (or a few different) climate group. Each climate name has a Wikipedia link to that climate's Wikipedia page.

A or Tropical Climates
Dark blue: Af or Linktropical rainforest
Blue: Am or Linktropical monsoon
Light blue: As/Aw or Linktropical savanna
B or Dry Climates
Red: BWh or Linkhot desert
Pink: BWk or Linkcold desert
Orange: BSh or Linkhot steppe
Light orange: BSk or Linkcold steppe
C or Temperate Climates
Yellow: Csa/Csb/Csc or LinkMediterranean
Pale green: Cwa/Cfa or Linkhumid subtropical
Bright green: Cfb/Cfc/Cwb/Cwc or Link oceanic
D or Continental Climates
Sky blue: Dsa/Dsb/Dwa/Dwb/Dfa/Dfb or Linkhumid continental
Dark green: Dsc/Dsd/Dwc/Dwd/Dfc/Dfd or Linksubarctic
E or Polar Climates
Light gray: ET or Linktundra
Dark gray: EF or Linkice cap

FAQ: Why didn't you include every climate type as its own color?
This map is based off of real-life weather phenomena. Using the latitude on the side of the map, I determined wind patterns and ocean currents. Then, using that, I determined climate based off of local temperature and precipitation. This is why I won't let you change your climate without changing location, even if you ask nicely.
However, in the real world, it's much easier to make such a map, as you simply take weather measurements from around the world. This allows you to define many more climate types that have much smaller variation. I simply cannot determine enough variables to figure out how every single type would be placed, so I just picked the major ones and lumped the smaller ones in.

Read dispatch

Brellach Velkia and the Islands Forniphiliac limbo of inabilis Latusgardd Mozworld Taco Respublic Ransium Altmer dominion Lompe Steen HAHA Calenmor Altmer dominion Hyrule and Lorule Zwangzug Sapnu puas The united socialist democracy Montmorencia Uan aa boa Errinundera Chilledsville Canaltia Froenburg Gil zardon Bilsa Ruinenlust The cypher nine Ypogegrammeni Feladria Caracasus Lord Dominator Tauride Fredelig-fjord Dest oritio Tauride Oiseau Frieden-und Freudenland Dwardossa Aeterno Tranquillitas Eryndlynd Lammas Forest turtle Mount Seymour The New Bluestocking Homeland Esterild Turbeaux The Void Territories Lon Kra Con Valenverio Kawastyseli Terrabod Forgotten Beauty Sierra brava Isbjorn Maerenne Bava PaeraniBlon GreCosonaKarockEntitizeGreater jewish mamlakahBagionaCoranovaPlifteYahuaThe eternal first orderVerdant HavenWantevoloMotukairangiRivienlandAurignaKannapNew LadaviaJutsaShimertaHediacranaThe southern cascadian statesNovian RepublicsLarifienKeilersmoorSand PointPenguinmattlandThe totem poleCrowaciaAlpenburgUfoOrdandHerotriaTrakarPapliaKaiselandSierra crystalHyon DeltaOipientaKuchGroenwald

Can I get onto the map?
Forest's map operated on an opt in basis. Any nation wishing to join the regional map must have a regional Influence rating of 30 SPDR or higher. You can check your regional influence here. Influence is a measure of a combination of World Assembly endorsements and length of time spent in a region. Nations below 30 SPDR must wait until they reach that level before applying.

How big can I be?

You may not request an area for your nation larger than approximately 500 by 500 pixels (a 500×500 box is located on the bottom right of the map for reference) on the full uploaded map scale unless you have 100 SPDR or over. If you surpass 100 SPDR and would like to request a larger size, please telegram the cartographers with your new request.

What Else Can Be Requested

You may request a specific size for your nation so long as it is below the requirements listed above. You may request a specific location, access to a river, water, landlocked status, etc. so long as it is within reason. If you would like your nation in a specific location on the map, please check on the biome map[pending] to make sure that its climate matches that area appropriately.

The cartographers reserve the right to refuse to add or to edit any nation or feature on the regional map.

The Form

Please use this form to send your application to the head cartographer Areulder.

Nation name:
Capital city:
Location if you have a preference:
Significant geographical features (mountains, rivers, etc.— and where they are located):
Any maps of your nation you wish to share with the cartographers:
Any other information or requests: