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Federal Defense Forces


The Federal Defense Forces, or more commonly called as the Defense Forces are the Armed Forces of Wolfenchan ever since it's formal formation in 1956 ending the use of the Red Army or Kampfgruppen as the Armed Forces on a State Level. The Defense Forces are organized between the Ground Forces, Naval Forces, Aerospace Defense Forces and the Naval Marine Force. The Defense Forces belong to Wolfenchan's Weapons Department or simply the Department of Combat(DoC) and are under the control of the Federal Defense Council Wolfenchan. The Defense Forces has been noted on a international level to be a organized and formidable force in Combat with their Officer Force gaining a level of attention being known for their discipline, thoroughness of training, and the quality of officer leadership. The Defense Forces are known to have strict and though training for new recruits and even harsher ones given out by recruits to those in the Marines.

Active Personnel: 1,200,000 Personnel(2019)
Reserve Personnel: 1.6 Million Personnel(2019)
Active T-DOLL Units: 200,000 T-DOLL's(2019)
Storage T-DOLL Units: Numbers range between 2,000,0000 - 5,000,0000. Unconfirmed, peacetime reserve estimates.

Patriotic+Military Anthems+Military Songs:

LinkWolfenchan Salute
Anthem of the Arirang Federal Military.

LinkWe Are the Army of the People/url]
Anthem of the Arirang Federal Army.

[url=]Air Force March
Official Anthem of the Arirang Federal Air Force.

LinkThe Great Sea March
Official Anthem of the Arirang Federal Navy.

LinkNaval Aviation March Past
Official Anthem of the Naval Aviation of the Naval Forces.

LinkMen Wearing Eight Point Covers
Official Anthem of the Marine Corps

LinkVcitory is Ours
March of the 8th Army.

LinkThe Great Advance
March of the 5th Army.

LinkWide is my Motherland
March of the 4th Army.

LinkDefend the Independence of the Nation!
March of the 3rd Army.

LinkSong of Homeland Defense
March of the 2nd Army

LinkSong of the Fatherland
March of the 1st Guard Army

LinkSilver Arrow
March of the 1st Tactical Air Force

LinkOld Glory's Youth
March of the 3rd "Old Glory's' Tactical Air Force

LinkOver the Hills
March of the 5th Tactical Air Force.

LinkAireal March Past
March of the 6th Tactical Air Force.

LinkSaber March
March of the 305th Fighter Squadron which flew F-86's in the 1960's

LinkOur Nation Forever

LinkIf I Go Away to the Sea
Song used during Military Funerals.

LinkTo Serve Wolfenchan
A military song that appeared in the early 2010's in 2011.

LinkSalute of the Rangers
Song of the Wolfenchan Ranger Troop.

LinkI Vow to Thee, my Country
Originally a song brought over by English immigrants, it has became more or less a song that is sung in Armed Forces Day

LinkVictory Day
Song used to celebrate the victory over the Communists in 1962.

LinkOde to the Sergeants
A song dedicated to the Loyalty of Arirangese Military Sergeants

Song that is about a girl with her loved one fighting in the frontlines back in 1956.

LinkMarch of the Brigades
March of the 74th "Dagger" Infantry Division

LinkLet the thunder of victory rumble!
March of the 5th "Hound" Infantry Division

LinkEyes Front!
March of the 4th "Devil" Mechanized Division

LinkWaltzing Matilda
March of the 1st "Matilda" Marine Division

LinkMarch of the Defenders of the Corporation
March of the 1st "Big Green One" Infantry Division

LinkField Artillery March
March of the 40th "Piercer" Field Artillery Division

LinkBattle Hymn of the Federation
March of the 8th "Lucky Eight" Armored Division

LinkWide is my Homeland

LinkWarship March
March of the 1st "Pride" Fleet.

LinkRed Sea
March of the 2nd "Big Guns" Fleet.

LinkThousands of enemies may come
March of the 3rd "Shipwrecker" Fleet

LinkWe Saw The Sea
March of the 4th "Great White" Fleet

LinkBlue Ocean March
March of the 5th "Blue" Fleet

[Armed Forces Equipment]

Ground Forces
"Das Vaterland vom Feinsten"
260,000~ Active Personnel

- 800~ LinkKT-46 Südlicher Wächter
Main Battle Tank, to replace the KT-42

- 900~ LinkGKV-2M
Infantry Fighting Vehicle

- 1,200~ TPz-98
Armored Personnel Carrier

- 300~ LinkErkunden
Standard Armored Utility Vehicle

- 600~ LinkTPz-79/07
Armored Personnel Carrier

- 150~ LinkAUCV
Standard Mine Resistant Vehicle

- 180~ LinkMLZ-5
Standard tracked SPAAG

- 40~ LinkMLZ-2
Supplementary Tracked SPAAG

- 48~ LinkK-400
Standard Long Range SAM

- 96~ LinkFFS-R
Standard Short Range SAM

- 42~ LinkMultirole Missile Defense System
Multirole Missile Defense Unit

- 72~ LinkFFS-OSA
Standard Short Range SAM

- 24~ LinkMPMS
Multi-Purpose Missile System

- 20~ LinkMSU-112 Surface-to-Ship Missile
Standard Truck-Mounted Anti Ship Missile

- 40~ LinkMSU-88 Surface-to-Ship Missile
Former Standard Truck-Mounted Anti Ship Missile, being replaced

- 180~ LinkASE-S19
Standard Tracked SPG

- 40~ LinkASE-S10-155
Standard Wheeled SPG

- 60~ LinkASE-S10-122
Supplementary Wheeled SPG

- 96~ LinkRaketenwerfer 50 Tornado
Standard MLRS

- 24~ LinkRaketenwerfer 43 Palm
Multiple Rocket Launcher Vehicle, used as storm artillery

Numerous other Utility and Wheeled Armored Vehicles.

