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Crownstein Group

Crownstein Mall, Bleddllyn

Crownstein Group is a multi-national conglomerate company headquartered in Crownstein Mall, Bleddllyn, The Peaceful Realm of Hundredstar. It has diversified business interests including financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, education, hospitality, energy, Oil & Gas, consumer electronics, realty, biotech, and defense technologies.

Crownstein is an investment channel providing investors with access to a portfolio of inaccessible, quality, diversified investments. Their Key objective is to consistently generate market-beating returns by building extraordinary enterprises throughout the region.

Key People's

President : Allen C Crownstein

Board of Director
Chairman : Lucian L Crownstein II
: Dr Wolfforth S Crownstein (CEO)
: Dr. Albert I. Jarvismoore, CEO, Coe Industries Ltd
: Flora de Falconworth

Ambassador de Falconworth formerly served as Ambassador to Sharktail and The Libertarian State of Freedom and formerly serve as First Counsel at our embassy in Bindu
: Sidney F. Crownstein
: Benjamin T Londonderry
: Pablo E von Tyler
: Ms. Diana Daley, CEO of Alberga Technologies of One jamaica

CEO : Dr Wolfforth S Crownstein
COO : Jennifer J Pullback
CIO : Rebecca J. Kentworth
CFO : Gorman U Pulaski

Former directors
- Stephan J Laborite, Appointed CFO, Bledllyn International Airport
- Alan C von Popes - appointed as Ambassador to Wataniah

Crownstein University, Goatiledge

  1. Crownstein Industries Ltd. LinkHX: CRI

  2. Crownstein Transport Ltd. LinkHX: CRT

    - Razorledge Aviation Services
    - Arrow Aviation Services
    - Standard Shipping Corp.

    - Core Cargo International

  3. Crownstein University Ltd.

    - Crownstein Global Institute

      Crownstein Global Institute Dialogue - list of presenter
    1. Patricia Lancergate, Secretary General of HUSKAP Treaty (Hundredstar) - 1st June 2018

    2. Susan Benedict Lincoln, CEO of Hundredstar International (Hundredstar) - 11th July 2018

    3. Steve Richards, CTA Director (One jamaica)- 03 September 2018

    4. Ms. Asmiranda Wijayadi, CEO of Wuriyan Airways (Wuriya)- 13 September 2018

    5. Dr. Rasyid Gunawan, Partai Nasional Samudera (Samudera Darussalam) - 24 September 2018

    6. Lt.Gen. Ismail Adriarso, Rector of Gajah Mada National Military Academy Priangan- 02 October 2018

    7. Prof. Zhuo Wenjun Ph.D., Head, Brightlake Science Academy, Brightlake- 04 July 2019

    8. President Evaline Buckley, President of The Federation of The United States of Ibica- September, 03, 2019

    9. Monica A. Palms, Leader of Democrat Action Movement of Fallenstorm, a presidential candidates - 05 September 2019

    - Jevelinspear Center for Scientific Research
    - Crownstein University Steelbaron (CUS)

  4. Crownstein Resort International LinkHX: CRR

    -Kidd Island Casino & Resort International
    - Kidd Island Fantasyland Corp.
    - Lir Ilir Kidd Island Marina (JV with Lir Ilir Hotels & Resorts of Wuriya
  5. Crownstein Properties

    - Ajaxbay Property Ltd
    - Waltherbrook Construction & Engineering Ltd.
    - Kingdom-Crownstein Realty

  6. Crownstein Energies LinkHX: CRE

    - Westgate Wind Farm Ltd.
    - Omnicuster Solar Industries
    - Killenheath Hydro Technologies
  7. Crownstein Oil & Gas

    - Crownstein-Triplesuns Petrochemical Ltd. LinkHX: CTP
    - Crownstein Petroleum Corp.

    -Crownstein Gas Corp.
    - Crownstein Chemical Ltd.

    Colbinhamton Tea Estate, Steelbaron
  8. Crownstein Mining

    - Batavia Chartered Mining Merchant Inc. LinkHX: BAT
    - Batavia Pinewest River Mines, Khantari
    - Batavia Diamond International
    - Crownstein Mining [Ibica] Pvt. Ltd., The Federation of The United States of Ibica

    • East Monroe Coal Mining Pvt. Ltd.

    • Romane Territory Cooper Mining Pvt. Ltd.

    • Cartier Precious Mining Pvt. Ltd. [a JV subsidiary of Crownstein Mining [Ibica] Pvt. Ltd., Batavia Diamond International & Diamond and Precious Metals Industry Co.]

  9. Crownstein Electronic

  10. Crownstein Networks

    - Piedmont Echo News Corp.
    - New Piedmont Cable TV
    - Royalbrooke Broadband Services

  11. Crownstein Biotech International

    - Strongbow Pharmaceutical
  12. Crownstein Plantation

    - Unionstead Foods Ltd. LinkHX: UTF
    - Colbinhamton Tea Estate, Steelbaron
    - Runnygates Plantation International
  13. Crownstein Defense

    - Thronekeeper Technology
    - Spartan Defense LLC
    - Lambstock Robotics LinkHX: LAM

  14. Crownstein Technologies

    - Warsaw & von Plover Technologies Ltd

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