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Prime Minister Brittany Hess

Name of Leader:
Brittany Hess

Title of Leader:
Prime Minister

Political Party:
Lyknic Freedom Alliance (LFA)

When did they come to power?
May 16, 2018

How did they come to power?
By winning the May 2018 Elections.

Date of birth:
October 24, 1988


Place of birth:
Lyslaw, Democratic Lykna


Spouse/Significant Other?


Other Family Members:
Father: Lt. Richard Merriwether "Rick" Hess (*1946), war veteran
Mother: Rebecca Hess, née Dragovicci (*1959), owner of a liquor store

Brittany Hess was born on October 24, 1988, in Lyslaw. She finished school in 2006 and became a Technical Assistant in the Lyslaw-based Occidental Programming (OP) IT company, where she, due to her IT skills, quickly got up. As she was interested in politics, she joined the Lyknic Republic Union (LRU) in 2007, but spent relatively little time dealing with it first. Then, after giving a couple of speeches, she became leader of the youth organisation of the LRU.

In 2009, all of a sudden, a seat became vacant in the National Assembly. Hess spontaneously decided to quit her IT job and join in. Party vice presider Stacey Carrington got attentive of her, amazed by her rhetorical skills while always staying calm, even if offended by opponents.

In 2010, she, Horroway and Carrington became PMs, appointed by Queen Karen I.

From the very beginning, Hess had some minor conflicts with Horroway, who is straight, direct and wants her own way without compromises. When Stacey Carrington quit her job, Hess and Horroway could not agree on who should take Carrington's position. As a result, nobody took over it.

However, Horroway and Hess managed to pass what they could agree on: they legalised same-sex marriage, established a minority language protection law, rebuilt the police forces (to the level they are needed) and reformed the education system. They organized Queen Karen's state funeral in 2012 and made in one of the most memorable events Lykna has ever seen. They continued as PMs when the new constitution was established.

The spending of the national budget was an issue Horroway and Hess often disputed about. While Hess focussed on social welfare and infrastructure, Horroway's primary issues were the military and business subsidisation. Though they mostly managed to find something about a compromise.

Their disputes went so far that in early 2012, when Horroway had gone for vacation, Hess drafted several bills, including a social reform and a Bill of Freedoms, abolishing gun control and legalising all sorts of drugs, and presented them to the National Assembly, which approved and passed them, which was possible since only 50% of the PMs ruling have to agree on a law passed by the NA (which made sense when there were three PMs). Horroway was not amused about this, but approved of them subsequently.

When after Queen Karen's death, the public started debating about the future of Lykna, Horroway claimed that Hess was involved in various scandals, including sex scandals, attempted bribery, and the misuse of immunity. Despite the lack of absolute proof, she managed to ensure that Hess got her trial at the Supreme Court, where she was acquitted. However, she lost her position. Whether this was intended by Horroway to just get rid of Hess, or real concerns about a government official not having a clear record, is likely to remain unclear forever.

While Hess founded her own party and re-entered the National Assembly as one of the opposition leaders (in Lykna, you don't automatically lose your NA seat after a trial if you aren't found guilty; also, MNAs are allowed to switch parties once every legislative term), Horroway continued ruling the new Democratic Republic on her own. She focussed on her most important issues, but never tried to repeal the legislation drafted by Hess.

Hess’s new party, the Lyknic Freedom Alliance (LFA), got supported by a number of other MNAs. 17 LRU members switched to the LFA, primarily because they were unsatisfied with Horroway’s "little power games" and believed in Hess’s innocence. Also, Hess focussed more on environmental protection, income equality, and international diplomacy to distance herself from the LRU. Over the time, Hess got some of her reputation back, which motivated her to run for the next election.

At the end of April 2018, Hess and Horroway stated that they had got over it and considered co-operating again. Considering the formation of the Organised Opposition, they saw themselves in a need to form a counter-coalition.

After the 2018 election, Hess's LFA became the strongest party in the NA. Therefore, Hess is on the top of the state now, with Horroway and Spike Leary as co-PMs. On May 16, 2018, she officially got re-introduced into office, giving a fulminant introduction speech inspired by ... a glass of vodka.

Personal life

Unlike most high-ranked politicians in Lykna, Brittany Hess is relatively open with private details. Her father was a veteran of the 1960s War and one of the few survivors, which made it possible for her to get in touch with guns (according to the gun laws of that time) quite early. Her mother owned a liquor store in Lyslaw, another advantage. Hess’s hobbies are horse riding, shooting, tinkering around with technological devices, and drinking a lot of vodka.

She is heterosexual, yet single.

She lives in her private apartment in the Garland Tower in the city centre of Santa Clara.

According to her own statement, she has English and Italian-Croatian ancestry.

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