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~No excess cursing
~No pornographic imagery
~No trolling or baiting
~No personal attacks (i.e. no insults or racial epithets)
~Be active, if you are inactive for 19-20 days you will be ejected
~Do not mix RP/Politics/Personal Stuff
~Please Speak English
~If you are banned please contact the Minister of Defense, Founder, or Prime Minister
~Please do not harass anybody
~Do not make the roleplay personal
~The Founder of the Official European Union is required to write any new law he thinks up in resolution format and submit it to Parliament at the next meeting to him writing the proposal. (Added by 002 GRR-002 05242018)
~All nations must be members of a political party and members of the OEU for at least 10 days in order to vote in regional elections (Added by 004 GRR-001 05242018)
~A nation may not be a member of the OEU until their nation has existed for more than 2 weeks. Nations that have not existed for more than two weeks are to be expelled. (Added by 001 FO-001 04292019)
~Nations that pass the two weeks mark after previously being expelled may return once they have achieved two weeks. (Added by 002 FO-001 04292019)

-An Occupation may only last a week
-You cannot render a nation incapable of roleplaying how they want to roleplay after war or occupation
-In order to build things please be reasonable in their construction time, you cannot build things instantly
-Soldiers cannot teleport, please make sure they take time to get to a location
-You cannot declare war on a nation based on what their real life equivalent has done.
-You may not under any circumstances use nuclear weapons
-Be reasonable about your military size
-Anything not listed here is up to the incumbent Roleplay Manager to decide
-Roleplay Manager's word is law
-Nations may only colonize up to two real life nations. (Added by 001 GRP-002 05102018)
-Colonies may only be on one other continent. (Example: Nation [Tropico] is located in Europe and wants a colony in Africa, they must not colonize outside of Africa.) (Added by 002 GRP-002 05102018)
-In order to expand into uncharted space, and establish colonies, you must first state where you are expanding to and then confirm that no one currently claims that territory. (Added by 003 GRP-002 05102018)
-An expansion RP can only take 1 real life nation at a time. (Added by 004 GRP-002 05102018)
-Be realistic you cannot just take an unclaimed territory without any resistance. (Added by 005 GRP-002 05102018)
-After you establish a colony/colonies, you must wait at least an IRL week before you can expand again. (Added by 006 GRP-002 05102018)
-Colonies take time to develop, no instant cities, bases or friendly governments. (Added by 007 GRP-002 05102018)
-Expansion takes multiple posts that aren't just one-liners. (Added by 008 GRP-002 05102018)
-If a new nation to OEU wishes to claim a map spot on your colony you must let that nation take the territory. There is nothing worse than a new nation joining OEU and leaving because the were told that territory [Example: Iran] is a colony and can't be taken. (Added by 009 GRP-002 05102018)
-China, India, England, The United States, Australian, or any European nation may not be colonized (Added by 001 GRP-001 05102018)
-One's nation may not have borders that expand the borders of more than three real life nations, you can gain more through conquest but what you gain through conquest can be taken aswell however, you three core nations can never be taken from you. Nations that were on the map previous to this rule are exempt from the rule. (Added by 002 GRP-001 05102018)
-Always be courteous and respectful to your fellow players. (Added by R1 GRP-006 07182018)
-Do not spam and no offensive or aggressive IRL political posts. (Added by R2 GRP-006 07182018)
-Do not harass someone who posts something you don't agree with. This means that if you don't think someone's RP is fair or realistic you may only say it once and you must tag the RP manager who will determine if the RP is valid. (Added by R3 GRP-006 07182018)
-Do not flame, troll or otherwise insult others. (Added by R4 GRP-006 07182018)
-Any serious grievance against another nation shall be brought to the attention of an OEU Government Official, or taken to the Telegrams, not openly aired. (Added by R5 GRP-006 07182018)
-New nations who say "hello" for the first time needs to have their greetings answered in a friendly manner. (Added by R6 GRP-006 07182018)
-If things get heated, step away from the keyboard. (Added by R7 GRP-006 07182018)
-Colonies are allowed but cannot be shown on the map. (Added by 001 GRP-008 07182018)
-Any nation that had colonies not connected are still required to give up map claims to that area, but are permitted to continue using it as a colony in their roleplay. (Added by 002 GRP-008 07182018)
-No new nation may take an established nation's original territory, original territories can be proven by looking back at map archives. Original territory means the first three IRL nations they owned upon joining the OEU. Under no circumstances may this be granted to a new nation. (Added by 001 GRP-009 07182018)
-If a new nation wants territory outside of the original three nations they need to discuss with the current land owner, if said nation still only controls its original three nations, the new nation may not take any of their land. (Added by 002A GRP-009 07182018)
-If a nation refuses to give up their territory outside of the three original nations they are legally allowed to decline to giving away their territory. (Added by 002B GRP-009 07182018)
-In cases of extreme governmental power abuses, the Head Justice, Prime Minister, or Chancellor is allowed to call for a poll to decide if that government official must suffer loosing some map territory. This poll may only apply to nations with less than three IRL nations. (Added by 003 GRP-009 07182018)
-You cannot occupy a defeated nation unless you have consent from that nation in the RMB. (Added by 001 GRP-010 01032018)
-If a nation attempts to obstruct RP due to not being allowed to occupy those they defeated, they can have all posts of their's suppressed. (Added by 002 GRP-010 01032018)
-This does not ban occupation if the nation being occupied consents to the occupation. Use Denmark as an example of this. (Added by 003 GRP-010 01032018)
-A treaty can not require a defeated nation to hand over any territory without permission from the defeated nation (Added by 001 GRP-011 07012019)
-A treaty can not require a defeated nation to change how they roleplay, this means you can not force a nation to change their government, military, economy, or religion in a treaty without permission from the defeated nation. (Added by 001 GRP-011 07012019)
-A treaty must accepted by all sides in a conflict (Added by 001 GRP-011 07012019)
-A treaty can not require a defeated nation to do something out of RP, this means a treaty may not require a defeated nation to vote a certain way, or to give them a place on the map. (Added by 001 GRP-011 07012019)
-If one accepts a treaty one may not break the treaty until atleast a week after the treaty is accepted. (Added by 002 GRP-011 07012019)
-Once a treaty is accepted additional clauses may not be added. (Added by 002 GRP-011 07012019)
-If one accepts a treaty, one accepts the clauses. Do not complain about the effects of the treaty to a moderator after having accepted it (Added by 002 GRP-011 07012019)
-If a treaty regards territory, at anytime the defeated can take the territory back. (Added by 002 GRP-011 07012019)
-You are not permitted to take up an entire continent even through conquest. (Added by 001 GRP-015 07012019)
-You can not use the following nations as starting nations; Russia, Canada, China. You may start a nation within them but you may not start with all of their territory, if you want their territory you are permitted to roleplay taking over land slowly over time. (Added by 002 GRP-015 07012019)

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