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FV-FD Party

For Vesta, For Driselbia

About Us

We are a political party who aims to bring together the people of Driselbia and build it as a home, a place of comfort and of peace. Our virtues align with those of Vesta, the Roman deity of home and fire. Her fire represents the burning will of the people and togetherness as a family, a home. Under her watchful eye, we seek to make Driselbia a better, safer, and more together than ever! We open our hearts to those in need and build a community with their trust. We stand together for Vesta and for Driselbia!

Our Members

Caduceo, Party Leader
Nos unitum surge, Deputy


Create jobs and opportunities for new and old citizens to participate in local and Interregional affairs.
Develop a peaceful community with help of the government.
To further increase the inflow of new members through increased recruitment.
Help emphasize the region's top aspects such as the military, media, roleplay, and government.
Streamline the government structure to smoothly and efficiently enforce laws.
To let the flag of Driselbia be known throughout the land for glory and respect!

Join Us

Easily join us in our quest to unite Driselbia and make it prosper by sending a telgram to Caduceo!

[b]For Vesta, For Driselbia[/b]!

[i]Dear [nation][/nation], you have been formally invited in joining the FV-FD Political Party residing in [region]Driselbia[/region]. We aim to unite the region and being prosperity within it, building it together as a community, a home even. If you wish to accept, simply reply to this telegram. If not, as is. For a full list of our goals, below is the dispatch containing all the information you need.

Sincerely, [nation]Caduceo[/nation][/i]

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