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Democratic Lykna is an island state located right in the Nordic Lands, with just lots of water around it. It hosts about 4,600,000 inhabitants.
The capital city is Santa Clara (sometimes called Santa Clara by the Bay to distinguish it from other cities with the same name). It has a population of about a million.
The state labels itself as a Matriarchy, the current leader is Prime Minister Brittany Hess.
The legislature is the National Assembly, which, by constitution, is democratically elected. It currently (after the May 2018 election) hosts eight parties, the strongest one used to be Horroway's Lyknic Republican Union (LRU), now replaced by the LFA (Lyknic Freedom Alliance).
The official language is English. Yet, there is a number of minority languages spoken, including but not limited to: French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swahili, Chinese.
Mainland Lykna is subdivided into 13 municipalities. 8 municipalities joined in May 2018 after a referendum.

Now, this little introduction is supposed to be kept as short as possible, but just to clear up a few misconceptions:
No, we do not call ourselves democratic just to pretend not to be a dictatorship. We do have a democratic system. It just doesn't work properly, as the May 2018 elections were the first ones in 12 years of democracy.
No, the term 'matriarchy' does not imply a gynocratic dystopia where men have no say. Men and women are equal and have equal rights. Men are also allowed and welcome to the politics of our nation, they are just in a minority due to our demographics. Also, this is not the average leftist's wet dream, au contraire.

To get these things clear, more information on our history will be needed. An overview can be found here.

There is also a list of things you can tell from that you're Lyknic. It basically says everything about the culture of Lykna: You know you're from Democratic Lykna when ...

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