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Crownstein Group

Crownstein Mall, Bleddllyn

Crownstein Group is a multi-national conglomerate company headquartered in Crownstein Mall, Bleddllyn, Hundredstar. It has diversified business interests including financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, education, hospitality, energy, Oil & Gas, consumer electronics, realty, biotech, and defense technologies.

Crownstein is an investment channel providing investors with access to a portfolio of inaccessible, quality, diversified investments. Their Key objective is to consistently generate market-beating returns by building extraordinary enterprises throughout the region.

Key People's

President : Allen C Crownstein

Board of Director
Chairman : Lucian L Crownstein II
: Dr Wolfforth S Crownstein (CEO)
: Dr. Albert I. Jarvismoore, CEO, Coe Industries Ltd
: Flora de Falconworth (CEO, National Port, Ministry of Transport and Maritime)

Ambassador de Falconworth formerly served as Ambassador to Sharktail and The Libertarian State of Freedom and formerly serve as First Counsel at our embassy in Bindu
: Sidney F. Crownstein
: Benjamin T Londonderry
: Pablo E von Tyler
: Ms. Diana Daley, CEO of Alberga Technologies of One jamaica

CEO : Dr Wolfforth S Crownstein
COO : Jennifer J Pullback
CIO : Rebecca J. Kentworth
CFO : Gorman U Pulaski

Former directors
- Stephan J Laborite, Appointed CFO, Bledllyn International Airport
- Alan C von Popes - appointed as Ambassador to Wataniah

Crownstein University, Goatiledge

  1. Crownstein Industries Ltd. LinkHX: CRI

  2. Crownstein Transport Ltd. LinkHX: CRT

    - Razorledge Aviation Services
    - Arrow Aviation Services
    - Standard Shipping Corp.

    - Core Cargo International

  3. Crownstein University Ltd.

    - Crownstein Global Institute

      Crownstein Global Institute Dialogue - list of presenter
    1. Patricia Lancergate, Secretary General of HUSKAP Treaty (Hundredstar) - 1st June 2018

    2. Susan Benedict Lincoln, CEO of Hundredstar International (Hundredstar) - 11th July 2018

    3. Steve Richards, CTA Director (One jamaica)- 03 September 2018

    4. Ms. Asmiranda Wijayadi, CEO of Wuriyan Airways (Wuriya)- 13 September 2018

    5. Dr. Rasyid Gunawan, Partai Nasional Samudera (Samudera Darussalam) - 24 September 2018

    6. Lt.Gen. Ismail Adriarso, Rector of Gajah Mada National Military Academy Priangan- 02 October 2018

    7. Prof. Zhuo Wenjun Ph.D., Head, Brightlake Science Academy, Brightlake- 04 July 2019

    8. President Evaline Buckley, President of The Federation of The United States of Ibica- September, 03, 2019

    9. Monica A. Palms, Leader of Democrat Action Movement of Fallenstorm, a presidential candidates - 05 September 2019

    10. Noemi do Rosario, Executive Director, Issac Samuel Kitje International Airport - 04 October 2021

    - Jevelinspear Center for Scientific Research
    - Crownstein University Steelbaron (CUS)

  4. Crownstein Resort International LinkHX: CRR

    -Kidd Island Casino & Resort International
    - Kidd Island Fantasyland Corp.
    - Lir Ilir Kidd Island Marina (JV with Lir Ilir Hotels & Resorts of Wuriya
  5. Crownstein Properties

    - Ajaxbay Property Ltd
    - Waltherbrook Construction & Engineering Ltd.
    - Kingdom-Crownstein Realty

  6. Crownstein Energies LinkHX: CRE

    - Westgate Wind Farm Ltd.
    - Omnicuster Solar Industries
    - Killenheath Hydro Technologies
  7. Crownstein Oil & Gas

    - Crownstein-Triplesuns Petrochemical Ltd. LinkHX: CTP
    - Crownstein Petroleum Corp.

    -Crownstein Gas Corp.
    - Crownstein Chemical Ltd.

    Colbinhamton Tea Estate, Steelbaron
  8. Crownstein Mining

    - Batavia Chartered Mining Merchant Inc. LinkHX: BAT
    - Batavia Pinewest River Mines, Khantari
    - Batavia Diamond International
    - Crownstein Mining [Ibica] Pvt. Ltd., The Federation of The United States of Ibica

    • East Monroe Coal Mining Pvt. Ltd.

    • Romane Territory Cooper Mining Pvt. Ltd.

    • Cartier Precious Mining Pvt. Ltd. [a JV subsidiary of Crownstein Mining [Ibica] Pvt. Ltd., Batavia Diamond International & Diamond and Precious Metals Industry Co.]

  9. Crownstein Electronic

  10. Crownstein Networks

    - Piedmont Echo News Corp.
    - New Piedmont Cable TV
    - Royalbrooke Broadband Services

  11. Crownstein Biotech International

    - Strongbow Pharmaceutical
  12. Crownstein Plantation

    - Unionstead Foods Ltd. LinkHX: UTF
    - Colbinhamton Tea Estate, Steelbaron
    - Runnygates Plantation International
  13. Crownstein Defense

    - Thronekeeper Technology
    - Spartan Defense LLC
    - Lambstock Robotics LinkHX: LAM

  14. Crownstein Technologies

    - Warsaw & von Plover Technologies Ltd