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Collaborating with Ainslie (OOC)


Collaborating with Ainslie
An OOC dispatch
Updated to 17 May 2022



It can be a pain to read through a bunch of factbooks just to start getting involved in collaborating with people. This dispatch aims to accelerate one's understanding of Ainslie to a sound level quickly and then help you to get involved with the nation's activities in-character. Essentially, this is a five minute summary of Ainslie followed by a bulletin of things you can get involved in. So, let's get started?

Ainslie is a reformed constitutional republic. Why do I call it that? Well, because it's difficult to call it a republic nor is it correct to call it a constitutional monarchy. The way it operates and its politics is similar to that of a constitutional monarchy but this time the monarchy is the highest court in the country and it can do pretty much anything it wants but is only slightly held back by the country's constitution. However, its outward complexion initially would make Ainslie look like a republic.

The current leaders of Ainslie are Prime Minister Elliana Gifford and Judicial-General Ander Kentarre. The country does have an average level of freedoms but governments are not hesitant to restrict these where necessary - a strong tradition of judicial independence and secretive trials and inquiries allows for fairness largely to still exist in the country.

Ahnslens are typically communitarian in mindset (not collectivist) and live within a first-world country with a strong economy and a highly educated workforce.

As for me? Well, I'm Ainslie - i've roleplayed on this site since 2015 and joined the region in November 2016, and have been on the map since January 2017. Since then I've done a bunch of stuff - from being Secretary of Role-Play, to showing new nations the ropes, to being a recruiter and also being someone who used to post a lot on the news thread and now really needs to more. I'm pretty active - you should be able to get me at least twice a day by telegramming, tagging (RMB or discord) or sending me a private message on discord. The kinda things I tend to focus in on are geography, environment, court cases, business, emergency management but to be honest with you I go through phases where I'm suddenly interested in one thing and then promptly move onto the other. But yeah, what I wrote there is stock standard topics I typically write around.

......First Steps

Here's some ideas if it's your first month or two on the map and want to get collaborate with my nation in-character.

As always, if you want to get involved with any of these feel free to just send me a quick telegram saying so.

......Character Availability

The table below shows the current 'major characters' in Ainslie that I tend to use. This will show you whether they are not busy and available for me to come and write with you in a roleplay or in some other thread. Anyone not on this list is likely to be available for me to use.





Elliana Gifford

Prime Minister of Ainslie


International District

Aaron Gerslin

Foreign Minister of Ainslie


Arnton, Ainslie

Callum Parkes



International District

Jesse Kerslie

Ambassador to The League of TWI


International District

Brianna Hailes

Wesland Governor


Herriden, Ainslie

Charlie Endarin

Director, Emergency Responders Ainslie


Arnton, Ainslie

Ahnslen Men's Cricket Team

International Cricket Team



Updated on the 17 May 2022

......When I will initiate stuff

For clarity's sake and to be frank, I have written a list of things here that I typically look for in a nation before writing deeply with them. If you've got these, you're in with a good chance to get a random telegram from me when I get my act together one afternoon. None of the things in 'first steps' apply to this section - I'm talking moreso writing deeply and actually posting stuff out there in this section.
  • Be in The Western Isles and on its map.

  • Be on the map for at least a week or two; I typically will only write super deep with someone who's been around for a month or two but likely more.

  • Make yourself known. Say gday on the discord or hello on the RMB and get into some of the diplomatic RPs where there's no barriers for you to get yourself involved in.

  • Get involved in the Oh Night Unholy Roleplay. Whilst it is definitely Roendavar's roleplay and in due time that is where its centrepoint will be, I have and will have a lot to do with the in-character dimension of the storylines. As such, if you're looking to get involved with Ainslie it's a nice backdoor to get in through.

......Quick Guide to Foreign Relations

How to make Ainslie in-character happy

  • Have strong courts

  • Be moderate in your approach

  • Be cooperative to the international consensus

  • Joining the Gael Four Agreement

  • Sign bilateral agreements with Ainslie

  • Be democratic

  • Be innovative scientifically

  • Conservative governments win brownie points.

How to make Ainslie in-character sad/angry/suspicious

  • Disregard morals and international norms

  • Execute a bunch of people

  • Join a bloc

  • Join a mutual defence agreement

  • Be expansionist and/or imperialist

  • Invading people without the 'blessing' of international organisations.

  • Threaten the Ahnslen sovereign or her allies.

......Ainslie's flaws

Ever since Ostehaar emphasised this a couple years ago I thought it was a really cool thing to make sure to talk about in my canon. Since I haven't got anywhere fantastic to put it, it'll stay here for now:

  • Tensions between the judiciary and the legislature - Ahnslens love and pride themselves on living within a democracy that aggressively protects political rights. However, the body that they elect does not have nearly the amount of power as many other parliaments across The Western Isles and in real life have. Under the surface has always been tensions between the democratically elected officials and the meritocratic judiciary - it bubbles up sometimes and wanes at others. Generally speaking, Prime Ministers who are friendly with the higher ups in the Court are unlikely to run into too much trouble.

  • A lot of natural hazards - Ainslie doesn't have heaps of venomous things or a lot of threats to its people. However, the number of things that can go wrong environmentally is remarkable and if multiple align the country's highly capable emergency responders may not be able to pick up the pieces. Ainslie is exposed to extratropical systems, landslides, floods, bushfires, blizzards, avalanches, droughts and severe thunderstorms. That's more than enough for a country I reckon.

  • Ainslie and multilateralism - Ainslie IC hates the idea of 'blocs'. Whilst this does stem to an extent from its neutral stance, the country is incredibly hesitant to work deeply with multiple nations at a time. This is in contrast to many other nations in The Western Isles, a point of frustration for multiple governments for many decades. The nation would rather see loose collaborative links between different nations rather than solid and to an extent exclusive ties amongst a sizeable minority.

  • Aversion to defence agreements - Following on from the last point, Ainslie's government is very unlikely to engage meaningfully with other nations on matters of defence and is extremely unlikely to sign mutual defence agreements. As such, nations who sign up to mutual defence agreements are likely to raise suspicion in the country. However, Ainslie's distrust and rejection of the principle of mutual defence may leave it exposed to attack.

......What I want to do more of

Help me by inserting your nation's characters into my canon
  • Grow my airlines - Kenaris, Montane and Northpoint by having them fly into more airports and more destinations. If you want to accept Ahnslen flights, just give me a list of cities I can fly into. Grow the number of flights coming into Arnton Sturt-Condor Airport as well. If you want to come into the airport, you'll need to give me the name of the airline, the palce of origin and the terminal(s) that the airline will fly out of. If you want an airline lounge, let me know too.

  • Get involved with the Southern Sea Trade Network by dropping into this OOC thread. Read this dispatch to get an idea of what it's all about.

  • Get my businesses into more nations. Take a flick through Ainslie Portal Page to find them all and let me know if you'd like any of them to expand into your markets or I suppose just be there for a while as well.

  • I want my politicians to visit more nations or host more people or both! Telegram me so we can strike up a state visit or minister-level visit.

  • If you've got cricket players in your nation or your nation plays cricket I've got a tournament they'll probably want to be in. Telegram me with names of people (And their positions/roles if you know how to do that) and I'll add them to the lists for consideration in the tournament. Otherwise, if you have a national team i'd be more than happy to talk about them potentially playing a match or matches against Ainslie so feel free to contact me about that too!

..This factbook is inspired from Vancouvia's dispatch "How to interact with Vancouvia In-Character"