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AH-17 Raider



ACHEUS AH-17, also known as the Raider, is a next generation combat helicopter design of the late-2010s by ACHEUS Corporation , designed from the ground up as part of a classified government effort to produce new weapons technology for the Australian Air Force.
AH-17 Raider Attack Compound Helicopter

Type: Attack

Place of origin: Bendicion

Manufactured by:
- ACHEUS - Military Service Provider

Unit cost: $36,000,000


Length: 35 ft (11 m)
Height:11 ft 3 in (3.35 m)
Rotor diameter: 1 (2 coaxial) 34 ft (10 m)
Propellers:6-bladed variable-pitch, clutchable pusher propeller,
7 ft (2.1 m) diameter
Max. takeoff weight:11,000 lb (4,990 kg)
Powerplant: 1 ACHEUS(GM Variant) YT706 , (1,900 kW)
Range:668 km
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft at 100 F 92.7 C
Cruise Speed:407 km/h (220 kn)

-1 20 mm Gatling cannon (500 rounds)
-2 x Zeus Aerial Variant - Laser Weapons System(AH17LWS Variant only)
-70 mm (2.75 in) Hydra 70 rockets
-7 x rocket pods
-LinkAGM-114 Hellfire laser guided missiles
-LinkAIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles

AH-17 Raider Attack Helicopter


The AH-17 Raider Attack Helicopter is a new generation high-speed scout and attack compound helicopter based on ACHEUS's upgraded variant of the LinkAdvancing Blade Concept under Project Raider[4] . ACHEUS - Military Service Provider plans to offer it for the Australian Air Force's Advanced Aerial Scouting Program, along with other possible uses.The AH-17 made its maiden flight on January 1 2017 in secret under the classified Epyris Project.


The AH-17 Project Raider was created by the Ministry of Defence due to the Australian Air Force's need for an updated attack and reconnaissance helicopter. The Ministry of Defence awarded the contract to ACHEUS - Military Service Provider based on the company's variant of the ABC.

The AH-17 Raider was designed for hot and high conditions so as to be operated in various areas around the world. It has several key improvements over the original American ABC as part of the Ministry of Defence's requirements. The AH-17 Raider carries Australian -developed anti-tank missiles. The AH-17 Raider also features a 20 mm Gatling cannon in a nose turret. It can carry a combination of 70 mm rocket pods, air-air missile pods, and air-surface missiles pods. The electro-optical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system was designed by ACHEUS - Military Service Provider. The AH-17 Raider uses developed MILDAR target and navigation radar.

The AH-17 design includes variable speed rigid coaxial main rotors and a variable-pitch pusher propeller,making the AH-17 a compound helicopter. It has fly-by-wire control and dynamic anti-vibration actuators to cancel out shaking. The main rotors have hingeless hubs and stiff blades, to improve low-speed handling and efficiency of hover. At high speeds, the close spacing of the hubs reduces drag.The stiff blades allow each rotor to have low lift on the retreating side of its rotor disk (reducing drag), whereas each rotor on a conventional coaxial rotor with "floppy" blades needs nearly equal lift distribution. The propeller relieves the rotor of propulsion, further reducing drag.

Maneuverability is improved compared with earlier helicopters because of the ability to tilt the coaxial rotors together or tilt each one differently, and because of the variable pitch propulsor and active elevons[clarification needed].At low speed the AH-17 maneuvers by differential torque of the upper and lower rotor, at high speed it uses rudders.

The AH-17 will be capable of carrying up to six passengers, in addition to a flight crew of two in a side-by-side cockpit. However, the production AH-17 is projected to be capable of flying with either one or two pilots, or autonomously.Space for a targeting sensor has been reserved, however it will not be installed in the prototype aircraft.

Based on the gathered technology from the American Sikorsky X2 demonstrator, the prototype AH-17 will be powered by an ACHEUS variant of the General Electric YT706 turboshaft (the same engine used on the famed Black Hawk), however a more powerful engine, developed under Epyris Project, is expected to become available.Compared to other current helicopters, the AH-17 has significantly increased performance goals, such as cruising speeds upwards of 200 knots while carrying weapons, turning at three times the force of gravity at 220kt, and a high hover efficiency. ACHEUS also aims for an operating cost of $1,400 per flight hour.

At present the Raider is the only next generation helicopter in military service


  • AH17A: AH17A is the combat support version equipped with a 20 mm Gatling gun and it carries 70 mm rockets.

  • AH17B: H177B is the multi-role variant, equipped with the leading edge electronic warfare systems. The AH17B is also equipped with a 20 mm Gatling gun and it carries 8 anti-tank missiles, 12 anti-armour missiles, and 2 air-to-air missiles.

  • AHLWS is the most recent variant to be unveiled by AMSP. The version is equipped with the new laser weapons technology of Helios III's Zeus Laser Weapons System. This variant is currently not for sale other than the Australian government or other accepted parties.





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