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The Navthanian Armed Forces

Since the Jovian war, the military of Navthania itself has remained somewhat small, focusing more on quality of training and advanced technologies, rather than numbers of soldiers. Recently, however, Navthania has gone through a large rebuild of its military. Navthania used to draw a considerable amount of strength from The Navthanian Isles, however, due to their deep-rooted corruption and a failed assassination attempt on Oswald Jefferson, Navthania denounced them and decided to eject them from Navthanian rule.
For more information visit "The Navthanian Isles"

Air Force:
The majority of Navthania's military power comes from its formidable air force, consisting of approximately:
4,700 attack helicopters, 5,800 fighters, 1,960 bombers (stealth and otherwise), 1,800 heavy bombers, and countless other miscellaneous aircraft including transport and fuel craft.
The air force is also rumored to currently hold approximately [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REDACTED] the blueprints of which have not even been shared with allies of the nation. Navthanian pilots undertake the same training as regular infantry (See 'ground forces') along with advanced dogfighting and CAS training.

The navy is considerable less sizeable, consisting of only:
2 aircraft carriers; The Sovereign's Pride and The Aged Poseidon. 9 Battleships, 12 Battlecruisers, 24 Cruisers, 46 Destroyers, and around 160 more gunboats and smaller patrol vessels.
The navy is also in possession of approximately [REDACTED] submarines, the locations of which are highly classified. As with pilots, Navthanian seamen undertake infantry training, along with more advanced aquatic techniques.

Ground Forces:
While Navthania's population is over 1 Billion, only 4 Million soldiers are currently employed by the military of Navthania, with most citizens focusing on advancing the scientific side of their country, those that do elect to serve are subjected to one of the most brutal training regimes possible. To this day 1 in 20 recruits in training die or are seriously injured to the point of being unable to continue. Training includes weapons handling, sword combat, unarmed combat, escape and evasion, long mid and short-range firefights, climbing, swimming, vehicle operation and maintenance, skydiving and interrogation, plus many more. The average soldier is equipped with standard 12th Era MKIV power armour, along with a laser or plasma rifle depending on the issue I clicked ages ago that I've forgotten.
Navthania has a vast array of support vehicles including:
800 Heavy Tanks, 1,000 Medium Tanks, and over 1,500 light tanks and APCs.
1,200 Artillery Pieces including self-propelled guns.
A countless number of jeeps and transports.
1 highly classified vehicle nicknamed 'Iron Castle'

Miscellaneous Items:
Advanced orbitals cannons drift out of the atmosphere.
Navthania's scientists are constantly trying to improve the arsenal of weapons available, yet hope they need not use them