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Special Convention on the Impeachment Process for Office holders within the Grecian League [unratified]

Topic: The reassignment of lead cartography duties to a new nation.

Members of the Grecian League,

Noting gross oversight that a 4/5 vote in favor of impeachment within the Office of Regional Defense (and office of only three members) is required to impeach the head of the office.

Outraged that the head of the office is only held responsible to his or her appointees and not to the whole of his or her constituents.

Enraged at the immunity of the Head of the Office of Regional Defense from impeachment despite being accused of being derelict in his duty to protect the region from outside aggression by multiple members of the Grecian League.

Determined to fix the solution to prevent a tyrant from abusing a source of unchecked power.

This proposal aims to do the following:

  1. Article XXII of the Charter of the Grecian League shall be rewritten to the following:

    1. Impeachment proposals may be brought to a vote before the Grecian League and will pass if they achieve a 2/3 or higher yea vote.

    2. A nation may not propose an impeachment proposal more than once per month.

Porpoise Isle

The Principality of Porpoise Isle