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The Extra Territorial Group

The Extra Territorial Group (Erikseen Alueellinen Yhdelmä in Barboneian Finnish) is a private military company based in Barboneia and originally founded by General Gideon Kallio of the Barboneian Chancellery in 1842. It was meant for discharged and off-duty military members to be able to provide their unique services to a larger range of clientele. In modern times, the ETG is one of the largest PMC groups in the world, providing services across Valkia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and many other locations.

Originally, the ETG acted as mercenaries in other countries in Valkia by serving the highest bidders in various local conflict and wars. During the mid-20th century, however, they expanded into private security, providing for various companies and other organizations in need of protection.

The group gained more notorious international recognition in the early 1990s when they became involved in the Somalian Civil War, working for the Somali Democratic Republic and later with United Nations peacekeepers. They were notorious for their brutal, but effective tactics and for the sheer professionalism and competency demonstrated by operators. They continue to have involvement in the country, providing support and security for the Federal Government. Since then, the ETG saw increased operations in other African countries and parts of the Middle East, and also saw employment from various international businesses in the United States and Europe for smaller scale security purposes.

However, currently, the ETG is most known for protecting various oil operations, such as drilling sites, refineries, and company towns in the North Lands for Barboneian-based oil companies, most notably Commonwealth Petroleum and the Grestin Oil Union. This has led to some controversy in Barboneia, due to alleged human rights abuses of the native residents of the region and "over-reach", which has led to the ETG forming a so-called "self-serving enterprise" on PMC operations in the area. Recent developments include, in 2016, a documentary made on the issue, entitled "Black Gold of the North" which deals with both resource exploitation in the region by oil companies and oppression on the local population by the ETG.

The ETG are iconic for their uniforms (usually consisting of a plate carrier over a red sweater or jacket depending on the area of operation, khakis, combat boots, and a ball cap baring the logo of the company) and their use of the FN SCAR rifle and variants. Most notably, North Lands-deployed operators are known for utilizing the FN SCAR-H loaded with hollow point rounds for "maximum psychological effect" on the native population, which, unsurprisingly, has led to more controversy in Barboneia.

The ETG is known to operate an unknown number of EE-11 Urutu armored personnel carriers and MOWAG Eagle IVs for troop movement. The group is also known to field approximately a dozen Denel Rooivalk attack helicopters, for deployment in more intense combat areas.

The ETG employs approximately 500,000 people across the world, both in Barboneia and elsewhere. The current CEO is K.H. Peltola, a former Everstiluutnantti (lieutenant colonel) of the Greater Barboneian Army Infantry Division.