- 650~ LinkUH-10
Standard General Purpose Utility Helicopter

- 150~ LinkUH-27K
Standard Heavy Utility Helicopter.

- 100~ LinkSH-3 Hummingbird
Light Utility Helicopter - NATO Standard

- 144~ LinkHS-28 Aija
Standard Attack Helicopter

- 48~ LinkHS-24 Crocodile
Standard Gunship Helicopter - NATO Standard


- LinkBefreifer Missile System
Tactical Missile Interceptor and Long Range Missile Defense System

- LinkBroken Arrow
Theater Based Missile Defense System and Interceptor

Long Range Ground Launched Cruise Missile

Aerospace Defense Forces
"Der Wächter des Himmels"
180,000 Active Personnel~

- 960~ LinkKY-15C Hawk/Link15H Strike Hawk/Link15SH Silent Hawk
Air Superiority/Multirole Fighter[H]

- 120~ LinkKFM-33A
Multirole CTOL Stealth Aircraft[S]

- 480~ LinklKFM-23 Greif
Multirole Fighter[L]

- 120~ LinkNördlicher Tornado
Standard Close Air Support/Multirole/Strike Plane

- 40~ LinkMQ-12 Falke
Standard UAV Support/Recon Helicopter

- 36~ LinkMQ-4 Windhund
Standard UAV Support/Recon Drone

- 12~ LinkJH-52 Egg Drop
Standard Long Range Strategic Bomber(2 Wings)

- 4~ LinkE-80 Joint Überwachungsziel-Angriffsradarsystem
Standard Airborne Battle Management Aircraft

- 4~ LinkE-60 Looking Glass
Standard Airborne Command and Control

- 26~ LinkLN-767 Global Compass
Standard AWE&C

- 20~ LinkLN-205
Standard SIGNIT

- 10~ LinkLN-120 Guardrail
Corps Level SIGNIT

- 16~ LinkAR-46 Global Tanker
Standard Tanker

- 90~ LinkLN-130 Freighter
Standard Transport Plane

- 24~ LinkKM-17 Globaltransport III
Standard Tactical Transport Plane

- 42~ LinkK-27 Little Falcon
Standard Light Transport Plane

Naval Force
"Mächtiger als Poseidon selbst."
120,000~ Personnel
40,000~ Marines

- 64~ LinkHS-24 Hawk
Standard Attack Helicopter of the Marines

- 240~ LinkMH-1
Standard Utility Helicopter of the Marines

- 48~ LinkMH-3 Hummingbird
Light Utility Helicopter - NATO Standard for the Marines

- 24~ LinkUH-27K
Standard Heavy Utility Helicopter of the Marines.

- 80~ LinkKT-46 Südlicher Wächter
Main Battle Tank, to replace the KT-42
- 120~ LinkArmored Amphibious Troop Vehicle
Standard AATV of the Marines

- 300~ LinkLAPC-25
Standard Armored Personnel Carrier

- 24~ LinkHigh Mobility Artillery Rocket System
Standard MLR System of the Marines.

- 200~ LinkErkunden
Standard Armored Utility Vehicle

- 90~ LinkAUCV
Standard Mine Resistant Vehicle

- 60~ [url=]FFS-R[/url]
Standard Short Range SAM

- 40~ LinkMLZ-15
Standard SPAAG

- 200~ LinkMH-10
Naval Multipurpose Helicopter

- 12~ LinkMQ-12 Falken
Standard UAV Support/Recon Helicopter

- 2~ LinkE-60 Quecksilber
Command and Control Aircraft

- 6~ LinkLN-205
Standard SIGNIT

- 18~ LinkMQ-4 Windhund
Standard UAV Support/Recon Drone

- 12~ LinkM-8 Blauwal
Standard Maritime Patrol Plane

- 48~ LinkKFM-33B/C
Carrier-Borne Multirole V/STOL Aircraft

- 120~ LinkKFM-30K
Carrier-Borne Multirole Aircraft

- 48~ LinkKFM-30G
Carrier-Borne Electronic Warfare Aircraft

- 16~ LinkLN-2 Falkenauge
AEW&C Aircraft

- 36~ LinkV-22 Fischadler
Carrier On Board Delivery/LRAAT

- 2 [url=]Brunswick Class Aircraft Carrier[/url]
Flagship(s) of the Navy

- 1 LinkEdelweiss Class Helicopter Carrier
STOVL Carrier

- 6 LinkSeeriese Class Amphibious Transport Dock
Amphibious Transport Dock

- 10 LinkEngel Class Amphibious Assault Ship
Amphibious Assault Ship

- 10 LinkSpringbook Class Landing Ship
Standard Landing Ship

- 40 LinkSudstadt Class Destroyer
Guided Missile Destroyer

- 12 LinkKizuna Class Destroyer
Guided Missile Destroyer optimized for Undersea Threats.

- 16 LinkHitomi Class Destroyer
Guided Missile Destroyer

- 16 Studeonberg Class Frigate
General Purpose Frigate

- 28 LinkDolphin Class Submarine
Standard Attack Submarine

- 4 LinkVictory Class Submarine
Standard Cruise Missile Submarine

- 10~ Fleet Replenishment Ships

- 40~ Auxiliary Ships

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